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March - June 2000


Drop the Debt campaign

To learn more about the Drop the Debt campaign Ewan is involved with, head over to their website at: www.dropthedebt.org. You can learn all the latest news regarding this important issue. As Ewan himself is quoted as saying, "Before going to Africa I knew a bit about the debt burden but I was staggered by how the massive amount of what to be paid back affects people. It’s just insane. There are kids starving to death and countries aren’t allowed to support their people because they’re too busy selling crops to earn money to pay us back - and we don’t even need it!"

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, June 30, 2000 // 04:56 p.m.


McGregor helps fight hunger through Internet

Fri, Jun 30, 00 06:59:38 PM EDT

Raz brought an article on the BBC to our attention:

Actor Ewan McGregor and comedy couple Lenny Henry and Dawn French are to send e-mails to the public in a renewed bid to end Third World debt. The initiative is part of the latest Comic Relief fund-raising campaign and is designed to put pressure on world leaders to take action. The plan is for recipients of the random e-mails to pass them on to friends and colleagues to raise awareness of the problem.

McGregor also added, "It’s great to see the internet being used in this way to help awareness of an important issue such as debt. When I visited Africa for Comic Relief last year, I was shocked to see the effect that debt has on day-to-day lives." For the entire article and more details on the campaign, hit the link above!

Posted by Ewan a Nutshell on Friday, June 30, 2000 // 07:24 p.m.


More biking mysery for "peroxide" Ewan

Thanks to Josie who caught this bit of info on Channel 4’s Teletext last week:

Ewan McGregor walked away from a 110mph motorbike crash and woke the next day to discover his own beloved motorcycle had been stolen.

"I lost control of a bike at Brands Hatch and flew into the air," Ewan said. "The bike was rolling and rolling, but when I finally came to a halt I got up without a scratch. My body must have totally relaxed. I didn’t mind because it wasn’t my bike."

Although Ewan McGregor escaped unhurt after crashing a bike at 110mph, he suffered bad luck when his motorbike was stolen hours later.

McGregor, sporting a beard in readiness for his role in Star Wars: Episode II, woke up to discover his yellow Ducati had gone missing.

"I thought the police had towed it away first," he said. "I was totally gutted when I realised what had happened."

And there was mention in this week’s heat magazine that Ewan has just had his hair "peroxided" by Daniel Galvin, the stylist responsible for Madonna’s latest ’do, for Star Wars: Episode II.

Some eyewitness reports would be nice!

Posted by over.to/ewan on Monday, June 26, 2000 // 11:28 p.m.


Scarlet & Black release date

Just received a press release that Acorn Video has announced that August 7, 2000 is the long awaited release date for the superb BBC adaptation novel Scarlet & Black starring Ewan McGregor as Julien Sorel. It will be released in the UK and hopefully I’ll have a date for the U.S soon.I’ll post more information as it comes available. (Thank you Peter Smart)

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Friday, June 23, 2000 // 06:17 p.m.


Ewan Spotted in London Pub

Fri, Jun 23, 00 01:22:12 PM EDT

The Soho Spy spotted Ewan McGregor out with Jude Law in the pub "The Crown and Two Chairman" in Soho, London on Tuesday night. They watched about 30 minutes of England playing Romania in the Euro cup (big football gam here in Europe) and the place was packed. What did he look like? Ewan had a big scraggly beard and greasy looking comb over hair. This itself isn’t too exciting news, but we know he isn’t in Australia yet.

Update: TC3 corroborates that as of yesterday Ewan hasn’t departed London for Australia yet.

I walked past Ewan M on London’s Wardour street yesterday (Thursday). He was sporting a big beard.

Source: From TheForce.net

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, June 23, 2000 // 06:08 p.m.


Reminder: Ewan on Hard Talk

Just a reminder, watch Ewan this weekend [starting Friday] on the BBC America airing of the show Hard Talk. To refresh your memory, Ewan talks about his dislike of Hollywood and some possibly bitter feelings that remain toward Danny Boyle and Co. Please check their site for the airing time near you.

Posted by futuristic lounge on Friday, June 23, 2000 // 02:49 a.m.


Ewan featured in Access Hollywood tomorrow

Thanks to Robin for letting me know that Access Hollywood will be running a story on Ewan tomorrow. Check your local listings for when this entertainment show airs in your neck of the woods.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, June 21, 2000 // 05:37 p.m.


More Nora venues (UK)

The Guardian’s ’Guide’ has provided more cinema information for the James Joyce bio-pic starring Ewan which is not on general release.

The latest venues we have are Bradford National Museum of Photography, Film and TV, Leeds Hyde Park and Liverpool Odeon (city centre).

The Bradford venue might just be showing the film on their record-breaking big screen.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Monday, June 19, 2000 // 01:31 p.m.


Desserts on the Sundance Channel

Ewan’s short film Desserts is going to air on the Sundance Channel! (Thanks to Fran for passing this info along). It will be airing with other shorts on the following dates:

  • Sunday, July 9 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, July 19 2:30 PM
  • Friday, July 28 9:35 AM & 5:05 PM

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, June 16, 2000 // 11:31 a.m.


The Pillow Book screening in New York

Catch Ewan in The Pillow Book here in New York at Makor during a Peter Greenaway retrospective as part of a Lincoln Center Festival on film. The Pillow Book will be shown on Monday, July 10th at 7:00 pm. The movie is 2 hours long. All screenings are $8. For advance reservations, call 212.601.1000 or check Makor.org for more info.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Thursday, June 15, 2000 // 06:28 p.m.


Blue Juice on Channel 4 next week

There will be a rare chance for UK fans to see Ewan star in Blue Juice alongside Sean Pertwee and Cathrine Zeta Jones. The film was made in 1994 and didn’t go down very well at the box office - Ewan himself doesn’t rate his performance - but it is unlikely to be shown again in the near future.

Blue Juice is on Channel 4 at 11:05pm on Tuesday 20th June. Heat magazine gave it 3/5 stars.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Thursday, June 15, 2000 // 05:02 p.m.


Eye of the Beholder in the UK

EmpireOnline have a review and venue details for Eye…, which has been on general release in Britain since June 9th.

Find the review and more details here.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Monday, June 12, 2000 // 11:56 a.m.


Nora venues (UK)

For all those of clamouring to see Ewan McGregor with Susan Lynch in Nora, I have details of two venues supplied by The Guardian’s ’Guide’ - Manchester Cornerhouse and York City Screen, and Josie informed me that Pheonix Cinema, Oxford is also showing the James Joyce bio-pic.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Saturday, June 10, 2000 // 02:17 p.m.


Possible repeat of HardTalk interview (UK)

Received an e-mail from Josie letting us know that she’d contacted the BBC for information on any plans to repeat Ewan’s interview with Tim Sebastian for BBC News 24’s HardTalk programme. Here’s what they had to say:

"I have checked with the Editor of HardTalk and the programme may be repeated (only may) and it would be towards the end of the year. I have checked about a copy of the tape and they can supply one but it would cost £30.

"Details of HardTalk programmes can be found at bbcworld.com.
"BBC News 24"

Thank you Josie.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Saturday, June 10, 2000 // 02:07 p.m.


Eye of the Beholder for UK release — today!

Appologies for the short notice but Eye of the Beholder, which has been dogged by distribution problems since it was made two years ago, opens in cinemas across Britain today.

Promotion was left rather late but trailers are all over UK TV now. heat magazine didn’t rate Eye… very highly, deciding it had only scored a UK release at all off the back of its big-star names and "Judd’s Double Jeopardy success", though that’s only one source. Get down and see it if you can.

Posted by over.to/ewan on Friday, June 9, 2000 // 03:53 p.m.


Thai Obi-Wan poster

Ever wonder what a Thai Obi-Wan poster looks like? Have no fear, check out the picture in this feature from Starwars.com!

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Tuesday, June 6, 2000 // 01:21 a.m.


Attention Ewan fans in Japan!

Tokyo — The second edition of the American short film festival kicks off in Tokyo on Friday as a part of a five-city tour through Japan.

The event, officially called American Short Shorts Film Festival 2000, features about 45 entries ranging in length from less than a minute to 30 minutes. Fest is designed to give new filmmakers a forum to have their works featured in major venues.

Some of the highlights include a selection of short films from Martin Scorsese as well as The Personals, the Oscar-winning documentary from helmer Keiko Ibi.

Oldies but goodies

There is also a segment that features vintage pieces, including works from Thomas Edison’s film company as well as the early works of Judy Garland and Charlie Chaplin.

One work of note features Ewan McGregor in a four-minute pic called Desserts.

The tour will travel to Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and finish in the southern Japanese city of Naha.

From Variety

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Tuesday, June 6, 2000 // 12:44 a.m.


McGregor on BBC’s Hard Talk

Pauly from StarWarsEmail.com informed the Force Net that Ewan McGregor was interviewed on the BBC program Hard Talk night.
He reports…

The interview was pretty good. It covered the creation of Ewans own production company - Natural Nylon and the films he is able to create within that. Star Wars was discussed with Ewan resoundingly commenting on how boring the whole process was, and how technical films such as Star Wars are not good for actors as they are in no way stretched. He also laughed about how he always seemed to be standing behind Liam Neeson and peering over his shoulder throughout the duration of Episode 1!

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Sunday, June 4, 2000 // 07:46 p.m.


Ewan’s directorial debut short film screened in Toronto tonight!

Sorry about the late notice, but I just found out today. There is a Britpics showcase opening tonight in Toronto at the Hyland. Ewan’s directorial short film debut will be shown at the festival as part of Tube Tales along with fellow Natural Nylon alumn, Jude Law. Catch it tonight at 9pm if you are in the area. Tickets are $8; students and seniors $5; book of six tickets $35; festival pass $55.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Friday, June 2, 2000 // 04:03 p.m.


Nora in Ewan’s own words

"Nora is the love story between Nora Barnacle and James Joyce after they ’escape’ Ireland, a place they are unable to fit into, and settle uneasily in Trieste. It’s a long way from a Hollywood romance because Nora, played by Susan Lynch, and Joyce, whom I play, had a very real, very intense relationship - very big ups and very big downs. From the beginning it was volatile, with constant emotional explosions. I’d read some of his books - Dubliners and Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man - and seen the letters and photographs, but I needed instinct to make Joyce my character. He was a complex man. Very vain, very aware of how he looked. Nora was not his intellectual equal but she was a strong person. She was a semi-literate, Galway woman who was working as a chambermaid when they met. She accused him of stealing her life for his books and certainly he ransacked her exploits and imagination to create some of his female characters, such as Molly Bloom in Ulysses. His wife was undoubtedly his copy. The film is made by Natural Nylon, the production company I set up with mates Jude Law, Jonny Lee Miller, Sean Pertwee and Sadie Frost, because we wanted to make movies our way. We were working all over the place and it was a New York/London thing, hence the name NY from New York and LON from London. Nylon sounded too synthetic so we called it Natural Nylon."

Source: The Sunday Herald

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Wednesday, May 31, 2000 // 03:30 p.m.


Eye of the Beholder’s British release

Good news for Brits waiting for Eye of the Beholder thanks to the Euro 2000 Tournament. From the Telegraph: Madonna is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of any backlash. Her new film, The Next Best Thing, in which she is cast as a woman whose child is fathered by her homosexual best friend, played by Rupert Everett, is being heavily pushed in women’s magazines. The new Ewan McGregor film, The Eye of the Beholder, which has been waiting two years for a British release is said finally to be seeing the light of day for the same reason.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Wednesday, May 31, 2000 // 03:12 p.m.


Making too many films has taken its toll on Ewan

Is Ewan looking for another stage project? Did he really say "chilling"? Some excerpts from an article on Ewan in The Telegraph: Making a staggering 19 films almost back-to-back in seven years has taken its toll on Ewan McGregor. Still only 29, he says he must take a 12-month break from the movies to do some "chilling" at home and to plan his return to the stage. … Illustrating his heavy schedule, he told me after the premiere of his latest film, Nora, about the relationship between James Joyce and Nora Barnacle: "I finished work on Little Voice at 9pm one evening and I began Rogue Trader at 6am the next day." …. Just back from Australia where has has spent the last few months with Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent filming Baz Lurhmann’s musical, Moulin Rouge, he says he’ll take his year off after he completes the next instalment of George Lucas’s next intergalactic Star Wars episode. He’ll use the time off to try to find a new piece of stage writing, possibly by an unknown playwright, that he can spend time developing. … Through Natural Nylon he is planning to strengthen his ties with the newly-refurbished Everyman Cinema, in Hampstead which hosted the Nora premiere. The gang will stage masterclasses and discussions at the cinema on all aspects of film-making.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Wednesday, May 31, 2000 // 03:01 p.m.


Ewan’s tip to Hayden Christensen

Just a quip from Ewan McGregor in the Sun Times yesterday.

Ewan McGregor who starred in Episode One told this column to pass on a helpful hint to Christensen:
"Those damn lightsabers get hot. No one tells you that each one has about 10 "D" batteries inside. The first day, the thing got so hot that I dropped my saber and felt like a total failure."

You can read more here.

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 // 02:18 p.m.


Eye of the Beholder released today on video in the U.S and Canada.

Here are the technical details:

  • Region 1 Encoding (U.S and Canada only)
  • Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby, AC-3
  • Commentary by director Stephan Elliot
  • Production Notes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Making of the featurette
  • Full-screen and widescreen anamorphic formats

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Tuesday, May 23, 2000 // 08:32 a.m.



Ewan McGregor works hard to convey Joyce’s often crippling intensity of working on his masterpieces and forging a new stream-of-consciousness style.

Full Story in This is London

Thanks Carson

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Friday, May 19, 2000 // 01:32 p.m.


Empire Online’s review of Nora

Empire Online has their review of Nora online and a brief report from the premiere with more promised on the way. Click on the link below to go to their online feature:


Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, May 19, 2000 // 10:30 a.m.


Empire Online’s exclusive webcast of the Nora premiere

Empire Online finally has their news item up about their webcast exclusive of the Nora premiere. Check out their website for more details. The goodies should be up on their site tomorrow. Ewan’s Natural Nylon mates will be showing up for this too.

And thanks to Ewanfan for alerting me that TMF (one of the biggest music-TV-channels in Europe) posted a poll on their site last week:
Who do you like better? Ewan McGregor or Leonardi DoCaprio
End results: 96.4% voted for Ewan!

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Thursday, May 18, 2000 // 01:31 p.m.


The Phantom Menace Wins Australian Award

Yahoo reports that the lightsaber fight between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul won Best Biffo (Fight) Scene Of 1999 in the Australian 2000 Foster’s Can Film Awards. These awards honor action films traditionally overlooked by other awards.

Click here for the full story on all the winners.

Posted by Ewan a nutshell on Wednesday, May 17, 2000 // 03:25 p.m.


An intimate look at Ewan’s um…

Tamara over at DougrayScott.com is once again kind enough to pass along some Ewan info. This time it is an article from The Scotsman. An intimate look at… uh… Ewan’s trailer in Australia… ("grey carpet right up the walls and onto the ceiling, and all the fittings are blue.") Focuses more on Nora than Moulin Rouge. But a very intimate little piece, mentioning his Malboro Reds, the new house in Belsize Park, Eve’s script-in-progress, and Ewan as one who’s kissed "lots and lots of girls." ;)

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Wednesday, May 17, 2000 // 02:27 a.m.


Mum McGregor does it again!

Another surprise visitor is Ewan McGregor’s mother, Carol. Yesterday she launched a film company of her own. Talking Books will provide blind and visually impaired people in the UK with audio descriptions of selected films. One of them will be East is East and another, Peter Mullan’s Orphans, has a voice-over from Ewan.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Wednesday, May 17, 2000 // 02:25 a.m.


Ewan at the Nora premiere and review

Thanks to Gavinhanly for alerting me that Ewan will supposedly be turning up at the premiere of Nora at Hampstead’s Everyman Cinema this Thursday May 18. To find out more and to catch the webcast of the premiere, check out Empire Online. Please note, it doesn’t appear this site has anything up yet on this possible event.

And Time Out had this to say about Nora:

"Great films about great writers are few and far between, and any portrait of James Joyce as a young man inevitably has too much to live up to. Nevertheless, director Pat Murphy and her co-writer Gerald Stembridge have a go, and at least they make a fist of it. Wisely, they focus on Nora Barnacle, the chambermaid Joyce became obsessed with, and who inspired his most vivid writing. On their first date he comes in her hand. ‘It was sacred for me,’ he tells her. ‘Have you a handkerchief?’ she wants to know. As Nora, Susan Lynch is remarkable: thick lipped and long faced, she’s a constant adventuress in love; bold, earthy and every inch her own woman. Yet even if there’s reproach in her dark eyes, her gaze never wavers from her man. As Joyce, Ewan McGregor manages to combine bookish absorbency with raffish self-conviction, but he doesn’t spring to life in the same way. Murphy quite rightly insists on the primacy of sex. ‘Fuck up!’ Nora urges Joyce, clambering on. Their love is pornographic and spiritual, jealous and pure. Joyce discovers everything through Nora, and when the well is dry, he engineers his own betrayal for new material.

"Although it’s an intelligent effort, it is an effort all the same. Murphy doesn’t direct, rather she photographs the script. (Very handsomely, mind.) There’s a scene in which Nora goes to the movies in Trieste, and is overcome by the memory of her first, lost love. But then she has to go and tell Joyce all about her experience (it’s the inspiration for ‘The Dead’) and that’s very typical of a film which dutifully spells everything out… twice."
-Tom Charity

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Tuesday, May 16, 2000 // 10:00 a.m.


Moulin Rouge’s wrap party

The May 14th 2000 edition of the Sydney Sun Herald had a brief piece on the wrap party for Moulin Rouge as the stars were finally released from hard labour. ;-) Ewan of course has much less time than originally envisioned to head home to London and decompress before returning to Sydney next month for Episode II. The article reads:

"Stars free as Rouge Wraps

"The champagne was flowing freely on Friday with news that Moulin Rouge has at last wrapped.

"After a six-month shoot (and an almost as long rehearsal period), director Baz Luhrmann is headed into the post-production suites and the cast of the movie is at last free to go home.

"First on the plane was Ewan McGregor, who left for England yesterday.

"McGregor will return to Sydney in late June to don his Obi-Wan Kenobi robes for the next Star Wars film…"

Thanks, Amber!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, May 15, 2000 // 10:13 p.m.


Anakin has been cast

Anakin has finally been cast! Well, we’ve all heard the rumors and sources about this. But the official release is now out. And newcomer Hayden Christensen is the lucky actor who was chosen to play one of the most sought after roles in Hollywood since the role of Obi Wan went to Ewan. Hayden is quoted as saying: "I’m very excited about the challenge it’s going to present and really looking forward to working with a lot of good people. It’s especially exciting to work with actors such as Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor whom I’ve really admired." You can read more about this young actor at the official Star Wars website.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Monday, May 15, 2000 // 10:55 a.m.


Ewan and Dougray Scott to work together?

Our friend, Tamara, over at the Dougaryscott.com have let us know about this little spicy bit:

The casting will doubtless raise a few eyebrows. Scottish movie stars Ewan McGregor and Dougray Scott are to play two of English history’s most famous historical characters in a new GBP 12.5million movie. The pair are set to play Oliver Cromwell and Thomas Fairfax in the Civil War epic which they dreamed up during a break in their filming schedules in Australia.

Scott has agreed to star as Fairfax in the historical drama for McGregor’s Natural Nylon film company, and McGregor is now considering joining him on screen as Cromwell. Producer Kevin Loader said: ’Cromwell should be ten years older than Fairfax really, strictly speaking, but this is something Dougray would dearly love.’ With McGregor acting as best man recently at Scott’s wedding to long-time girlfriend Sarah Trevil, the two actors are close friends. They certainly had plenty of time to discuss Cromwell and Fairfax while stuck in Australia for months on protracted shoots for their new movies. McGregor was making the period musical-drama Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman, while Scott was co-starring with Kidman’s husband Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2.

Please check out the whole article on the dougrayscott.com site right here.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Thursday, May 11, 2000 // 12:14 a.m.


Stars changing the Face of British Cinema

The British don’t do stars, don’t you know - but the actors behind the Natural Nylon production company are probably as close as this generation is going to get. Some see the company as a vanity publishing label, but Natural Nylon Productions at least proved it could get films made when McGregor used it to get Nora, his forthcoming James Joyce picture, off the ground. Law is now starring in Steven Spielberg’s AI, while McGregor is off to shoot the second instalment of Star Wars. But if Hollywood - or carousing at the Met Bar - doesn’t distract them, Nylon could now really take off, with projects such as the $20m Marlowe a very real proposition.

Nora opens on 19 May.

Source: The Independent

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 // 10:23 p.m.


James Joyce’s family’s feelings on Ewan’s portrayal

Naomi is kind enough to tip me off on a news bit about how the family of James Joyce feels about Ewan’s film, Nora. Film Unlimited writes:

James Joyce’s work may have outraged the Catholic Church with its graphic accounts of sex and defecation - but, in person, he was always the model of good manners. So say relatives of the Irish writer who are unhappy with actor Ewan McGregor’s rough and ready portrayal of Joyce in a new film.

In one sequence, McGregor, who made his name in the violent and drug-ridden hit Trainspotting [SIC Uh… since when was Trainspotting violent?], is shown threatening a rival for his wife’s affections with physical violence and using obscene language.

’He would never, never have done that,’ said Ken Monaghan, Joyce’s nephew and the director of the James Joyce Cultural Centre in Dublin.

’The film shows him shouting "fuck off" on a bridge near their home in Trieste and, despite his reputation for using foul language in his work, he would not have done that.’

The film, called Nora after Joyce’s wife Nora Barnacle, is based on Brenda Maddox’s 1998 biography about the tempestuous relationship between Joyce and his uneducated Galway bride.

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 // 10:17 p.m.


Episode II news

Lucas has asked Ewan McGregor to grow a beard for the film, which begins shooting in Sydney at the end of June. Meanwhile, Lucas’ minions Down Under are scrambling to finish building the sets. Aside from Portman and McGregor, the only other confirmed holdovers from the first prequel are Ahmed Best (Jar Jar) and Samuel L. Jackson (Jedi Mace Windu). The Man who is set to play Anakin/Darth is Hayden Christensen.(From Yahoo News)

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Monday, May 8, 2000 // 04:43 p.m.


Final day of shooting for Moulin Rouge

In the midst of "Fashion Week" reporting (fashion week in Sydney hosts Australia’s top designers and the world’s top models and celebs in a frenzy of trendy ’seeing and being seen’ — like Cannes without the movies) today’s Sydney Morning Herald mentioned that today is the FINAL day of shooting on Moulin Rouge at Mentmore Studios, just up the road from Fox Studios.

However, it’s not home free yet for Ewan. The Herald reports that he’s one of the invitees at the Collette Dinnigan show at Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont tonight, and is also attending the "Wayne Cooper" extravaganza on Friday. I guess the best part is that guest celebs are plied with all sorts of gifts and goodie bags at all these various shows that they call "Fashion Week Survival Kits" — champagne, chocolates, perfume, make-up, hair care products, mobile phones etc., just like the Oscars — I’m sure Ewan can at least put the make-up to good use.(Thank you Mey!)

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Monday, May 8, 2000 // 07:26 a.m.


Heart-throb Ewan McGregor has been tipped to play Eddie ’the Eagle’ Edwards in a Hollywood blockbuster

Three companies — Disney, 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks — are vying for the chance to film a biopic of the hapless ski-jump star’s exploits in what experts predict could be the next British box office smash.

Scottish superstar Ewan, who played the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Phanton Menace, will switch his light sabre for salopettes in the multi-million dollar production.

Eddie, 36, said: "One of the producers is really trying to push for Ewan. He’s approached him to ask if he’d be interested. We’re just waiting to hear.

"I’m a great fan of his and I loved The Phantom Menace, even if it wasn’t as good as the original."

Eddie, Britain’s first ski-jumper, shot to fame at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

He flopped in to last place but won the hearts of people all over the world.

He added: "Personally I’d prefer someone slightly less well known because otherwise people will forget the movie’s about me."

"I don’t know how much involvement I’ll have in the film. It depends on the company but I’d certainly like to be consulted about it all.

"A rough screenplay has been written and it’s now being put together into a script.

"The idea is to have the film out around 2002 to tie in with the Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City."

Eddie is currently training and searching for sponsorship to try and win himself a place at the games.

Off piste he is studying a foundation course in law and has been offered places at universities in Derby and Leicester, starting in September.

He added: "I’m going to have to devote most of my time to my studies but I think I’d take some time off if it all goes ahead. I love movies and it’s not every day someone offers to make a film of your life." English -born Hollywood scriptwriter Simon Kelton, who is working on the script, said: "It was a fabulous piece of bravery, bravado, foolishness, showmanship, courage and determination for Eddie to do what he did. It has all the elements of a wonderful film."

Eddie crash-landed when he was declared bankrupt in 1991.

He took legal action against his former trustees and accepted an GBP 85,000 out-of -court settlement in 1995.

Source: The Gloucestershire Echo

Posted by Bridgeny Productions on Thursday, May 4, 2000 // 12:44 p.m.


Please vote in the MTV Awards for Best Fight Sequence

If you haven’t already done so, please vote in the MTV Awards for Best Fight Sequence with Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson against Ray Park in Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, May 1, 2000 // 06:00 p.m.


Moulin Rouge to be featured in tomorrow’s Entertainment Tonight

Tomorrow’s Entertainment Tonight will have a feature on Moulin Rouge and talk with Nicole Kidman about the elaborate sets they built. There was no mention of Ewan in the preview but you never know… At least it will give us a glimpse of this much-anticipated movie!

Thanks, Stacey!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, May 1, 2000 // 07:50 p.m.


Film Fans Dig Grave Flat

The flat which was the setting for the hit film Shallow Grave is up for sale at offers over £225,000.

And despite the grisly scenes filmed in the elegant Georgian flat in Edinburgh’s New Town, estate agents have been inundated with potential buyers.

The film, starring Ewan McGregor, was a black comedy in which three flatmates found their new lodger dead and a suitcase full of money.

They then had to dispose of the body.

Source: Daily Record

Posted by futuristic lounge on Monday, May 1, 2000 // 02:11 p.m.


From the Winter 2000 Women’s Quarterly interview with former MTV VJ, Kennedy:

TWQ: You admitted to a crush on Dan Quayle. Whom do you find sexy in the recent crop of presidential contenders?

KENNEDY: No one, unfortunately. It would just be lovely if someone was. Steve Forbes would have been great if he looked like Ewan McGregor, but he doesn’t. I liked a lot of what he said. I can’t quite get a read on George W. Bush yet. I think it’s odd that people find him so intoxicating. Al Gore is not sexy. He looks as if he uses fake-hair-in-a-can that you can spray on your bald spot. I think Bill Bradley’s athletic ability is attractive, but I think he’s a big socialist and that’s frightening. I have actually met McCain, and I like the way that he talked to people. He is a very genuine person.

Posted by futuristic lounge on Monday, May 1, 2000 // 02:09 p.m.


On the Inside: The Concorde airing in May

The Concorde
60 minutes- N
A profile of the record-breaking supersonic passenger aircraft on its 30th birthday. Includes interviews with Dr. Henry Kissinger, actor Ewan McGregor and other passengers.

  • Tue May 16 08:00P DISCE- The Discovery Channel
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Filming of Moulin Rouge finally coming to an end

Sydney Sun-Herald - Sunday April 30 -

This piece also touched briefly on the touted budget blow-outs (this film had a modest budget by Hollywood standards), filming delays due to Nicole’s injury and the death of Baz Luhrmann’s father, and the fact that filming is finally due to wrap in a couple of weeks. However, the interesting part of the article states …

"The cast of Moulin Rouge, including stars Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, move to the smaller Mentmore Studios tomorrow after being forced off the Fox backlot by George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, which has booked the studio space on the backlot from this week.

"Brown (Producer Martin Brown) admitted that it was a nuisance, but said it was the price they had to pay for starting the production seven weeks late following production delays due the the death of Luhrmann’s father and an injury to Kidman.

"Luhrmann vacated the studios yesterday and a team moved in at 2am today to begin a 24 hour demolition of Catherine Martin’s lavish sets to make way for Lucas."

Pre-production on Star Wars has been happening for a while out at Fox, though they have apparently been a little hamstrung by a lack of access to some of the soundstages.

Still it probably means that all the blinds will be down on Soundstages 5 and 6 now.

Part of the tour in the backlot attraction at Fox Studios includes a view into these two soundstages. The facility exists for a director to allow a public viewing gallery of whatever is occurring on the soundstages, though to date I don’t think any actual filming has been seen.

The times I’ve been there the blind was up on one of the soundstages and we were able to watch construction of the actual Moulin Rouge set with it’s padded red walls, gold accessories and prominent windmill over the entrance.

Even with the blinds down though, you were able to tell from the blaze of the lights inside that filming was taking place.

It is going to be weird to be so close and yet so far away from EpII.

From Mey, our eyes and ears in Australia - Thank you, Mey!

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Exclusive: Ewan’s Plans For Episode II


Oh what a joy it must be finally to put your side of the story across. In an interview which features in the June issue of Empire magazine (due out 1 May) Ewan McGregor takes the opportunity to answer readers’ questions about a host of rumours surrounding supposed future projects.

In response to one reader’s question about whether Ewan had acquired the rights to Alfie, the actor is quick to set the record straight. ’You know, I hear about so many things that I’m apparently doing, about this project or that project, but the simple answer is "No." I would never have the audacity to touch Alfie…It would be an insult to Michael Caine and the filmmakers, and it has never even crossed my mind.’

Ewan was equally keen to clear up the gossip about Courtney Love wanting him for her Bay City Rollers biopic. ’I don’t know anything about it,’ he told the magazine. ’Quite frankly, Courtney Love has never said anything to me.’

But now to the matter that’s obviously been driving Star Wars fans wild with anticipation - is Ewan going to take the opportunity of Episode II to do his now-customary full monty? ’Only if I can get away with it.’

Read the rest of Empire’s Public Access interview with Ewan in the June issue of Empire out on the newsstands 1 May 2000.

Source: Empire

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Tales from the Crypt: Cold War upcoming airing

Date: Wednesday, April 26th, 2000
Where: SFI-FI Channel

  • 7:30pm Wed and 1:30am Thu Eastern;
  • 6:30pm Wed and 12:30am Thu Central;
  • 4:30pm and 10:30pm Pacific

This episode stars Ewan McGregor and Jane Horrocks (the pair acted together in Little Voice).

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Random blurb from an interview with British actor, Nigel Havers

Nigel talks about the death of the "toff" actor: "Maybe that’s why so many Scots actors want to play English parts, you know, like that Carlyle chap and, what’s his name … Ewan McGregor. It’s outrageous when you think about it. I would never dream of playing a Scot; it’s an absolute scandal."

Source: Aberdeen Press and Journal

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Nora screening in Seattle

Bum -bum -bum.. Seattle site of love… Attention Seattle-ites! Your chance to see Nora…. The Seattle Times writes about the Seattle International Film Festival, which runs 3 1/2-weeks. They write:

Among the higher-profile movies that are booked so far: an Australian movie, Looking for Alibrandi, starring Greta Scacchi and Anthony Lapaglia; Pat Murphy’s Nora, a biographical drama starring Ewan McGregor as James Joyce; The Wisdom of Crocodiles, starring Jude Law…

Most festival events will be held at the Egyptian, Harvard Exit, Pacific Place and the Broadway Performance Hall. In addition to opening night, the Paramount will be used for a presentation of local filmmaker Gregg Lachow’s Silence.

Individual tickets for the festival go on sale May 9, though they will be available to Cinema Seattle members May 7. Full-series passes can be purchased now. Tickets: 206-324-9996. Information: 206-324-9997.

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Ewan: action hero!

USA Today lists Ewan as part of "The Next Generation" of action hero actors in it’s article Acting shoots ahead of action for new heroes, by Susan Wloszczyna.

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OTR: Ewan must spice it up

Superstars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman have been ordered to spice up their sex lives by the director of their new film.

Baz Luhrmann wants the pair to put more passion into their sex scenes in Moulin Rouge.

And he has gone all out to make sure the musical is as sizzling and authentic as he can, even at the risk of offending Kidman’s husband, Tom Cruise.

An insider said: "In Eyes Wide Shut, at least Kidman’s sexiest scenes were with her husband. But it’s nothing to what she’s got going on with Ewan."

Witnesses have told how Australian Luhrmann yells at more than 300 extras, demanding: "Now, everybody, wild, unbridled lust! Lust! LUST!"

He wasn’t satisfied even after setting up shots with topless Can Can dancers.

Luhrmann, who directed Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet, is recreating Paris at the turn of the 20th century.

But, after months of filming in Australia, he says the movie is "traumatising" Kidman and McGregor and proving a logistical nightmare.

He said: "They have to dance and sing, then tear their hearts out. Nicole’s got to die and Ewan’s being asked to be charming and take on a major character transformation.

"It is simply and easily the most difficult thing I have ever made."

McGregor plays Christian, a young poet who falls for courtesan Satin (Kidman) when he takes up with bohemians in the seedy Pigalle district of Paris.

Source: The Daily Record

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Paris on 300 extras a day

April 19,2000

The can-do spirit of was very much in evidence on the set of Baz Luhrmann's new musical Moulin Rouge, when Garry Maddox was given exclusive access in the final weeks of a challenging five-month shoot.

In the centre of the huge red and gold re-creation of a Parisian nightclub, director Baz Luhrmann urges on his top-hat-and-tails-wearing extras: "Now, gentlemen, wild, unbridled period lust! Lust! LUST!"

As his extras howl enthusiastically, cancan music begins. Dancers, looking like exotic birds with brightly coloured plumage, burst from behind revolving mirrored doors. In a blur of skirts, garters and knickers, as the cancan gives way to a driving techno beat, they move into the baying crowd.

Welcome to Luhrmann's version of the bawdy, bohemian absinth-fuelled Moulin Rouge at the turn of the 20th century.

At the start of the shoot, he called it a groundbreaking musical - a reinvention of the form. Now he calls it "simply and easily the most difficult thing I have ever made". And says it has been "traumatising" for his lead actors, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. It is not just that making Moulin Rouge is a complicated five-month shoot that has taken at times five of the six sound stages at Sydney's Fox Studios. It is also the creative challenge of carrying off a film centred in a historical world, the Studio 54 of its day, using contemporary music such as the Police's Roxanne and other well-known covers.

Luhrmann's follow-up to Strictly Ballroom and Romeo + Juliet is probably the biggest "costume" film to shoot in this country.

On some days Luhrmann is directing up to 400 people and using five cameras. The centre of most of the filming is Catherine Martin's nightclub set, cavernous at first sight but full of intricate and delicate details … statues, lamps, tricolour flags, a windmill motif, chandeliers and half-full glasses of absinth on tables. A riot of gold leaf and red velvet. For this cancan scene, there are 180 extras, including musicians on a raised bandstand and elegantly dressed ladies watching from a balcony. Three cameras are filming, two wielded by operators dressed like ninjas. The black outfits and masks limit the chance they will be seen on other cameras when the mirrors revolve.

Today there is no Kidman, who has to sing, dance and go through 20 changes of costume while playing Satin, the most famous courtesan in Paris.

There is also no McGregor, who plays Christian, a young poet who falls for Satin when he takes up with bohemians like Toulouse-Lautrec in the seedy world which Luhrmann is using to retell the myth of Orpheus, who went into the underworld to rescue his wife only to lose her when he turns around.

But there are familiar faces everywhere. English actor Jim Broadbent (Topsy-Turvy) is preparing to rehearse in braces and a ginger lion tamer's moustache. He has been so immersed in the film that he forgot he'd been nominated for a British Academy Award the previous weekend.

He plays Zidler, the showman who runs the Moulin Rouge and notes that Luhrmann is "really going for something big and brave".

Among the cancan dancers are singer-dancer Caroline O'Connor of West Side Story and Chicago fame, and pop diva Christine Anu. Watching from the back of the set, where visitors have to crouch during takes because of the mirrors, is Annita Keating, whose daughter is one of the ladylike extras. Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng were on set the previous week. The head of Twentieth Century Fox, Bill Mechanic, was due any day. John Leguizamo, the American actor who plays Toulouse-Lautrec, is sitting on a step waiting for a lift.

Even with the next Star Wars episode building sets in an adjoining soundstage, there is international interest in the Fox-financed film because of its creative ambition and quality cast.

In a rare still moment during the lunch break, Luhrmann calls it the hardest production he has done in a career that has oscillated between opera and film.

The shoot was initially delayed after his father's death, then delayed again when Kidman fractured a rib during a dance rehearsal.

"The road between the work we're doing and making it work as a whole is a long and winding road," he says.

"People always say, 'A musical? Oh, that'll be fun.' And I thought it would be too. But think of the directors who have impaled themselves on musicals - like Coppola or Scorsese. I really loved New York, New York and One From The Heart but they don't finally work.

"The reason is [having to] orchestrate music, image, story, drama and we were silly enough to also bring tragedy into it."

Luhrmann describes the film as a test on every level for his main actors. "The surprise is how traumatising the work actually is for the performers - for Nicole and Ewan. Not only do they have to sing and dance and act, but Nicole's got to die. The same with Ewan. He's being asked to sing, dance, be charming and go through a major character transformation." For all the actors, it's one thing to sing and dance, another to do it in "extraordinary high concept looks", and another again to "then have to tear their hearts out like they're in a kitchen-sink drama".

Luhrmann describes the budget for the film as tiny - maybe a third of Babe: Pig in the City - compared with what he is setting out to achieve.

Producer Martin Brown, who works in the production office under clocks showing the time in Sydney, LA, New York and London, agrees that making the film is a tough assignment for the budget.

"Baz's ideas are always high risk. Who wants to fund a film about ballroom dancing or Shakespeare? They're high-concept things which are risky artistically but they also require high production standards to pull them off. He's a strange combination of high risk but potentially high return."

Brown, who was art director on Strictly Ballroom before co-producing Romeo + Juliet, sees the film as the third part of a trilogy. The three films share a mythical structure. "Strictly is a David and Goliath story and Romeo + Juliet is a classic theme. This one consciously derives from the Orpheus myth. Baz is a classicist in the sense that he believes in primary mythological structures that underpin good storytelling."

The film also shares a heightened design style.

"The two other films are a funny combination of unfamiliar and highly familiar. With the world of ballroom dancing, you think, 'What a bunch of pea****s.' But somehow you feel like you know those people, whether at the footie club or at work. The characters are archetypal. The same with Romeo + Juliet. They're speaking 400-year-old text but a lot of the elements of the world in which they are living correlate to our experience."

The three films also feature a key storytelling device - ballroom dancing, Shakespeare's poetic text and now contemporary music. Brown says the music will be almost entirely reworked versions of well-known songs.

Doing a musical has its own particular challenges, not the least being the size of the costume and props departments and the huge numbers of hair and make-up people required for the cast and extras.

There is also the issue of overcoming "the inherent naturalism" of film in recent decades. In other words, audiences don't easily suspend their disbelief for a musical any more.

"A musical is a theatrical experience. Bridging that gap is the task Baz is taking on this time. It's always embarrassing in a musical film when a person starts, 'I feel a song coming on.' But Baz has developed a whole bunch of techniques whereby the person has no other option but to sing, so it feels perfectly normal."

They may issue a double album with the film because the music is part of the story rather than just a souvenir.

Both Kidman and McGregor are considered actors rather than singers but those close to the production say they are proving accomplished. "Ewan comes from a musical family," says Brown.

"His mum was in a choir and his dad was in a band. He's a naturally gifted musician - he plays two or three different musical instruments.

"Nicole has a voice. She started work when she was doing The Blue Room in New York, just developing her technique. Her voice is very strong now. There are times when the playback has started and I've gone up and said, 'Is that Nicole singing?' 'Yeah.' And you think, 'Wow, extraordinary.'"

Both Luhrmann and Brown stress the concentration of Australians in the cast, even though they looked internationally.

Seventeen of the 20 speaking roles went to locals, including O'Connor as Nini Legs in the Air, Richard Roxburgh as the Duke of Worcester, David Wenham as Audrey, Jacek Koman as The Argentinian, and Garry McDonald as The Doctor.

While it has the reputation of being a bohemian haunt centring on drinking and the cancan, Brown says their research revealed most of the women who performed were prostitutes. Centring the film on the nightclub is "a slingshot into the enormous explosion of artistic activity in the early 20th century".

So how close is the set to the real Moulin Rouge?

Catherine Martin says Luhrmann insists they start from historical fact but there were few surviving images of the nightclub's interior. The result is a combination of reality and fiction. "The elevated bandstand is correct and there were mirrors under the bandstand which the cancan girls would scratch their names into - they put diamonds on the souls of their feet." Cinematographer Don McAlpine, a figure of calm on set, says every shot with Luhrmann is a challenge. "He just doesn't take the normal approach. He's looking for something stylistically different in every scene so you just don't know what's coming."

McAlpine describes the shoot as a conflict between creativity and logistics.

"Baz has never let the numbers dominate what we're trying to get. There's a terrible pressure when you imagine how much 300 extras cost a day both to pay and costume, make-up and hair. You just have to learn to forget that pressure and get on and make a good movie."

He says it is the most elaborate set he has worked on in 40-odd features. "The detail, let alone the artistry, is just amazing."

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Thank you Mey

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"Britain’s Q Magazine says the Jagger-penned script Snap will be produced by his own production company Jagged, and Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Ewan McGregor are in talks to play the central role of a womanizing rocker."

Martin Scorsese is set to collaborate on Snap or aka- The Long Play Jagger explains, "It’s a comedy about the perils of being at the top of your game in the rock n’ roll world and the pitfalls you encounter."

Not like it’s Velvet Goldmine or anything… NOooooooo….

Source: Canoe

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The Daily Telegraph writes in an interview with Dennis Lawson:

The Arts: Directing? It’s all a bit of fun Actor Denis Lawson first turned his hand to directing with his nephew Ewan McGregor as his star. Now, he tells Matthew Bond, he’s caught the bug - and knows that success starts with a long lunch.

By Matthew Bond

"Follow that" is the phrase that comes to mind. Seventeen months ago, the first play that Denis Lawson directed rather than appeared in, sold out its eight-week run at the small but influential Hampstead Theatre in London and transferred immediately to the West End. Not bad for a beginner.

There were, however, rather special circumstances. The star of David Helliwell’s Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs was Lawson’s film-star nephew, Ewan McGregor, who, even in a play that didn’t require him to disrobe, had a commercial pulling power matched only by a naked Nicole Kidman. However, McGregor is not in his uncle’s second play as a director and "following that" begins to look like a rather serious challenge.

But if it is, Lawson is still actor enough to hide it well. Or perhaps he is telling the truth when he says he feels no pressure. "Everyone’s getting very nervous, apart from me, because I don’t have to walk on and do it," he jokes, as he takes a break from rehearsals to discuss Burning Issues, which opens at Hampstead next Tuesday. It’s the new play by Ron Hutchinson, best known for his award-winning drama Rat in the Skull.

At 52 he has reined back, just a little. Most of the film projects have been laid to one side, except for a rock ’n’ roll road movie that he and McGregor have been developing for some time. "I realised that I was doing one job too many. So I stepped back from a few things."

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Star Wars made no cash for McGregor

Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor insists he got paid very little for the movie - he did it for the love of the film. McGregor is currently working in Australia and will fly to America this summer to film the next movie instalment of the sci-fi epic. He says, "I took Star Wars in order to work with George Lucas. I got paid very little for it, nothing near the figure published ($4 million). Star Wars is strange, they expect you to do it for the love of Star Wars."

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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Ewan McGregor Finds New Holiday Haven In Trieste

Ewan McGregor has found the perfect holiday hideaway in Trieste after spending last summer there filming new movie Nora (1999).

The Trainspotting (1996) actor followed his literary hero James Joyce’s footsteps in the Italian city and found himself falling in love with the place - and its leading tenor. McGregor plays Joyce, who left his native Dublin, Ireland, to seek inspiration in Italy with his lover Nora Barnacle. He says, "I found this wonderful place. I can really see why Joyce liked the town - you can really feel him there. It’s very cosmopolitan… It’s a great town, great places to visit. There’s this one little tiny restaurant where all the crew went and one of the guys who goes there all the time is the head tenor at the Trieste theatre… While we were filming we’d go there, finish dinner, clear back the tables and start singing and dancing. It’s brilliant."

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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2000 MTV Movie Awards - Nominations announced

In the past Ewan has been nominated for MTV’s take on movie award shows (best dance performance for ALLO and best breakthrough performance male), but has yet to win. Will this finally be the year?

The Phantom Menace only got 3 nods. Best Villian (go Darth Maul), Best Action Sequence (the pod race) and Best Fight Sequence (Liam Neeson & Ewan McGregor vs. Ray Park). Go Ewan. Voting online starts tonight. You can watch the nominee special tonight as well. Check out mtv.com for more info.

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Sydney Morning Herald - ’Stay in Touch’ column (Thursday April 13, 2000)----

Mummy’s boy—That Ewan McGregor, he’s a nice boy isn’t he? Polite, very supportive of the arts -- it’s not an opening night at the theatre (in Sydney) these days that Our Ewan (column’s capitalisation) isn’t there. And he’s the publicist’s dream, because he turns up when he says he will. But the best sign that Our Ewan is the kind of boy you would take home to meet your mum is that he takes *his* mum to the theatre. Tuesday night’s opening of Bell Shakespeare Company’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream saw Our Ewan accompanied by a woman he was introducing as "my mum". Unfortunately, Our Ewan and mum didn’t make it back from interval. Given Ewan’s celebrated full-frontal in Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book, it’s not likely that the bare bottom and ribald presentation of the play would have put mum off. Maybe it was the late hour. (THANK YOU MEY!)

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The Daily Telegraph - Sydney (Monday April 10, 2000)

Scotsman Ewan McGregor displayed some of the high-spirited antics for which he has become a Sydney favourite when he rolled up, along with the rest of the Moulin Rouge cast and crew,to a party at The Soho Lounge in Potts Point on Friday night. Nicole Kidman was noticeably absent from the group which included director Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, John Leguizamo, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto and Topsy Turvy star Jim Broadbent. McGregor’s day started in a jovial mood when onlookers say he pulled into the carpark at Fox Studios, put on a tape of bagpipe music, climbed onto the roof of his car and sat cross-legged for more than an hour. When asked what he was doing, Ewan replied: "I’m just jigging. I love this stuff." His ebullient mood continued at the party where guests were able to watch the top secret trailer compilation of rough cuts on a panoramic screen. By all accounts, it was "a real fusion between music and art." "The music is a mix of ’70’s cover songs including Elton John and David Bowie and Madonna’s Like A Virgin, with traditional instruments," one of the guests insisted. The consensus among cast and crew was the Luhrmann is an "absolute genius". McGregor was the last to leave the party, via a back exit, at 5:30am on Saturday. (Thank you MEY!!)

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OTR: Off The Record — Tom Cruise and Ewan McGregor to star in the Colditz Story?

Hollywood heart-throbs Tom Cruise and Ewan McGregor have been tipped to star in an all-star remake of the Colditz Story.

Movie giants Miramax are planning a multi-million pound blockbuster based on the true story of Allied PoWs tunnelling out of the Leipzig castle Hitler branded "escape proof".

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been approached to play American war heroes, and Ewan’s pals Jude Law and Johnny Lee Miller could also star.

The film will be based on two books written by British officer Major Pat Reid, who was one of several dozen escapees to flee the camp.

Miramax have snapped up the rights to the books and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has set aside a £13 million war chest for cast fees alone.

Studio bosses are convinced the film could be as big a hit with today’s audiences as The Great Escape was in the Sixties.

A film insider said: "Cruise, Affleck and Damon have shown their interest, securing the green light for the pre-production work to go ahead.

"With stars like this and a company like Miramax involved, it would be one of the biggest films of its kind.

"It’s hoped it will be this generation’s Great Escape."

Weinstein wants Ewan McGregor, fresh from his role in the Star Wars prequels and as Irish writer James Joyce in a new biopic, to be interned in the camp.

Jude Law, best known for his recent film role in The Talented Mr Ripley, is among the other top names on Weinstein’s shopping list for the big-budget movie. Miller, who starred with McGregor in Trainspotting, is also a likely choice.

Reid’s books were last adapted for the screen by the BBC from 1972-1974, with an all-star TV cast.

Anthony Valentine gripped viewers as the camp’s sinister second-in-command, Major Mohn. Bernard Hempton was the Kommandant.

Scots acting legend, David McCallum, best known from The Man From Uncle series, played Flt Lt Simon Carter.

Other big names included Robert Wagner but the series proved controversial with some critics claiming it strayed too far from the truth.

In the end, the BBC were forced to release original pictures of the prisoners at Colditz to prove they really were a glamorous bunch.

The Nazis sent their most troublesome allied prisoners to Colditz castle, 400 miles from the Swiss border, because it was deemed impossible to escape from.

From 1941 to 1945, the fortress housed 1500 Allied officers who had tried to escape from other camps.

But inmates did break out and some wrote books about their experiences.

Weinstein plans to pay tribute to those Colditz inmates, using Reid’s books and other material on the castle’s wartime history. Of the 84 escapes attempted in 1942, most were unsuccessful.

The first British effort was made by 20-year-old Scots army lieutenant, Peter Allan, who changed from his kilt into shorts and was hidden inside a mattress cover in a straw cart.

Allan made it to Vienna before walking into a police station and being returned to Colditz.

Airey Neave, who later became a Tory MP but was assassinated by the IRA, was the first British soldier to succeed.

Neave and Dutchman, Tony Lutjein, disguised as German officers, walked boldly through the castle guardroom and out of the gate, rebuking one of the sentries for failing to salute. Both made it to Switzerland.

The ingenuity of the PoWs in Colditz are legendary and saw them successfully forging German papers and passports and making uniforms from odd bits of cloth and coloured with crayons and paint.

Maps were duplicated using a lemon jelly mould which had been made from Red Cross parcels.

The British Secret service sent packs of playing cards to prisoners which, when soaked, revealed a section of a map of Germany.

Scot David Hamilton designed an aerodynamically-perfect glider which was built and hidden in the castle’s rafters. The American’s liberated Colditz before the attempt could be made.

The Wooden Horse (1950) was one of the first British films about plucky prisoners finding ways to escape from captivity.

A previous film of Reid’s experiences, the Colditz Story, was made in 1954 starring John Mills.

In the 1963 Hollywood film, The Great Escape, Steve McQueen’s daring escape bid on a motorcycle to the Swiss border is probably the most memorable sequence.

But it was a fictionalised account, inspired by the Colditz and other escape attempts.

GI Joe show mission impossible: Tom Cruise, left, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may play the American prisoners

The Brit Pack Tommy Guns: Ewan McGregor, right, and his close friends Jude Law and Johnny Lee Miller, are also Colditz-bound.

Source: The Daily Mail

Will Ew be best man?; double act: Dougray gives pal star role for big day

By Jason Kerrigan

Scots actor Dougray Scott has wed girlfriend Sarah Trevis - with best pal Ewan McGregor as his best man. Fife-born Dougray married the woman he once described as "the love of my life" in a low-key wedding in London’s trendy Chelsea. The couple got hitched in a King’s Road register office in front of just 20 guests. Their two-year-old twins Gabriel and Eden stayed at home with a babysitter. After the 20-minute service, Dougray - star of Hollywood blockbusters Ever After and Mission Impossible 2 - posed in his kilt with friends and family. The 34-year-old actor then jumped into a black Jaguar limousine with his new wife and sped off to a secret honeymoon location. A guest said: "The bride looked absolutely radiant and they both looked so happy. "They have been promising each other they would get married for a long time. They have just never been able to get round to it because of Dougray’s work. The pair of them just live for their kids and their happy home life." And just to make sure his pal’s marriage was celebrated properly, Star Wars star Ewan watched Dougray’s limousine disappear into the horizon before leading the handful of guests to the local pub for a drink.

Source: Daily Mail

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Jude Law doesn’t seem hard enough, somehow. He is, however, slated to play Christopher Marlowe in the next ruff ’n’ tumble biopic from the film company he part-owns (following Nora, a gloomily erotic life of James Joyce released next month).

The film, called simply Marlowe, starts shooting in April and, according to rumour, will feature a cameo by Ewan McGregor. And who is he playing? Not some roguish drinking partner in a Shoreditch tavern, but none other than Will Shakespeare.

The life of Marlowe, who apparently had numerous criminal friends, is natural gangster flick material. And at $20 million, the movie is aimed firmly at mainstream cinemas here and in the US.

Source: The Times

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More Rumours! Entertainment Headlines

Loose Talk

Thursday April 13,2000 — By Micheal Fleming New York (Variety)

As a web of rumours preceded Sam Raimi’s signing as director of Columbia’s Spider Man, it’s no surprise they’d be followed by speculation on who’ll sign a three pic deal tp play Peter Parker/Spidey in the Marvel franchise. Dish hears that the lead candidates are Patriot star Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley (American Beauty), Chris Klein, Tobey Macguire, and Ewan McGregor. And don’t forget Leonardo DiCaprio. Columbia says no decision yet. Hmmmm…..

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That’s sick!

E! Online’s Top Ten Puke Scenes’ in Film History

For Complete Story by Tom Mitchell visit E! on April 15. Los Angeles, April 12/PR Newswire/—

Despite these Puke scenes, most of these films achieved critical acclaim or commercial success. In fact, Trainspotting (nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay and star Ewan McGregor nominated for an MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Artist) for example. Well Trainspotting (1996) made it to Number 9. Check it out here. Ok sorry guys I feel sick now but hey it’s Ewan news.

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DVD version of Episode I


We’ve got some extremely cool news for you today! This morning on KROQ radio in Los Angeles, morning show hosts Kevin and Bean interviewed George Lucas… and he specifically said that his team at Lucasfilm is currently working on the DVD version of Episode I. Lucas also revealed that the first draft of the Episode II script is now complete. You can read more on this over at our fellow IGN.com affiliate The Force.net. But that’s not even the best part.

A good friend of the Bits had the unique opportunity to spend some time chatting with Lucas in person this week, and among the many topics discussed were the Star Wars DVDs. What our friend learned is amazing, but the person is sworn to secrecy on most of it. However, thanks to Lucas’ comments on KROQ this morning, our friend can confirm that there are still several unfinished scenes and sequences from Episode I, the original Star Wars and the other films. Lucas plans to finish them and include them on the DVDs. Whether these scenes are edited back into the film or included in a separate deleted scenes section is still unknown. What’s taking so much time is that ILM actually needs to complete the footage - much of it was never finished originally. And since work on Episode II is under way at ILM, along with several other non-Star Wars films, resources there might be stretched a bit thin. But best of all… our friend says Lucas seems totally enthusiastic about doing the DVDs.

On a separate note, we CAN confirm unofficially that there is work underway on at least the Episode I DVD. Another friend of the Bits, who was visiting a post production facility in L.A. on business recently, noticed a box full of digital master tapes of Episode I in anamorphic widescreen and in multiple languages (the person was told that they’re for the DVD).

Naturally, there’s no word at all on release dates. But the whole situation is starting to look pretty good for DVD fans…

Source: The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill

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Thanks to Rebecca, here’s a great link to read about the premiere of Nora at the Dublin Film Festival. Go to the Irish Times website to read all about it.

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Three Joycean experts accompany Katie Donovan to a preview and give their verdicts in an article on The Irish Times here.

Thanks Kathy!

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As if you don’t know by now, The Phantom Menace is now available on video (as of April 4) in pan and scan format, widescreen format and a special collector’s edition widescreen format with a behind the scenes feature on the making of the movie, book of concept art, and an actual film strip. If you’re lucky, you might get a strip with Obi Wan. I was not so lucky (Gungan battle?! Anyone wanna trade?).

You can order your own copy (or not depending on your tolerance for this movie but I for one love it) online at places like Reel.com and Starwars.com. Many places offered free gifts if you pre-ordered a copy. And of course, you can find it at local video stores, and well, just plain any store, everywhere.

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Here is an interesting Nora/James Joyce website aptly titled James Joyce Portal. Thank you Jorn Barger of the Responsible Party. Click here

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McGregor Ready To Receive Flak For James Joyce Film

Scots actor Ewan McGregor sports a moustache and spectacles as he stars as James Joyce in Nora, a dark romance about the Irish writer’s love life.

The film opens at the Dublin Film Festival this week. The Trainspotting actor cultivates the intellectual look in the tale of the novelist’s passionate relationship with long term partner Nora Barnacle.

Directed by Pat Murphy, it depicts Joyce as a selfish, hard drinking womaniser who cares more for his own welfare than his lover’s.

Yahoo/UK News April 2,2000

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In today’s Liz Smith column, she writes, "The choice of an American actor, Johnny Depp, to play Robert Burns in ’Calrinda’, a film about the poet’s life, angered fans of the Scottish bard. The Scots had hoped Ewan McGregor might bag the part, but he’s busy on the next ’Star Wars’ film." So it looks like the filmmakers choose Johnny because Ewan wasn’t available for this role. Ah well…

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The Washington DC International Film Festival will be showing Tube Tales [which Ewan directed one segment of] as part of it’s New British Cinema series. Tube Tales will screen at 9:30pm on April 7, 2000; 9:15pm on April 15 at the Tenley Theaters. Ticket information can be found on the film festival site, and can be purchace online at Tickets.com.

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View the Nora trailer online exclusively at Empire Magazine’s website! It’s in Real Audio format so be prepared.

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Thanks to Linda for letting me know that ’Nora’ will be shown at the American Film Institute Theater at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., May 28 at 8pm as part of the Arts from Ireland Festival. To learn more, visit their website.

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Don’t forget that tomorrow is Ewan’s 29th birthday! Celebrate in Ewan fashion… watch the movie that first made you a fan, have a drink in his honor (of course only if you are legal), party hard, and most of all have some fun!

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Welcome to an all new Ewan McGregor site unlike any other. This is the place where you can come to find out all the latest Ewan news and happenings instead of having to scour the web and the many fansites that are around. Several Ewan site owners and fans have come together to bring you this online resource. So let’s get started…

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