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July - December 2000


Beautiful pictures from Moulin Rouge

French Premiere has some beautiful pictures of Moulin Rouge here.

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Saturday, December 30, 2000 // 03:05 p.m.


Desserts on Sundance

For those who have the Sundance Channel, the short film Desserts with Ewan McGregor will be on at 8 p.m. December 24, on the program Shorts 74.

Thank you Djinn for the heads up.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, December 23, 2000 // 09:52 p.m.


Ewan on Barry Norman’s "Films of the Year"

Josie from Mad about Ewan was kind enough to let us post this:

Ewan appeared on UK TV on Barry Norman’s "Films of the Year". He was asked about the new Star Wars film, and if his part would be any bigger.

"In the new one, I have a story of my own. I branch out a bit. I’m mainly wet and on my own. I had four months of being on my own and soaking wet. I can’t give anything away.

"It’s a much better script, I think, than the first one. Well, not that I would say that wouldn’t be hard! I wouldn’t be seen to say that! It was very disappointing the first one, I think, and this one is a better script."

He didn’t know when the release would be but thought 2002 was likely (Ridley Scott, also a guest on the show) piped up with Memorial Day 2002.

Speaking about Moulin Rouge, he said:

"I think that’s going to be really exciting when it comes out. It’s taken about three years and he’s still working on it. Baz [Luhrmann], he’s an incredible perfectionist. The scale of it was huge - the sets. We had 300 dancers, and it was just like the old days. You’d come on set and go Wow! It’s what I used to dream about."

Incidentally, Ewan chose Boys Don’t Cry, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and American Beauty as his three favourite films of the year. And it’s the same chunky knit from the Michael Caine tribute….

EyeonEw had this to add:

Ali G was kind enough to write out a transcript for us but was unable to post it. So in his absence, I’ll post for him. Here’s more from the interview with Barry Norman:

Barry: "You have two blockbusters coming out."

Ewan: "I would think so. I spent 8 or 9 months in Australia with Baz Luhrman working on a musical called Moulin Rouge. It’s really exciting, taken him three years and he’s still working on it. The scale of it was huge. The sets had 300 dancers. I’d come on the set and go ’wow’. It’s kinda what I used to dream about."

Barry: "On Oscars"

Ewan: "I’m still naive enough to wonder what the importance of Oscars is and why they seem to be the be all and end all of movies. They don’t represent cinema in any way or means and yet everything’s aimed at them when you finish making a film. Everything’s pegged on an award ceremony and I’ve always wondered why. Film making’s not a competition."

Barry: "Would you like one?"

Ewan: "Would I like one? Nah, give it back. Of course if you were offered one you’d change your tune. It is extraordinary, the importance of them."

Also in the Episode 2 portion, Ewan comments on when it will be released.

Ewan: "I would think 2002. I don’t really know."

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, December 21, 2000 // 05:38 p.m.


Ewan on Hardtalk in the UK

Josie from Mad about Ewan informs us that Ewan’s Hard Talk interview will be rebroadcast on Christmas Day and the next day in the UK.

BBC News 24, Mon 25 Dec, 22:30-23:00, 30 mins.

Award-winning British actor Ewan McGregor talks to Tim Sebastian about fame, fortune and keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Widescreen.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, December 21, 2000 // 05:31 p.m.


Irish actor wins top award

Tina Kellegher was given her award by BBC Northern Ireland’s Donna Traynor Irish actor Peter McDonald beat off competition from two of Scotland’s biggest stars to win Best Actor at the Irish Film and Television Awards in Belfast on Sunday.

McDonald won the award for his performance in the Irish film Saltwalter - a film that has only been released in Ireland - beating Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle.

McGregor, nominated for his performance as James Joyce in the movie Nora, attended the awards’ second ceremony at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

Fellow Scot Robert Carlyle was nominated for his role as an alcoholic father in Alan Parker’s movie Angela’s Ashes, which scooped the Best Film award.

McDonald said he was "very honoured" to receive the Best Actor accolade.

He paid tribute to fellow cast members, including Brian Cox and Brendan Gleeson, and to the film’s director and writer Conor McPherson, whom he described as "an inspirational writer".

Saltwater also won the Best Screenplay category.

Best Actress went to Northern Ireland-born actress Susan Lynch for her performance as James Joyce’s lover Nora Barnacle in the film Nora.

Animated winner

McGregor received the award on her behalf and said: "I know I am very proud of her right now and so should you just be. She is one of the finest actresses in the world."


Joining Ewan McGregor in the audience were acclaimed Irish film director Neil Jordan, and actors Brendan Gleeson, Adrian Dunbar and Lorcan Cranitch from Ballykissangel.

Pictured are Victoria Smurfit, Ewan McGregor and Lorcan Cranitch

Source: BBC News

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, December 3, 2000 // 11:28 p.m.


Ewan gives Lossie a victory in Star Wars

Nathaniel Anderson

A Moray seaside town eclipsed Scottish cities last night when heart-throb actor Ewan McGregor switched on its Christmas lights.

Lossiemouth, with a population of just under 7,500, saw the 29-year-old star on the esplanade as part of celebrations organised by the local Millennium Association.

Grampian Police estimated the crowd at around 10,000.

The Crieff-born actor, who first trod the boards with Perth Repertory Theatre, has become one of the United Kingdom’s most bankable stars.

McGregor posed for photos on an open-top FirstGroup bus. His French wife, Ève, and five-year-old daughter, Clara, were among the family members on board, along with his parents, Jim and Carol.

Introducing the guest of honour, Millennium Association chairman Gordon Cowie paid tribute to his down-to-earth personality.

"He could have come here in a limousine or flown in by helicopter but he was brought in on a bus," he said.

Before switching on the lights, McGregor congratulated the community on its efforts in raising in excess of £30,000 over the past year.

"There are so many people here it’s quite unbelievable. This is a brilliant town with a beach where you can go for a walk and get sunburned and sandblasted at the same time," joked McGregor, obviously enjoying the occasion.

"The community here is an example to towns all over the country."

Recounting a personal experience of the town’s community spirit, he told the crowd that when he was walking on Lossiemouth beach a year ago he lost his wife’s mobile phone but it was handed into the police station – something that he doubted would happen in London.

After a crowd countdown, the lighting display, the town’s first, was switched on along the esplanade as fireworks went off. Lossiemouth resident and Moray parliamentarian Margaret Ewing was among the crowd. She said: "It’s been great to see the community spirit and there’s been a huge amount of work done by individuals throughout the year and it’s all turned out as we wanted. It didn’t even rain."

McGregor’s visit to Moray also afforded an opportunity for a family reunion with his older brother, Colin, a pilot at RAF Lossiemouth.

The star’s appearance was the highlight of an evening of carnival entertainment featuring 40 tented stalls, street entertainers and music from Moray Concert Brass Band. McGregor was led in by Elgin and District Pipe Band and the switch-on was followed by carol singing by a 100-strong choir of Lossiemouth schoolchildren. The Lossie Fiddle Group and local musicians then took the stage.

Alan MacDonald, of the Millennium Association, said: "We’re really pleased, it’s been a terrific night and good for the town of Lossiemouth. People have come out in enormous numbers. Ewan was so relaxed and got on with the crowds tremendously well – the whole thing was first class."

Lossiemouth upstaged Scottish cities with its visit from a Hollywood star – Aberdeen’s Christmas lights were switched on by pantomime stalwart Su Pollard while a local councillor turned on Edinburgh’s festive displays. In Glasgow, Lord Provost Alex Mosson did the honours.

The esplanade was closed to traffic from early afternoon for the ceremony. It was the first showing of the town’s new Christmas lights, for which the community council and business association raised more than £30,000 this year. It had European funding and support from Moray, Badenoch and Strathspey Enterprise and the Moray Council.

Relaxing after his official duties were over, McGregor said: "It was just such a huge turnout. My brother stays up here and I like to get back up here so it was good that all the family were here as well. We’re staying here for a couple of days."

After a couple of hectic years working on the latest Star Wars movie and other projects he said he was looking forward to some family time.

"I’m looking forward to taking my daughter to school and reading the newspapers, which is something I haven’t done for a while…"

"I’m also learning French because I’m fed up of my daughter making fun of me and not understanding what she’s saying – so I’m back at school," he added.

Speaking earlier in the week, Beverley Tricker, public relations manager with Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board, said: "High-profile stars like Ewan definitely attract day visitors into our area, and we are sure that the businesses of Lossiemouth will benefit from his appearance."

Pictured: Pride of place with the star went to Austin Lennon, left, and Douglas Burns.

Source: This is North Scotland

Thank you epiphany for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, December 3, 2000 // 01:53 p.m.


Ewan: I must take time out for Clara

Film heart-throb Ewan McGregor is taking time off to spend more time with his French wife Ève and their five-year-old daughter Clara.

The Crieff-born actor, star of Trainspotting and Star Wars, will be relaxing at home in St John’s Wood in London for the next four months.

The 29-year-old said: "I’m knackered and quite simply I am taking a break to be with my family.

"Making films takes a lot out of you and sometimes you just want to be at home and worry about the shopping.

"I am doing stuff like taking my daughter to school and reading newspapers.

"And I’m learning French to keep up with my daughter and my wife."

Speaking after turning on the Christmas lights in Lossie-mouth on the Moray Firth last week, he hinted his next film could be Scottish.

After the ceremony he was given a bottle of Macallan malt whisky by the people of the town - specially labelled ’McGregor’.

Source: Sunday Mail

Thank you epiphany for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, December 3, 2000 // 01:47 p.m.


School’s charity efforts earn famous thank you

Nathaniel Anderson

One of the hottest talents in the film industry turned up at a Moray primary school yesterday to thank pupils for their charity fund-raising efforts.

Ewan McGregor, 29, star of films including A Life Less Ordinary and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, stopped off at St Gerardine’s Primary School, Lossiemouth, in recognition of its donations to Scotland’s first children’s hospice – a charity close to his heart.

The Crieff-born actor gave an exclusive interview to the Press and Journal in the incongruous surroundings of the school’s music room while his five-year-old daughter, Clara, played with children in the nursery.

Explaining his appearance in Lossiemouth to switch on the town’s new £20,000 Christmas lights, he said: "I was asked to do it by a girl at a film premiere in Edinburgh, for a film called Nora".

"I was there with all my family and my great-uncle, Denis, and this girl came up and asked if I would switch on the Christmas lights in Lossie."

Uncle Denis is better known as Scottish actor Denis Lawson, who himself appeared in the first three Star Wars movies and provided the early inspiration for McGregor’s hugely successful career.

With more than 25 films to his name, Ewan McGregor has been acclaimed as one of the most versatile and talented actors of his generation but has largely resisted the lure of big-budget Hollywood movies and remains based in London.

A man renowned for his easy-going manner, he expressed slight nervousness at the prospect of being the star turn in the seaside town, saying it was the first time he had done anything like it.

He said: "I’m slightly nervous about the whole thing – it seems to have got a little bigger than itself. It might be really embarrassing going round on a bus like a football team but it’ll be fun."

McGregor was visiting the school on behalf of the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (Chas). He is a keen supporter of Rachel House, Scotland’s first children’s hospice.

He said: "The school kids here have raised money for Rachel House which is a hospice in Kinross that I look after. It’s a great place. There’s a wee girl here, Naomi who goes there. So it’s been nice to tie that in with the visit."

He spent some time with seven-year-old Naomi from Lossiemouth, who suffers from the rare nerve disorder giant axonal neuropathy, and her family and support staff before meeting other pupils at a special assembly.

Naomi’s mum, Mandy, said: "He was just lovely. He took a little bear down for Naomi and met her eight-year-old sister, Chloe, as well. I think Naomi is one of the few kids in the area who spends time at Rachel House and he made the effort to meet her out of the kindness of his heart. My husband, Grahame, and I are just delighted he made the effort to make it a really special day. When he met the other pupils the kids’ faces were a picture."

Acting deputy headteacher Anne Wilson said: "The whole thing was a total secret. It was really super. The children have been raising money for Rachel House since Naomi, who’s now in primary two, came to the school. He’s a very natural, very down-to-earth guy and I think the teachers were just as excited as the children when he arrived."

Chas spokeswoman Morag Rhodes, who organised the school visit, paid tribute to McGregor’s charity work.

She said: "Ewan’s a regular visitor to Rachel House when his work schedule allows him to manage it. He’s one of our staunchest supporters and he’s even cooked breakfast for the children which was fantastic."

The actor, who will celebrate his 30th birthday in March, also made the day of retiring teacher Frances Garrety, 64, by giving her a bouquet and a kiss.

An active but low-profile supporter of many charities, he is a vocal advocate for the campaign to stop cutbacks at Perth Royal Infirmary, particularly the maternity unit, a cause backed by his mother and agent, Carol, who was in Lossiemouth with him.

He said he could use his celebrity status to champion the cause of the hospital where he was born.

He said: "Hospitals are there to save lives but also to be there when new life is created. For that to be expendable – I can’t get my mind round that, I can’t understand what it is. If the cutbacks go ahead pregnant women will have to go to Dundee which is too far for people from my town, Crieff.

"They’re trying to close down a unit that’s been open for years and years. It’s outrageous. Someone in an office probably looks at it and says they don’t really need that, they can go to Dundee – it’s criminal."

McGregor spent most of last year in Australia working on two films, and has been enjoying a respite from work spending time with his family. He met his wife, Ève Mavrakis, while filming the TV costume drama Scarlet and Black in the early 90s.

He said: "I’ve just been at home which gives me an opportunity to do things like this. I want to go up the West Coast, I haven’t been there for a long time. I used to spend a lot of summers up there and I want to take my family up there."

His early films with director Danny Boyle – Shallow Grave and Trainspotting – were filmed in Scotland and he revealed that he had plans to spend more time north of the border.

Asked if he had Scottish projects in the pipeline, he said: "Yes there’s two but I’m not going to tell you what either of them are. Funnily enough the two scripts I’m looking at at the moment are both Scottish pieces. The big stuff has been good, like Star Wars, but it’s time for me to come back. I’d like to come back. I don’t look for Scottish stuff as such – I don’t say I want to do this – but I definitely want to do something contemporary and Scottish. The scripts that I’m looking at are both set up here. So hopefully I’ll be up here a lot more."

After delighting his North-east fans in Lossiemouth, the star will be in Belfast on Monday where his biopic of the Irish writer James Joyce, Nora, is up for several Irish Baftas.

The film, starring McGregor as Joyce, was co-produced by the production company Natural Nylon that he heads up with fellow British actors, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Sean Pertwee and his Trainspotting co-star Jonny Lee Miller.

He said: "It’s nice that the film’s got some recognition at last. When it came out it just went, ‘hello has anyone seen it’? So it’ll be nice, it’s nice that they’ve recognised it."

Source: This is North Scotland

Thank you epiphany for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, December 3, 2000 // 01:36 p.m.


Perth hospital protesters voice fears at Holyrood

by Paul Gallagher

More than 300 people from Perth and Kinross descended on the Scottish Parliament yesterday to voice their fears about the future of Perth Royal Infirmary.

The campaigners handed more than 20,000 postcards demanding that the hospital should not lose any acute services in the ongoing review in Tayside.

Concern has been widespread for two years that the hospital’s maternity, paediatric and accident and emergency services could be transferred to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, leaving many Perth and Kinross residents with long journeys to receive treatment. The Scottish Executive and Tayside Health Board insisted the review was not yet complete and no firm decision had been taken.

But the protesters voiced their anger at what they saw as a lack of consultation, and at Health Minister Susan Deacon, who did not come to meet the group. Ten coaches left Perth and Kinross for Edinburgh and, headed by a pipe band, the campaigners marched up to the Parliament, on The Mound.

They were met by several MSPs, including SNP leader John Swinney and deputy leader Roseanna Cunningham, whose constituencies are both on Tayside; Conservative MSPs Mary Scanlon and Ben Wallace and Ochil’s Labour MSP, Dr Richard Simpson.

As white balloons bearing the slogan Hands Off PRI were released, Kate Gillanders, of the Hands Off PRI group, addressed the protesters. She said: "We know our hospital is under threat and we will not give it up without a fight.

"People gave up their time and travelled far to be here today. They did this because they care passionately about their hospital and they will not stand idly by and let the health board dismantle PRI, replacing it with little more than a small cottage hospital.

"Susan Deacon should travel to Kinloch Rannoch and tell them that, when their child is very, very sick at two o’clock in the morning and the only ambulance is busy elsewhere, they will have to drive for two hours over Highland roads to reach Ninewells, living with the fear that the child may not make it that far."

Ms Cunningham was also critical of Ms Deacon, as well as Professor David Rowley, the joint head of the Tayside acute services review team, who last week described campaigners as "a vociferous minority".

Ms Cunningham said: "Prof Rowley says all these postcards have been filled out by non-people, or people who don’t matter. I have got news for him. Every single one of those postcards is from someone who does matter very much. If he thinks this is a minority campaign, he had better think again.

"When Susan Deacon found she could not be here, she gave you all a piece of helpful advice; that you would be better advised to let the Tayside Health Board and trust know of your concerns.

"It goes to show how in touch she is that she doesn’t think you are already doing that, in large numbers."

Ms Scanlon said: "This march indicates the anger and frustration that so many people feel about the lack of consultation. Unless the trust enters into negotiations with people, those people are going to fear the worst."

Among the campaigners was Carol McGregor of Crieff, mother of film actor Ewan McGregor. He had hoped to join her on the march but was unable to do so because of work commitments.

Mrs McGregor has been a long-standing supporter of Perth Royal since Ewan was born at the hospital and serious complications arose during his delivery.

She said yesterday: "Perth and Kinross is a wide area. I’m not decrying Dundee in any way but it’s much too far to have to go to Dundee."

Ms Deacon said the Executive would be unveiling a national framework on maternity services, aimed at giving high-quality care to women throughout Scotland, in January. She added that she had asked Tayside Health Board’s new chairman, Peter Bates, to look at all options before making any decisions and to consult fully with local communities.

She said: "(The review) is the product of more than a year’s work, which has included widespread consultation with women, midwives and the medical profession.

"It will set out a clear national framework within which local health boards should plan and organise maternity services.

"Tayside Health Board has not reached any decision or recommendation on the future of maternity services at Perth Royal Infirmary."

A health board spokesman said: "The review has delivered a wide range of possible options and choices, but no decision will be made until a comprehensive programme of public involvement and consultation has been completed.

"People in Perth have embraced the need for change and the need to modernise the health service. We understand their anxiety about the future, but we have to work with them to ensure we meet their needs and the needs of all NHS patients in Tayside."

Source: Scotland’s Evening Express Online

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, December 2, 2000 // 12:02 a.m.


Extra police for Lossie’s celebrity switch-on

by Nathaniel Anderson

Extra police are being drafted in to cope with the large crowds expected to turn out to see film star Ewan McGregor switch on the Christmas lights in Lossiemouth tonight.

The seaside town, which has a population of just under 7,500, is looking forward to the 29-year-old star of films including Shallow Grave and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace turning on the festive lights at the esplanade as part of an evening of celebrations organised by the Millennium Association.

Grampian Police are preparing for the thousands of spectators expected to show up for the celebrity switch-on.

Inspector David Jenkins said: "We’re planning for large crowds in Lossiemouth and the aspect of crowd safety is obviously foremost among our concerns. With that in mind, there will be additional officers in the town.

"It’s hard to say how large an operation we’re looking at until people actually turn up but the presence of a major celebrity obviously adds to the potential for big crowds.

"Our intention is to minimise the disruption to normal traffic while allowing spectators to get a good view of what’s going on."

The town’s esplanade will be closed to traffic from early afternoon in preparation for the festivities kicking off at 5pm.

Duncan Crawford, vice-chairman of the Millennium Association, said up to 10,000 people were expected to attend.

"There’s been a huge amount of effort and community involvement over the past 12 months and it’s been gratifying that locals have been so supportive – they obviously feel it has been a cause worth supporting."

McGregor, whose older brother, Colin, serves at RAF Lossiemouth, agreed to the guest appearance after being approached by Mr Crawford’s student daughter, Deborah, 19, at a film premiere in Edinburgh this year.

The event will feature 40 stalls and tents with locals selling Christmas products; food and refreshments; a programme of live music; street entertainers; a large children’s funfair and a traditional Santa’s grotto for the very young.

The Millennium Association raised more than £20,000 to provide new Christmas lights for the town during the year.

Live entertainment starts at 6pm before McGregor is led to the stage by Elgin and District Pipe Band for the lighting-up ceremony at 7pm. Carol singing by a 100-strong choir of local children will follow.

Ros Steen, chairman of the community council, said: "Decent Christmas lighting in the town has been long overdue and the community council gratefully acknowledge the grant support provided through the Lossiemouth Town Centre Initiative Steering Group by the European Commission, the Moray Council and Moray Badenoch and Strathspey Enterprise."

Source: Scotland’s Evening Express Online

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, December 1, 2000 // 11:55 p.m.


Music world’s big night out

Wednesday, 29 November, 2000, 12:10 GMT

So who did get in to see Madonna play live in Brixton on Tuesday night? BBC News Online brings you the photographic evidence.

Source: BBC News

Thank you Noah’s Dove for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 29, 2000 // 08:04 a.m. .


Stars’ toys go under the hammer

Toys belonging to a host of stars are going under the hammer at an auction in aid of Children in Need.

A model motorbike made by Ewan McGregor on the set of the last Star Wars movie and a Buzz Lightyear toy signed by director of Toy Story 2, John Lasseter, are among the collectors’ items up for grabs.

Other prized possessions donated by celebrities include a porcelain doll belonging to Jane Horrocks and Graham Norton’s famous kitty telephone which he uses on his late night show, So Graham Norton.

Jamie Oliver has agreed to part with a soft pony toy given to him by wife Jules when they first met and Gaby Roslin has put up her teddy bear for the event, called Celebrity Toy Stories.

There should be considerable interest in a Kermit the Frog donated by award-winning director Anthony Minghella.

The toy has always been in his office since it was given to him by the late Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets and a friend of Minghella’s.

Melinda Messenger has given the auction, taking place in the Langham Hilton hotel in central London, a Mr Squiggly Giggly toy which was a favourite plaything of her baby, Morgan.

Steps are donating some new Beanies which are not even available in the shops yet, and Frank Skinner has contributed a toy West Bromwich Albion footballer specially personalised for the funnyman.

Bunny Campione, a toy expert and consultant to Christie’s and the Antiques Roadshow who will host the event, believes snapping up these toys could prove a very shrewd investment.

She Campione said: "Two of the most valuable toys I have seen to date were a Steiff teddy bear carried throughout World War I by a colonel which fetched £110,000 and a one-off Kammer and Reinhardt doll which fetched a staggering £188,000 due to a unique number from its manufacturer."

Source: Ananova Online Magazine

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 27, 2000 // 06:58 p.m.


McGregor and Winslet to star in Irish-US drama

Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet are set to team up in a new period drama about a young Irish couple struggling to survive in New York at the height of Depression.

Oscar-winning Irish director Jim Sheridan is masterminding the £30million Thirties tale East Of Harlem which is due to start filming outside Dublin and in Manhattan next summer.

And the creator of the Daniel Day Lewis movies My Left Foot and The Boxer has special arrangements with his co-stars limiting their salaries to just above the union minimum rate.

A source close to the production said: "The largest part of the budget will be seen up there on screen so it will be a question of how much the film makes at the box office to decide salaries in the long run.

"That was fine with both Kate and Ewan as they are extremely keen to be involved."

According to insiders, East Of Harlem bares no similarity to another New World discovery story Far And Away which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Source: Ananova online magazine

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 27, 2000 // 06:55 p.m.


McGregor and Winslet to work "for scale"

Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet have agreed to star in Jim Sheridan’s upcoming film East of Harlem for "just above the union minimum rate," the British online magazine Ananova reported today (Monday). The two stars presumably have a back-end deal. A source close to the production was quoted as saying: "The largest part of the budget will be seen up there on screen so it will be a question of how much the film makes at the box office to decide salaries in the long run. That was fine with both Kate and Ewan as they are extremely keen to be involved." The film deals with an Irish couple, who come to America during the Depression.

Source: Internet Movie Database

Thank you Chris and Norma Jean for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 27, 2000 // 06:24 p.m.


Ewan McGregor should be a rock star

Ewan McGregor should quit acting and concentrate on becoming a rock star - according to his Moulin Rouge (2001) co-star Nicole Kidman. The Scottish star, who played a rocker in Velvet Goldmine (1998) and showed off his singing talents in A Life Less Ordinary (1997), has been wowing cast and crew with his performances in the new period drama - playing Kidman’s lover. And Kidman, who performs "Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend" in the movie musical, feels the actor is depriving the world of his abilities as a rock star. She says, "He’ll end up with a top ten hit, believe me. I can actually see him giving up acting and becoming a rock star. He’s totally, completely suited to it. Don’t be surprised." The movie’s director Baz Luhrmann agrees, "He’s an actor who informs a love song in a way you simply don’t get - Ewan could be the Frank Sinatra of this new period." McGregor plays naive poet Christian, who enters Parisian society at the world-famous Moulin Rouge club, where he meets and falls in love with a courtesan called Satin, played by Kidman.

Source: Internet Movie Database

Thank you Chris and Norma Jean for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 27, 2000 // 06:18 p.m.


Moulin Rouge photos in US Vogue

Be sure to check out December’s US Vogue, now out on stands. It contains a detailed article on Moulin Rouge and includes some beautiful photographs, mainly of Nicole Kidman, though some of Ewan, in full costume.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Monday, November 27, 2000 // 10:57 a.m.


Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

From the Sydney Confidential

The cat is out of the bag in relation to the soundtrack to the eagerly awaited and highly secretive soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge.

The album, to be released with the film which stars Nicole Kidman, will feature covers of songs including The Sound Of Music by Ozzy Osbourne and Beck doing David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

Others include Jose Feliciano covering The Police’s Roxanne, Ewan McGregor and Placido Domingo doing a version of Elton John’s Your Song, and Kylie Minogue covering Olivia Newton-John’s Physical.

Thank you Amber and Mey for the heads up on this story and the preceeding one!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, November 26, 2000 // 11:21 p.m.


Fine tuning for Moulin Rouge

The Daily Telegraph

More pictures of Ewan in Moulin Rouge in the Great Pictures/Moulin Rouge sectionMoulin Rouge, the biggest budget Australian film ever made, is back on track and will be ready for its release in May, possibly at the Cannes Film Festival.

Martin Brown, the producer of Baz Luhrmann’s $90 million-plus musical starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor said "at this point it’s all about balance and fine-tuning. The skeleton is in place, it’s now about rhythm".

Luhrmann’s follow-up to Strictly Ballroom and Romeo & Juliet has been blighted by delays, injuries to Kidman, and tragedy, including the death of Luhrmann’s father on the projected first day of shooting.

Brown said the first film print was delivered last week and only one audience, in San Francisco, has viewed the work-in-progress.

"People couldn’t say what the experience was," he said. "Rocky Horror Show meets Titanic is one of our favourite descriptions."

What the audience did see was a visually decadent "pop music opera" with 250 visual effects shots and Nicole Kidman’s rendition of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Speculation heightened when the film wasn’t ready for its Christmas release date.

Said one insider: "It was ludicrous to suggest we could make a film and market it by Christmas, let alone a musical."

Brown attributed the postponement to a re-assessment of technique on the "massive, massive project". "To be honest I think we all, underestimated how hard and complicated the film was. This is what really made us decide to let it [Christmas] go."

Initially, the film was shot more like an opera, with the visuals and drama having to fit the music score. But the complexity required for its 55 music cues, including some that used 1000 audio tracks, became too much.

"We decided that instead of trying to serve both masters at once we would go back to a traditional filmmaking idea and block [film] the picture and then score to the picture," Brown said.

The recent re-shoots with Kidman, McGregor and Richard Roxburgh in Spain "were always part of the plan from the start of pre-production".

Shooting might not be finished, Brown said. "It’s hard to say with Baz. He likes the George Lucas model where it’s like sculpture and you chisel it out roughly and stand back for a while and edit and then you go in and do a bit more."

The film has used 1000 staff, including 65 dancers, 400 extras and a crew of nearly 200. Australian actors, including David Wenham, Garry McDonald, Caroline O’Connor and Roxburgh, take 17 of the 20 speaking roles.

But Brown conceded Kylie Minogue’s appearance as a fairy was up in the air now that McGregor’s character was the narrator.

He also noted that a Cannes Festival premiere was ideal because "the fact that it’s set in Paris in 1899 but shot entirely on stages in Australia was pretty fascinating to them".

Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Sunday, November 26, 2000 // 11:18 p.m.


Star Ewan under fire for protest

Saturday, November 25, 2000

Superstar Ewan McGregor was attacked last night for joining a campaign to save the maternity unit where he was born.

The Star Wars actor and his mother, Carol, are leading lights in a campaign to save the Perth Royal Infirmary unit.

But they were dismissed by health chiefs as an "undemocratic minority".

A Tayside Acute Services Review team was set up by the Scottish Executive to consider the area’s healthcare cash crisis.

A final report will be presented to Tayside Health Board in January.

Perthshire parents fear one of the main cost-cutting strategies is to close the maternity unit and move the service 25 miles to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

The campaigners’ latest step was to release a photo of the Trainspotting star in his "Born In The P.R.I." t-shirt yesterday.

The actor and senior medical staff at the hospital have urged people to turn out for a rally next month.

But Professor David Rowley, joint head of the review team, condemned the Perth campaign.

He said: "Democracy is about sharing views, not imposing views, and there is a small group which says that if you don’t agree with them you are wrong."

Carol McGregor, from Crieff, will be among parents joining a march to lobby the Scottish Parliament next Thursday.

She said: "I had complications with Ewan’s birth and the PRI unit were brilliant in what they did for us."

Source: Daily Record (Scotland)

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, November 25, 2000 // 05:40 p.m.


Ewan to squire Kate Winslet?


Oscar-winning director Jim Sheridan has a very starry couple in mind for his next production. Speaking to ShowBizIreland.com, the director explained that he’s hard at work casting his next movie.

The film, called East of Harlem, tells the story of an Irish couple who move to America in a bid to rekindle their romance. ’I’m currently trying to get Ewan McGregor and Kate Winslet for the two romantic leads,’ said Sheridan at the Dublin premiere of his latest movie, Borstal Boy. ’I’ve been working on the script for the past few months and now it’s ready to cast. I hope to get the two of them for the film…It’s a modern day romantic story.’

Source: Empire Online:

Posted by bridgeny productions on Friday, November 24, 2000 // 11:32 p.m.


Nora nominated by the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA)

The IFTA Awards 2000 will take place on Sunday, 3 December 2000 at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. It is being hosted by BBC Northern Ireland and will be broadcast by both BBC Northern Ireland and RTÉ.

Among the nominees are: Ewan McGregor (Best leading Actor, Nora), Susan Lynch (Best Leading Actress, Nora), Nora (Best Feature Film), Pat Murphy and Gerard Stembridge (Best Screenplay, Nora), Jean-Francois Robin (Best Craft Achievement, Cinematography, Nora).

Source: IFTA.

Thank you io_ice for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 20, 2000 // 07:31 a.m.


Ewan McGregor brings back kids’ Saturday cinema

By Bernadette Caroll And Cole Moreton
8 October 2000

The innocent thrills of Saturday morning cinema clubs for children are being revived ? thanks to an icon of grown-up movies.

Ewan McGregor made his name as a junkie in Trainspotting, then joined the ultimate blockbuster franchise with a lead role in the Star Wars series. But now he is championing the screening of classic, smaller-budget and European movies for children.

The millionaire actor’s wife, Ève, says merchandising campaigns such as the one behind Star Wars "turn children into buying machines". So she has organised alternatives to be shown in a series of six-week seasons at the Everyman cinema in Hampstead, north London, near their home. The plan is for a national network of cinema clubs to follow.

Their aim will be to recapture the magic of the golden age before television, when pre-teens would swarm down to the local picture house for slapstick and shoot-outs every Saturday morning.

The first season at the Everyman began yesterday, just days after the veteran actor and director Lord Attenborough made a public call for the return of Saturday morning screenings for children.

The fifth National Schools Film Week, Britain’s largest free film festival for children, started on Friday. Launching it, the star of Brighton Rock and director of Gandhi condemned the "quite awful degree and extent of violence and confrontation" in modern films.

Instead, youngsters should be given the chance to see films that encouraged them to learn of new cultures, and inspirational stories of people who had changed the way the world thought, he said.

Ève and Ewan McGregor have a daughter, Clara, who is four. "I’ve always felt very frustrated not being able to show her films which I feel are different and interesting from the usual big Disney productions," said Ève, a film-set designer who worked on the violent British gangland hit Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels . "We want her to see projected old films ? classics, the black and whites. Films which will widen her horizons, open her up to the world, make her a better person."

Among those films to be shown at the Everyman are the 1938 classic The Adventures of Robin Hood, and The Thief of Bagdad from 1940. More modern releases will include The Iron Giant and James and the Giant Peach. There will also be a series of workshops designed to get children to think about what they are watching.

Ewan McGregor will host some of the sessions with his partners in production company Natural Nylon: the actors Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Sean Pertwee and Jonny Lee Miller.

Their campaign came as good news down at the Ritzy in Brixton, south London, one of the few remaining independent cinemas to have kept the spirit of the old Saturday morning clubs alive. Though the number of children attending has fallen dramatically over the years, the Ritzy Kids Club has experienced a recent revival.

Special events held to celebrate the anniversary of the cinema’s refurbishment last month attracted crowds of up to 300. Attractions included face painting, Chicken Run plasticine modelling, and a special effects workshop.

In the next few weeks the programme will include The Secret Garden, a Wallace and Gromit triple bill, and a special Halloween showing for which the audience will be invited to wear scary costume. Whatever the film, entrance costs £1.

Inside cinema two yesterday the young audience was transfixed by The Flintstones in Las Vegas. Laura Noble, from West Dulwich, London, was there with a large number of friends and relatives to celebrate her eighth birthday. "I love coming here, it’s exciting," she said. "Better than watching films at home. The screen is bigger, it’s louder, and there are loads of other people."

"And it’s dark," said her seven-year-old friend, Katrina Mitchell, giggling. "I like that."

Liz Greenway had brought her two sons and a friend. "They can have a really good time here on a wet weekend. It’s the whole popcorn thing, sitting in a row with your mates having a laugh." Her younger son, Judd Jeary, seven, was clear about his favourite film: "The one with all that sticky stuff ? Flubber!" But Judd could not identify Charlie Chaplin from a photograph, but then neither could any other children. Their parents failed to recognise a shot of Harold Lloyd. But as mum scratched her head and imitated Stan Laurel, Judd worked out who the fat man in the bowler next to him was: "Oh, I know it!" he announced, excited. "It’s Oliver… Twist."

Source: The Idependent

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 17, 2000 // 03:51 p.m.


Britain’s big-screen draws seek out success on stage

By Kate Watson-Smyth
8 November 2000

Widely acclaimed as among the best film actors of their generation, some of Britain’s top box-office draws are to combine their screen careers with the back-to-basics experience of live theatre.

Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Sean Pertwee and the other members of the film company Natural Nylon plan to launch a new theatre company that will enable them to perform in front of a live audience whenever they wish.

The group, whose name has not yet been decided, is in talks with the Ambassador Theatre Group, one of the West End’s largest, and owner of some of the best-known theatres in the capital, including the Donmar, Wyndham’s and the Piccadilly, about using their venues for productions.

Although McGregor has returned to the stage periodically over the past few years, his main work has been in films. The star of the new series of Star Wars films has made 19 films back to back in the past seven years.

But McGregor has always made clear that his first love is the theatre.

"Films are so bitty and your work in them is done in such minuscule detail that it’s great to get on stage and tell a story in a play from start to finish in two or three hours," he said. "So I’m going to keep going back to work in the theatre, it’s too much fun not to."

McGregor is currently in Canada filming a wildlife documentary for the BBC but his mother, Carol, who works as his personal assistant, said her son loved the theatre and was keen to return.

It is understood the actors want to produce plays as vehicles for themselves in between films.

Jude Law, who starred in The Talented Mr Ripley, is already an award-winning stage actor who has played opposite Kathleen Turner on Broadway as well as appearing in the West End and the National Theatre. Jonny Lee Miller, of Trainspotting, Sean Pertwee, of Event Horizon and Law’s wife, Sadie Frost, are also all keen on returning to the theatre.

One of the projects undertaken by Natural Nylon is a script about the life of the Elizabethan playwright and spy, Christopher Marlowe.

A spokeswoman for the Ambassador Theatre Group said that an announcement about the launch of the new theatre company would be made in the middle of this month.

"The details have yet to be finalised but as far as we know everything is still on schedule," she said.

Source: The Independent

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 17, 2000 // 03:37 p.m.


Obi-Wan fans, rejoice!

According to the Oct-Dec issue of Frontier Magazine, Rick McCallum said about Obi-Wan:

"Obi Wan Kenobi fans should take heart if they were sad not to see much of him in Episode I. They’ll be much happier after Episode II and they’ll be ecstatic after Episode III."

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, November 16, 2000 // 07:50 a.m.


Release date and trailer for Moulin Rouge

According to Upcoming Movies, 20th Century Fox has settled on a release date of June 1st, 2001 for Moulin Rouge. Yahoo Movies says it will be released nationwide on June 8th, 2001

Coming Attractions posted this today: "An anonymous source reveals the teaser trailer for Moulin Rouge will be appearing with the upcoming Robert Zemeckis feature Cast Away set for release on December 22."

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 15, 2000 // 06:42 p.m.


This might be old news but….Moulin Rouge has been pushed back from its December 25th release date to June of 2001.

Posted by bridgeny productions on Tuesday, November 14, 2000 // 04:08 p.m.


Ewan McGregor buys London pad with Japanese cash

Hunky Brit Ewan McGregor spent a fortune on a posh new London home - paid for by Japanese commercials. Ewan - a huge star in Japan after his starring role in the arthouse movie The Pillow Book (1996) - was able to buy the Victorian townhouse in London’s trendy St. John’s Wood after appearing in just two commercials. He admits, "We filmed an advert for an English language course in London. It paid for my house".

Source: Internet Movie Database’s People News

Thanks, Chris!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 13, 2000 // 06:58 p.m.


Actor Ewan McGregor creates buzz in Churchill

Thu, Nov 9, 2000
By Dinah Clarkson

While Jedi master-in-training Obi-Wan Kenobi may have a way with lightsabres, he’s also got a thing for shuffleboard.

Ewan McGregor, the 29-year-old actor who played young Obi-Wan in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace and reprises the role in the much-hyped Episode Two, has spent the last week up in Churchill, where he’s working on a documentary project — and leaving a little time for leisure activities.

By the sounds of it, the Scot and his wife, production designer Ève Mavrakis, have been enjoying life in the far North, playing shuffleboard at the Legion and helping the Scout troupe with their Halloween pumpkins.

McGregor, who lives in England, is participating in a documentary on Churchill and the polar bears for Britain’s Tigress Productions. In the Wild, their celebrity wildlife series, documents well-known actors as they spend time with different animal species around the world — Julia Roberts visited with orangutans, Holly Hunter with cheetahs, Goldie Hawn with elephants and John Cleese with lemurs.

Tony DiSilva, who owns Gypsy Bakery, a Churchill restaurant, is involved with the Born Free Foundation, a U.K.-based international wildlife charity, and has acted as the town’s main contact for Tigress.

"I did the best I could to organize everything I could and to give them a comfortable, warm welcome," he said. "Ewan’s having a very good time. He’s been flying, seeing the bears, doing the film. Last night they were filming at Trader’s Table (a restaurant) and it was a beautiful Churchill night. They were doing some singing. Ewan’s a very good singer, actually."

As for the documentary, DiSilva said, "I really think it’s going to be a nice program. They’ve involved themselves in the community, filming the people and not just the bears."

Cory Young, CEO for the Town of Churchill, said everyone’s enjoyed having a celebrity in town.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 10, 2000 // 07:47 a.m.


Ewan won’t star in Marlowe

Sunday November 5 11:42 PM ET
By Ed Meza

Berlin (Variety) - Johnny Depp and Jude Law have agreed to star in Marlowe, a $22 million film that will start shooting in London and Italy in March.

Depp will play Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe, who runs afoul of the queen, as well as a jealous male admirer who ultimately hands Marlowe’s unpublished work to William Shakespeare (Law), an unsuccessful scribe who then pilfers Marlowe’s writings.

British filmmaker John Maybury ("Love is the Devil") is set to direct. Law’s U.K.-based Natural Nylon production company will co-produce with German’s Advanced Medien.

Reuters/Variety Reuters

Source: Yahoo News

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The Serpent’s Kiss and Scarlet & Black on video

The Serpent’s Kiss will be available on DVD from amazon.co.uk on December 4th for £14.99. Region 2 only (Europe, Middle East & Japan)

Scarlet & Black is available on VHS also from amazon.co.uk for £14.99. PAL format only (Europe, Australia)

Let’s hope these two gems make it on this side of the pond.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 1, 2000 // 09:14 p.m.


Obi-Wan actor to switch on Christmas lights

Ewan McGregor, the Scots actor and Star Wars star, is to turn on the Christmas lights for a small Scottish town this year, according to reports.

McGregor has agreed to perform the lighting up ceremony for residents in the Highland coastal town of Lossiemouth, where his brother is stationed with the RAF.

The actor, speaking to the Daily Record, said he intends to take his entire family along for the occasion since his brother will already be located at nearby RAF Lossiemouth.

"I am absolutely thrilled to bits to have been asked," McGregor said. "It will be a fun night."

The switchon — on December 1 — will be the first time the town has been able to afford Christmas lights in more than 30 years. "That just makes it all the more special," said Ewan.

"And it will be great for my whole family to be together at a very special time of year."

Source: SFX

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, October 28, 2000 // 08:56 p.m.


Overheard at TheForce.net (should be considered a rumor but worth checking out!):

Ewan McGregor on UK TV Next Week

Fri, Oct 27, 00 01:18:26 AM EDT

Marc chimed in with this report of Ewan McGregor on UK TV next week:

I read something today that I thought would be of interest. Next week on UK TV there is a show Monday to Thursday called Ruby, it’s a late night chat show around a table, in a studio restaurant set up, and Ewan McGregor is supposed to be on it. I’m not sure what night but I’m sure their will be some Star Wars chat. It’s an amusing show, and the host Ruby Wax always get some good stuff from her guests. I’ll let you know what was said, if anything about Ep1/2.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, October 27, 2000 // 07:43 p.m.


Q: Has anybody (Ewan, Liam, Hayden, etc.) ever gotten whacked really hard during a lightsaber fight?

Answered by: Nick Gillard

So far, Ewan has broken two of my fingers, I broke one of Hayden’s, and Sam Jackson hit me in the head, twice…

Source: Official Star Wars website’s Jedi Council Q&A page

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, October 24, 2000 // 07:56 p.m.


Ewan ready to rock and roll

Ewan McGregor’s next project after returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode II will be playing Billy Fury in a biopic of the 50s rocker. Fury, whose real name was Ronald Wycherley, had a number of hit singles, including Maybe Tomorrow and Colette, and died in 1983 after a long battle against heart disease. McGregor told Empire Online, "It’s just got to the sweet point with different drafts and different scripts. We should be shooting next summer." He’ll be starring alongside his actor/director uncle, Denis Lawson, and added, "It’s something we have been trying to get together for a long time. Yes, we are going to act together."

Lawson said that the film is "a feel good, rock and roll, romantic, road movie. It’s a lovely thing for us to do together; they are both great parts, a sort of double vehicle, so it is very exciting." The film is being produced by theatre/film impresario Bill Kenwright, who was responsible for the phenomenally successful stage production of Blood Brothers. And Ewan’s lungs should be up to the musical challenge, having recently been exercised in Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming Moulin Rouge. Talking about his singing, he said "I wasn’t worried about it. If I said I was, I was just being coy. Baz Lurhmann is just a genius; he stretches you as an actor." Lawson added, "I heard some of Ewan in Moulin Rouge, it’s a full blown musical and his voice is just fantastic. Nicole Kidman sounded wonderful too. I saw some material and they’re both quite phenomenal."

McGregor’s also keen to return to the stage. He told us "I would like to do a play early next year before the film. That’s my plan because I’ve done two really huge films back to back and I’ve just about had enough of it. I’ve been away from home for a year and a half doing really big, big films, which is great. But at the end it’s been taxing in a lot of ways so I want to do some theatre next year and then make this film with my uncle."

Fair enough. And what’s he going to do for the rest of 2001? "Obi Wan is going to take the rest of the year off."

Source: Empire Online

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, October 18, 2000 // 06:51 p.m.


Fox gives Moulin a later spin

Thursday October 5 3:18 AM ET
By Dana Harris

Hollywood (Variety) - 20th Century Fox will not be placing Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge under the Christmas tree. For those who wonder if this gift is defective, however, the studio says: Good things come to those who wait.

Rather than keep the exotic musical starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in its Yule slot, Fox is moving the picture to the equally competitive period of summer 2001.

So why the shift? A studio spokeswoman said that while Fox execs were "blown away" by Luhrmann’s film, they also thought it was good enough that it deserved special care in post production rather than pushing it through to make the Christmas release.

Moulin Rouge, which also stars Jim Broadbent and John Leguizamo, is set in 1899 with contemporary music. Luhrmann has called it "a reinvention of the musical form."

In its new date, the picture could bump up against potentially tough contenders such as John Woo’s Windtalkers, Rush Hour 2, Tomb Raider and another Kidman title, Columbia Pictures’ Panic Room.

Reuters/Variety Reuters

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, October 5, 2000 // 07:47 a.m.


Moulin Rouge contest

Over the next few months at bazmark.com there will be a contest where the fans can choose artwork, posters, and final music mixes for the movie Moulin Rouge. There’s more.

  • Be a part of the their updates from the set.
  • Live chat with the film maker and stars.
  • Get exclusive tracks and pictures.
  • Be in the running for tickets to Club Moulin Rouge, movie premieres and concerts.

Sign up today! Click here for more information.

Thanks to Carson!

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Thursday, September 28, 2000 // 05:26 p.m.


Ewan won’t be in the Bay City Rollers film

Scottish hunk Ewan McGregor has been rejected for the lead in a film about the original Scots boyband, The Bay City Rollers - in favor of an American star. Ewan was widely expected to win the starring role but it now seems likely that Keanu Reeves or Leonardo DiCaprio will be favored for the lead. The decision was made by the film’s director Courtney Love who owns the rights to the book Bye Bye Baby: My Tragic Love Affair with the Bay City Rollers, by journalist Caroline Sullivan. Former Roller Les McKeown, an advisor on the film, has backed Courtney’s decision saying, "I would like to see some Scottish actors in the film, but I think Keanu would give it even greater appeal."

Source: IMDB

Thanks Carson!

* According to an interview in the June issue of Empire magazine, Ewan McGregor stated, "I did not know anything about it, and quite frankly, Courtney Love has never said anything to me."

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Tuesday, September 26, 2000 // 10:00 a.m.


It’s a wrap!

Rick McCallum held the clapper board for the last take of the day as Ewan McGregor performed an action sequence against the familiar blue screen. George Lucas called "It’s a wrap" on the principal photography shoot of Episode II at Elstree Studios in London at 1.45pm Wednesday 20 September, one and a half days ahead of schedule. Pick ups will take place in March 2001.

Source: Official Star Wars web site

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, September 21, 2000 // 09:15 p.m.


Ewan in Ocean’s Eleven?

Ocean’s Eleven: The Unofficial Ocean’s Eleven Page has the latest update on this remake. Matt Damon is now pretty much officially signed on as Linus Zerga, replacing Mark Wahlberg who had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts. Ewan McGregor is currently reading the script for the part of Basher Tarr whilst Ralph Fiennes is being offered the role of Terry Benedict. Don Cheadle is awaiting the latest rewrite before committing to the part of Roscoe Means, Sydney Pollack has been offered the part of Reuben Tishkoff (after Denniz Franz had to turn it down due to his "NYPD Blue" commitments), and the role of the Malloy brothers has yet to be cast. Shooting is aiming to begin in January in New Jersey, LA, Chicago, Florida, and Las Vegas with a release date of Christmas 2001 expected.

Source: Dark Horizons

Thanks to ’Massive3215’ and Carson!

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Wednesday, September 20, 2000 // 05:52 p.m.


Looming strikes cause A-list cast shuffles

Monday September 11 4:01 AM ET

New York (Variety) - The race to sign stars to A-list projects that can be completed before anticipated summer Hollywood guild strikes has led to shuffling lineups for some of the hottest ensemble features.

The dazzling cast of the Steven Soderbergh-directed remake of "Ocean’s Eleven" is on the verge of changing. While George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts seem solidly committed, Mark Wahlberg has been forced to back out of a lead role because of his commitment to star in the Tim Burton-directed remake of "Planet of the Apes" at Fox.

Bruce Willis’ participation in "Ocean’s Eleven" also is looking shaky (Ewan McGregor has been offered the role), as is that of Luke and Owen Wilson.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Monday, September 11, 2000 // 11:22 a.m.


Kylie Minogue has been recruited for Moulin Rouge

The Sun Herald reports that Aussie pop songstress Kylie Minogue has been recruited at the last minute to join Baz Luhrmann’s "Moulin Rouge" production. Seems the highly expensive musical had test screenings in Los Angeles recently which the crowd found confusing - people couldn’t work out what was going on. To correct the problem, Luhrmann has apparently created a new character - a fairy - to be played by Minogue. Nicole Kidman’s character is the only one who can see her though, thus allowing her introduction without the need for major reshooting. Some minor reshooting is needed though with Luhrman joining Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Richard Roxburgh, and Jim Broadbent in Madrid next week for the touch up filming. Producer Martin Brown doesn’t seem keen on confirming Minogue’s involvement - "she may contribute to the soundtrack album and there is also a possiblity of a brief on-camera appearance, although this is not confirmed". Minogue will next be seen performing at the Closing Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Source: Dark Horizons

Thanks to "J.C" and Carson

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Monday, September 11, 2000 // 12:29 p.m.


Rumours of Ewan McGregor playing John Lennon has resurfaced

Ewan McGregor is being considered to play the part of Beatle John Lennon in a new movie about the murdered rock star. The film’s makers believe the Scottish actor would be the ideal man to portray the singer in a film about his relationship with wife Yoko Ono. McGregor, who has just completed back-to-back filming in Sydney with Moulin Rouge and Star Wars: Episode II, has already shown some mock-rock antics in Velvet Goldmine and A Life Less Ordinary, in which he sang a duet with Cameron Diaz in a rendition of Bobby Darin’s classic tune Beyond the Sea.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Monday, September 11, 2000 // 10:28 a.m.


Episode 2 filming in Seville

In yesterday’s El País, a Spanish Newspaper, it mentions that Episode-2 will be arriving in Spain on the 13th of September. The city filming will take place in is Seville. The scene to be shot is supposedly quite simple. No special effects or anything big, just dialogue between Amidala and other characters. Hence, filming will only take place for one day. Fifty extras will be required and their costumes will be sent directly from Australia. The exact location of filming will take place in the Plaza de España, a very beautiful square. From there the production moves to London. Click here for more details.

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Friday, September 8, 2000 // 08:56 a.m.


Nora has been making the film festival rounds…

The Montreal Film Festival, which runs through Sept. 4, will be showing Nora. So for those who happen to live close by, be sure to check this out.

And for some news from Australia (thanks to Amy for passing this along):

Following beat of a new drum

Goodbye Sydney, hello Tunisia. That’s the new destination for inter-galactic guru George Lucas, who last week wound up his Sydney based shooting for Episode II of his ongoing Star Wars franchise.

Lucas, along with cast members Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen, as well as a smattering of crew, slipped quietly out of the country yesterday bound for the film’s northern Africa location.

Portman was spotted at Sydney Airport carrying a giant koala — stuffed, of course — but before heading to Mascot, she had breakfast with friends in Potts Point. Meanwhile, Christensen had one last walk on the Bondi promenade, a regular haunt for the Star Wars newcomer.

On Saturday, Ewan McGregor held a farewell afternoon cocktail party at Pruniers in Woollahra — whooping it up with 30 guests, including wife Ève and Alice, his loyal personal assistant.

On Friday night, McGregor was a no-show at the official wrap party at Boheme, in the Haymarket, which was briefly attended by Lucas, Christensen and Portman, who managed to slip past photographers waiting outside.

The security at the party was tight — almost equal to what Lucas demands on set — with a clear warning not to enter with cameras plastered on the door. Those who dared to venture out on to the street were not allowed back in.

Source: The Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, August 30, 2000 // 02:19 p.m.


Nora soundtrack

There is a soundtrack to the movie Nora available in the UK. You can order it from Amazon.co.uk.

The soundtrack also contains the track "The Lass of Aughrim" featuring Ewan McGregor and Susan Lynch.

Posted by ewan a nutshell on Wednesday, August 30, 2000 // 02:23 p.m.


Want to own a pair of jeans worn by Ewan McGregor?

A special pair of autographed, Moulin Rouge Levi’s 517 are being auctionned off at Yahoo Auctions. The money raised goes to help The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Southern California Chapter.

BTW, they’re size 32 (waist) and 34 (long).

An autographed Obi-Wan chair is also being auctioned off. You can see it here.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, August 29, 2000 // 05:09 p.m.


Episode II - Australian completion

August 26, 2000 -- The first phase of Episode II principal photography ended on Friday, August 25, 2000 when the last shot to be done this year at Fox Studios Australia was completed ahead of schedule at 4:45 p.m. This wraps an intensive nine-week stay in Sydney for the cast and crew of the Star Wars film. More here.

Source: starwars.com

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Ewan McGregor talks to Popcorn Taxi in Sydney

Ewan (Obi-Wan) McGregor entertained about 400 fans last night in the latest session at Sydney’s Popcorn Taxi Q&A. Popcorn Taxi is a regular forum where film fans can watch the latest work from a star or director and then quiz them about it. Ewan was there to support independent film and answer a variety of confronting questions about his new and rather sordid raunch-fest, Nora, which was shown for the first time in Australia.

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Ewan interview in Juice magazine

Ewan McGregor is set to leave Australian shores this weekend but was able to squeeze in an hour with Juice magazine editor Samantha Clode yesterday (August 24).

Sam was treated to a 15-minute excerpt from Baz Luhrmann`s new film, Moulin Rouge, which features the Scottish Star Wars headliner, Nicole Kidman and Aussie hard man Richard Roxburgh in their first musical roles. The film has been described as a musical romantic comedy with sets and costumes so lavish they leave Luhrmann’s previous films, Strictly Ballroom and the spectacular Romeo + Juliet, in the shade.

Ewan and Nicole break into song regularly throughout the film. According to Elton John, Ewan is an excellent singer and potential rock star with a "real voice." The film transports us to the Paris of the early 20th century at the Moulin Rouge, a famous bawdy house frequented by bohemians and intellectuals. Ewan plays Christian, a romantic poet who falls madly in love with Satine [Kidman], the Rouge’s head courtesan.

The film features "modern" tracks like "Like A Virgin" and "Diamonds Are Forever," fleshing out a premise that has been described as "absurd slapstick."

Thursday marked the world’s first screening [albeit partial] of Moulin Rouge and Mr McGregor’s only Australian interview. He told a blushing Clode that he had, after a year in our land of sweeping plains, become used to vegemite and was going to sorely miss Carlton United Brewery’s top Crown lager. He smoked a ton of Marlboros during the interview until his uncle, actor Denis Lawson, popped in to take him home.

For all you sick, twisted, dedicated Star Wars freaks out there, Lawson is a former member of the Rebel Alliance. He flew an X-wing fighter in Episode IV (the original Star Wars movie, in other words) and was a staple character actor in British TV and films for many years. McGregor, however, was unable to discuss Star Wars due to the ’pain-of-death’ confidentiality contracts everyone connected with the project has to sign.

The full, exclusive interview, along with a bunch of pics of the kilt-wearing spunk will be published in an upcoming issue of Juice magazine. Moulin Rouge will be released in Australia in December.

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Obi-wan is featured in the EPII select link by George Lucas

Source: starwars.com

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Article about Moulin Rouge in Premiere Magazine

In Premiere Magazine September 2000 Issue there is an article about Ewan’s latest film Moulin Rouge.Here are some excerpts.

Director’s Baz Luhrmann’s latest amalgamation,following Strictly Ballroom and the rock and roll William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, intends not only to resurrect the movie musical but to also prove there’s room for comedic tragedy. Nicole Kidman is the club star’s star singer-dancer-courtesan, and Ewan McGregor plays the poet she entrances.

McGregor’s character quotes yet-to-be written song lyrics from U2,Madoona,the Beatles, and Rodgers & Hammerstein.

The director found obtaining permissions for the film’s many songs "an unbelievable nightmare." McGregor recorded a version of Cat Steven’s "Father and Son," but the songwiter deemed it’s use in the movie innappropriate.(John Horn)

More information in Yahoo UK Headlines here.

Personal note: My condolences to Anna-Marie’s family and friends. I will personally miss her.

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Register for Bazmark’s interactive website

Over at Bazmark.com, you can register for their upcoming new interactive website that will include a site for Moulin Rouge. You can also check out the finally released website for Nora.

If you would like to send a note to the family and friends of Anna, the webmaster of over.to/ewan, please email me. We hope to put something together to show our much she was appreciated around the world and how much she will be missed.

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Moulin Rouge article in Entertainment Weekly

The August 18/25 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a one-page article on Moulin Rouge which includes a large photograph.

What’s interesting is that Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann says, "People are going to be stunned by Ewan and Nicole. She’s a fantastic dancer and he could easily be a pop star. He’s up there with Bono."

On a sad note, the webmaster of over.to/ewan passed away not long ago. Our thoughts go to her friends and family.

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How cool is this tidbit from Beck.com? I for one can’t wait to get the soundtrack!:

08.10.00: Beck Recording with Timbaland

Beck will record a song with producer Timbaland (Jay Z, Aaliyah) for the soundtrack to the movie "Moulin Rouge" starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, which is set for release in December. Beck will hook up with Tim once he gets back from the current European festivals tour.

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Thanks to Amy for passing along this article spotting over at Reel.com. It talks all about the buzz over Moulin Rouge. A Fox executive is quoted as saying the film is like "an old Vincente Minnelli musical. It’s a big, beautiful, joyful extravaganza. It’s all sets, all lavishly designed. I mean, you know Baz…" The film is now set for Christmas Day 2000 release just in time to make it for the Oscars.

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Ewan launches Edinburgh bagpipe march

Ten thousand bagpipers and drummers have played their way into the record books by forming the world’s biggest pipe band. The musicians, who are hoping to raise £500,000 for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity, marched down Princes Street in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The event was launched by actor Ewan McGregor, who appeared on a video link from Australia where he is filming the new Star Wars film. McGregor, who is Millennium Pipes’ honorary drum president, has played the pipes since his childhood.

He said: "I wanted to be part of this great event which will be such a brilliant celebration of the best of Scotland’s music, dance and traditions, especially as it’s for such a great cause.

"Some of my family are playing the pipes and marching and I just wish that I could be there with them.

"We all love the music. I’ll be thinking of everyone taking part and wishing them all the best."

Source: BBC

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Wanna ring in the REAL new millenium with Ewan? Then check out this calendar made by a British company called Slow Dazzle.

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Ewan and Ève seen celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Sydney

Sydney Harbour was the picturesque backdrop…as … walked off the wharf in the early evening hours they almost bumped into Ewan McGregor and his petite French wife Ève Mavrakis, who were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

The star of Star Wars had organised a last-minute moonlit dinner on board The Matilda, a Riviera style boat parked alongside Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s pleasure cruiser.

The couple cruised the eastern suburbs until 11 pm. mooring briefly for dinner which included fruit platters with cheese and biscuits washed down with Veuve Cliquot.

McGregor is said to have married production designer Ève after falling for her the first time they met on the set of the first Kavanagh QC, set in 1994.

The star of Trainspotting has said of his wife in the past: “She’s a brilliant woman….She keeps me in check; tells me to smoke less, eat better. I need her more than she needs me.”

The couple have a young daughter, Clara, but McGregor reduced his workload last year amid speculation it was putting their marriage under strain.

“I just want time with Ève.” he was reported to have said.

Source: Daily Telegraph, Wed. August 2, 2000

Thank you Noah’s Dove for the heads up!

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Interview with Ewan’s mum about her battle with breast cancer

Yesterday’s Sunday Times has a very interesting and inspiring interview with Ewan’s mother Carol about her battle with breast cancer, her family’s support etc. Click here to read the article.

Thank you Carson

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Pining for Moulin Rouge

Hippest and coolest-sounding musical of the year (let’s not get into comparisons with Dancer in the Dark) drawing hot but vague buzz. Directed by Baz Luhrmann (Romeo and Juliet), and co-starring Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, and John Leguizamo. Set in turn-of-the-century Paris, with score composed of out-of-period pop classics. Fox says there’s no teaser, and long-lead New York press hasn’t seen so much as a clip.

Source: reel.com

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Check out the cool way to keep up with all the new Star Wars Episode II images over at the official site.

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The short film Desserts can be seen in its entirety at atomfilms.com.

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The wrap party for Moulin Rouge was held in Sydney on July 8th. Ewan attended with Eve sporting a closely cropped beard. As filming for Star Wars: Episode II has already started, this is the look Ewan will be sporting as Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can view an image from the party over at The Force.net.

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Ewan’s been there a week

Ewan McGregor, who plays Obi-Wan in the prequel-sequel, has been on the set at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia since about the start of filming according to The Force Net today. He arrived about a week ago in Australia and has been preparing for his role.

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