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July - December 2001


Pucker Up For Perfect Lips

26 December 2001

The season to pucker up and smooch is about to go into overdrive…

But the kissing season arrives at the same time as the cold weather, which creates havoc with lips.

The delicate skin on your lips is thinner and finer than on the rest of your face.

Neglect it and you can expect lips that are dry, chapped and cracked.

Thankfully, shops are full of lip balms, salves, moisturising lipsticks and lip treatments.


According to a survey conducted by Aero, a quarter of women in Scotland fancy kissing Ewan McGregor, with Brad Pitt following a close second.

Scottish men put Kylie Minogue on top of their kiss list, with Saturday morning favourite, Cat Deeley coming second.

The biggest turn off for men was the thought of snogging Margaret Thatcher, while woman hated the idea of kissing Chris Evans.

Source (and full article): This is North Scotland

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Daredevil Ewan To Dive Under Arctic Ice

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Brave Hollywood star Ewan McGregor is to take his life in his hands by diving under the Arctic ice.

He will risk meeting polar bears and whales in the freezing Canadian waters to shoot a documentary with Scots TV producer Doug Allan.

Ewan, who has already survived 10 days in the Honduras jungle, said: "I’m doing a trip in May with Doug, who shot a lot of the BBC’s Blue Planet series. We’re going to dive under the ice in the Arctic."

The Moulin Rouge star was seen by millions of viewers being pushed to his limits as he braved the rainforest in Honduras for the BBC show Trips Money Can’t Buy.

He said: "It was very very tough. I wanted to challenge myself. I actually do have a great taste for that kind of adventure."

But Trainspotting and Star Wars hero doesn’t like to be away from his family too long.

He will tell BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs listeners today of his fears for his oldest child Clara, five, who was hit by a meningitis scare.

Ewan said: "Clara got meningitis just before she was one. I was away in LA.

"The very real risk that you’re about to lose your child is something that takes a lot of getting over."

Source: Sunday Mail

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Ewan McGregor threatens to quit acting

Story filed: 09:30 Sunday 30th December 2001

Ewan McGregor is threatening to give up acting.

He says he feels much more at home as an adventurer and documentary maker.

McGregor tells BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs he’s not interested in being famous.

"I have a great taste for adventure. I feel much more like me, and I’m not surrounded by people who are doing stuff for me," McGregor said.

"I’ve spent far too long on film sets surrounded by hundreds of people where every decision is made for you."

"I’ve worked with some actors whose goal and mission is to be as famous as they can be, but I’m not interested in that," he said. "It’s very hard to work with those people."

Source: Ananova

Talk about jumping to conclusions… Read the quotes… he doesn’t threaten to quit! Sheesh.

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Ewan’s jungle trek to air on the Travel Channel in the U.S.

Ewan’s hour-longTrips Money Can’t Buy, in which he treks through a Central American jungle for 10 days with guide Ray Mears will air on:

Tuesday, January 22nd at 8pm and at 11pm, and on Saturday, January 26th at 3pm. All times are U.S. Eastern.

Source: TV Now

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Civil War re-enacted in battle for viewers

Thursday December 27 2001
By Adam Sherwin, media reporter

After the bodice-ripping dramas of Elizabeth I, the bloody battles of the Civil War will dominate cinema and television screens next year as audiences for popular history continue to increase.

Rupert Everett will play Charles I, vanquished by Tim Roth’s Cromwell in a £15 million British film. On BBC2, a Civil War series will begin next month, presented by Tristram Hunt, 27, who promises to bring the gory drama of the battle of Marston Moor, the Irish Rebellion and the execution of Charles I into the nation’s living rooms.

History has become a “sexy” subject for filmmakers, with Professor David Starkey’s Channel 4 series on Elizabeth I and Henry VIII attracting more viewers than the hit comedy Friends.

The 1998 film Elizabeth, about the monarch’s early years and starring Cate Blanchett, took £50 million at the box office. The Civil War also proved one of the most popular sections of Simon Schama’s BBC series The History of Britain, and Natural Nylon, the film company backed by Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, believes that the revolutionary events contain all the elements of a box-office hit.

Cromwell and Fairfax, which begins shooting at Hampton Court Palace next month with Mike Barker as director, focuses on the King’s final days and the struggle to build a new state in place of the defeated monarchy.

Dougray Scott plays Thomas Fairfax, the general of the parliamentary armies, whose victories at Marston Moor in 1644 and Naseby the year after brought the war to an end.

Although the battles of the 1640s cost a quarter of a million lives, feature film producers have shied away from the subject. No big-screen attempt has been made since 1970 when Richard Harris played Cromwell and Alec Guinness played Charles in the ill-fated Cromwell.

Kevin Loader, the new film’s producer, said: “I am often shocked how little people know about this fascinating period. Tim Roth will play a very contemporary, edgy Cromwell, and with Rupert Everett and Dougray Scott we have the best British talent to bring this period to a new audience.”

The script, by Jennie Mayhew, will focus on Charles’s trial for treason and the psychological struggle between Cromwell and Fairfax, friends on the battlefield who are driven apart by the demands of building a new English state.

Everett’s Charles will be a dignified figure who clings to his belief in the “divine right” of kings to his execution. Cromwell is presented as an “iron-willed military genius”.

Mr Loader said: “The film raises a question very topical in Afghanistan — after the civil war, how can a new government be formed to unite a nation?” Dr Hunt’s series aims to explode the myth of an “English” civil war. He presents a conflict, provoked by religious disputes rather than taxation, that spread through England, Scotland and Ireland, the resonances of which can still be heard.

“I go to Portadown during the Orange Order marches and explain their roots in the events of the 1640s,” Dr Hunt said. “We will be re- creating famous battles, but the basic issues are as relevant today — the role of the monarchy and how to govern the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland as a united entity.”

Sex inevitably plays a major role in popular history and Dr Hunt has a ready-made femme fatale in Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I. He said: “Her Roman Catholic faith made her an object of suspicion in England and this contributed to the rebellion.”

Dr Hunt is being marketed by the BBC as “the naked historian”. He has engineered a spat with Dr Starkey, unfavourably comparing the other’s approach to history to that of a “gossip columnist”.

If popular history contains many elements of soap opera, its public faces are learning to adopt the same marketing techniques in the battle to attract viewers.

Source: The Times

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Vote for favorite film of 2001 at Ananova

Ananova has a poll at the bottom of their main Entertainment page, asking which one was your favorite film of 2001:

Harry Potter
Ghost World
Moulin Rouge

You know what to do. ;-)

Vote for favorite film of 2001 at Ananova

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Hello’s Monthly Vote - Most Attractive man: Ewan is up again!

Ewan won the last round so if he wins this one (against Pierce Brosnan, Russell Crowe and Goran Ivanesevic) he will go to their Grand Finale 2001.


Thank you Joy for the heads up!

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Ewan’s Polar Bear documentary to air on PBS in May

PBS’ schedule lists:

May 19 - Polar Bears with Ewan McGregor (coming May 17)

Thank you Kris on the Ewan McGregor Media Alert list for the heads up!

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Crivvens, it’s oor Ewan

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Ewan McGregor wants to play comic hero Oor Wullie in a movie.

Ewan revealed he was a life-long fan on a BBC show to mark the 65th anniversary of the spikey-haired cartoon legend.

And he would love an all-star Scottish cast to join the fun.

He said: "You could have Dougie Henshaw playing Wee Eck and Peter Mullan playing PC Murdoch.

"I grew up with Oor Wullie. I recently found a bunch of the annuals again at my parent’s house in Perthshire and I’m reading them again."

Source: The Daily Record

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St Mary’s reaches for the stars in opting-out battle

Sun 23 Dec 2001
Karen Rice education correspondent

Millionaire businessman Sir Tom Farmer is backing a Scottish primary school in its legal battle to stay out of council control.

Campaigners at St Mary’s Episcopalian Primary in Dunblane have sent letters to several rich and famous Scots asking them to help raise hundreds of thousands of pounds towards court costs.

Farmer has already ridden to their aid, last night criticising moves by the Scottish Executive to bring the school under public control.

The school, which intends to take its case to the House of Lords, is now waiting on replies from potential backers including Ewan McGregor, Carol Smillie, Sir Sean Connery and Stagecoach boss Brian Souter.

St Mary’s lost the first round of its legal battle a week ago when a judge said the Scottish Executive’s decision to return control of the primary school to Stirling Council did not breach human rights laws.

The school has instructed lawyers to start appeal proceedings against the decision but will need an estimated £1m to bankroll the appeal all the way to the Lords.

Farmer, the chairman of Kwik-Fit, has thrown his weight behind the campaign, saying it seems unfair to force a school back under local authority control when it was successful as an independent school.

He told Scotland on Sunday: "It’s unfortunate that the parents have been put into this position. It seems strange that a very, very successful school, for some reason that nobody seems to be able to give a proper explanation for, is being forced to make changes against the wishes of the parents.

"What is important is to allow for parent’s wishes and children’s interests. If the school has been successful then it seems rather strange they have made changes to bring it back into the system."

He added: "Sometimes it is worth having something out of the system. You can learn from it; you can’t put everyone into boxes.

"I thought we were meant to be trying to find ways and means of taking the strain away from local authorities. Is this just a political reason? It seems strange that this is put above the wishes of the pupils and the parents."

Farmer said he would carry out a more detailed investigation into the St Mary’s case before deciding whether to contribute to their court costs.

Earlier this year, the then education minister, Jack McConnell, banned the policy of schools opting out of local authority control and said St Mary’s would be returned to the council.

The handover was due to go ahead on January 7 next year, but the Scottish Executive has delayed the decision until April 1 to allow time for the appeal.

Since St Mary’s opted out under the last Conservative government, the once failing school has blossomed into one of the most successful in Scotland.

Giles Dove, vice-chairman of the board of St Mary’s, said parents had already built up a substantial fighting fund but more money was needed.

Dove said: "The school is actively seeking a major backer who will be prepared to underwrite the school’s legal fight and make a large donation to the fighting fund.

"We are absolutely delighted that Sir Tom is supportive of the school as it is and its current status. He’s known to be a kind, generous and caring person. That sense of justice shows in the comments he had made in support of the school."

The school has also contacted comedian Billy Connolly, author J K Rowling, actor Ewan McGregor and bus millionaires Ann Gloag and Brian Souter.

Dove continued: "We have written to a number of prominent Scots, people who have one way or another, expressed interest and support for education, and in some cases, may be seen to champion causes that do not have government support.

"Sean Connery is an Edinburgh lad who has been extremely successful and who has an understanding of the importance of education. He may be prepared to support high quality education of the sort St Mary’s offers.

"We are confident people will see the injustice of the Scottish Executive and will give us their support."

The appeal will be heard before three judges in the Court of Session in Edinburgh. If unsuccessful, the school could then appeal to the House of Lords.

A Scottish Executive spokesman said: "Our position has not changed, we still think it’s in the best interests of the school."

Source: Scotland on Sunday

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Sorry, what’s your name again?

by Wendy Holden
21 December 2001

Contrary to popular belief, not just anyone can be a celebrity. The entertainment industry is riddled with people who have everything going for them - looks, talent, a filmography which embraces blockbusting movies and the odd award - yet who can walk, untroubled, through a flock of rampant paparazzi. They do all the right things, get cast in the right roles, date the right people, turn up at the right premieres wearing the right designer frocks. But somehow, lesser individuals - Kerry Katona, who isn’t even in Atomic Kitten any more, Liz Hurley - are much more famous.

Consider Ioan Gruffudd, dishy, talented star of the Hornblower TV adaptations and the critically acclaimed BBC1 drama Warriors. Against all the odds, he seems destined to be the eternal subject of Next Big Thing interviews. And Jeremy Northam, tall, dark and handsome, wildly successful. He’s been the on-screen love interest of Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma, Sandra Bullock in The Net and Kate Winslet in Enigma. How is he less famous than ex-This Life actor Steve John Shepherd, who went out with Martine McCutcheon for about five minutes?

Or what about John Simm, Stuart Townsend, Max Beesley, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Keely Hawes, Sienna Guillory, Sophie Okonedo, Sean Pertwee, James Purefoy, Matthew Rhys? Stars of cult Brit flicks, girlfriends and boyfriends of extraordinarily famous people, cohorts of Ewan McGregor and Jude Law. On paper, they’re the stuff that the A list is made of. In practice, they’re just not as famous as they should be.

It’s hard to say what, precisely, stymies these people in their pursuit of recognition. Which fame chromosomes they’re missing. But maybe their non-fame says more about us than it does about them - about our tendency to celebrate trashier, less-accomplished people at the expense of more deserving cases. But then again, maybe it’s down to personal choice. Maybe Gruffudd, Townsend and the rest are deliberately avoiding fame.

After all, right now, being a not-famous famous person - a stealth celebrity - is hot. Star fatigue has set in. As far as the press and public are concerned, celebrities currently have the potential to morph overnight from objects of endless fascination to terminally dull attention-seeking horrors. An increasingly knowing public is getting cynical about some of the lines issued by certain PR departments: are Robbie and Nicole the new Chris Evans and Geri?

According to style-watcher AA Gill, reality TV is also to blame. ’The point of fame used to be that it was a lucky and incredibly rare thing, but Big Brother and Temptation Island destroyed all that. It showed that anyone could be famous, and devalued the currency so now it’s worth much less than it was.’

Everybody who’s anybody now wants to be a nobody. JK Rowling tries so hard to keep out of the papers, she’s in them all the time. Author Jonathan Franzen spent years frantically typing away in an attic, refusing prime-time Oprah Book Club endorsement, before striking literary gold with The Corrections. Toby Young’s Manhattan mag disasters, detailed in the best-selling How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, have made failure positively fashionable.

In music, the hottest band of the moment is a pared-down, unassuming, New Wave-influenced brother-and-sister outfit from Detroit called The White Stripes. They became famous through word of mouth rather than global advertising blitz.

As for fashion, the current Gap campaign features such non-household names as Ali Larter (who?) and Kate Capshaw, an actress whom massive fame continuously eludes, despite the fact that she’s married to Steven Spielberg.

Think about it. What is mere fame when, like Capshaw, you’re a member of what AA Gill describes as ’the most elite club in the world’?

Hoi polloi can be famous with everyone - how much more gratifying to be famous only among people who are famous. Famous in The Ivy. Famous like Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, who can walk through Bluewater and never be recognised, and yet who are the most powerful people in the British film industry. They’ve got film stars fawning over them.

These days it’s status that counts, not the outward trappings of fame. ’The most rewarding part of being a celebrity,’ says Mark Frith, editor of Heat, ’isn’t the paparazzi and the free handbags. It’s the front row at fashion shows and being invited to Mick Jagger’s parties.’

In truly august celebrity circles, being considered obscure is the highest of accolades. It’s recognition of your skill.

’Actors such as Alec Guinness worked very hard at not being famous,’ says AA Gill. ’There used to be a tradition in the theatre that you should not be recognised outside it, because you so utterly became your role when you were in it. To walk out of the stage door and not be recognised was therefore the greatest of compliments. Much, much better than being a mere star.’

So, all those who are not as famous as they should be, remember this: you’re making a very modern style statement. Except maybe for you, Ioan Gruffudd. We suspect people are just too worried about pronouncing your name wrong to talk about you a lot.

Source: This is London

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Name your person of the year

Friday, 21 December, 2001, 13:26 GMT

Click on this link to nominate your personality of the year.

Nominations for Good Morning Scotland’s Man and Woman of 2001 Awards have been flooding in since the straw poll was announced two weeks ago.

Listeners have been choosing those people they most admire - from people in private and public life to the worlds of politics, sports, science and the arts.

Not surprisingly the terrorist attacks in the US have had a bearing on those appearing on the list.

A popular choice has been Rudi Giuliani, the Mayor of New York.

And many people have created their own category - a group nomination for the New York Fire Department.

Few politicians have been picked so far, but Scotland’s party leaders have offered their own nominations.

First Minister Jack McConnell has backed Mayor Giuliani and Liberal Democrat Leader and Justice Minister Jim Wallace said New York’s brave fire fighters have been the year’s big achievers.

Scottish National Party Leader John Swinney picked Scottish aid workers in Afghanistan and Tory Leader David McLetchie’s vote went to American President George W Bush.

Yacht race

Scottish Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan went for a group nomination and decided the big achievers of 2001 were NHS staff in Scotland - from porters and auxiliary nurses to surgeons and consultants.

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year runner-up, Ellen MacArthur, has emerged as a popular choice for Woman of the Year 2001.

The yachtswoman captured people’s hearts and imaginations when she came second in the Vendee Globe Race between November 2000 and February 2001.

A few Scottish personalities have been nominated for the race, including National Farmers’ Union President Jim Walker, comedian Billy Connolly and actor Ewan McGregor.

But listeners have been inspired by the non-famous as well and chosen "ordinary" members of the public such as care workers, those who look after the sick and people who help children and work in deprived communities.

There is still time to register your vote.

The winners will be announced during Good Morning Scotland’s Hogmanay programme on Monday, 31 December.

So, if you have not yet nominated, have a think about who has inspired, entertained or impressed you this year.

Source: BBC News

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, December 22, 2001 // 08:06 p.m.


Scots in Film: Portraits By Donald MacLellan

20 December 2001

At: Scottish National Portrait Gallery
01 Jun 2001 - 30 Sep 2002

Specific dates have yet to be announced but will run from June-Sept. Born in Locahaber, Donald MacLellan is a leading portrait photographer whose work is widely published in current news media and magazines. This fascinating exhibition of thirty works will celebrate the growing prominence of Scottish actors in contemporary cinema and television. It will focus on some of Scotland’s most famous faces, including Robert Carlyle, Robbie Coltrane, Brian Cox and Billy Connolly. The younger generation of Scottish talent will be represented by actors like Ewan McGregor, Daniella Nardini and Dougray Scott.

Source: This is London

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, December 22, 2001 // 08:04 p.m.


Now it’s Ewan Macho-Gregor

20 December 2001

Ewan McGregor will be showing off his macho side as an American soldier trapped behind enemy lines in his next film, Black Hawk Down.

The role is a distinct change for McGregor, who was last seen singing ballads with Nicole Kidman as a starving poet in Moulin Rouge.

The Ridley Scott film tells the true story of the disastrous American special forces operation in Somalia in 1993, when US soldiers were sent into Mogadishu with the UN.

In an effort to put a stop to the country’s civil war, the mission attempted to abduct several top lieutenants of a Somalian warlord, costing the lives of 18 Americans. The 15-hour battle was said to have contributed to America’s decision to pull out of the country.

The film also stars Josh Hartnett and Tom Sizemore, who both appeared in last year’s Pearl Harbor. It premieres in the West End on 17 January.

Source: This is London

Thank you Dee for the heads up!

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Ewan on E! on January 16th

Ewan will be revealed on E! Entertainment Television’s Revealed with Jules Asner, which is described as an "intimate interview and biography show" on January 16th.

Keep an eye on their online schedule for the exact date and time (you never know, it never hurts to be cautious and check a few days beforehand).

Thank you cathy111 for the heads up!

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Ewan’s so proud


With over eleven nominations for British actors and films in this year’s Golden Globes, Empire Online decided to track down one of the honoured nominees for their reaction.

He may be on holiday, but that didn’t deter us from calling up Ewan McGregor to find out what he thought about being nominated for Best Actor in the Musical or Comedy category.

’It’s so exciting after putting so much work into the film to be recognised for it,’ the chuffed actor told us, ’and that goes for all the other nominations we got too. It makes me very proud.’

Source: Empire Online

Thank you Perditum for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, December 21, 2001 // 12:04 p.m.


Ewan McGregor on Black Hawk Down

The Daily Mail, Dec 20, 2001

When Ewan McGregor turned up for filming on his latest movie he had to dodge bullets and missiles - for real.

When Ewan agreed to play a US Ranger in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, he found that his world of make-believe had been replaced by the harsh realities of war.

Ewan said: "As an acting challenge, Black Hawk Down was really quite easy. In fact, it was more like a re-acting challenge. When a missile was being shot at you, it really was being shot at you.

"When gunfire was raking the street it really was doing that, when bombs were going off there really were explosions. All we had to do was react quite naturally to what was going on. We were terrified."The film is a painstaking re-enactment of one of the most terrible battles in the history of modern warfare and Ewan is in the thick of the action throughout.

Set in Somalia in 1993, it charts how the US army decided to storm into the heart of a militia-held area of the capital, Mogadishu, to arrest rebel leaders.

With a budget of more than pounds 80 million, Gladiator director Scott depicts the real horror of what happened in Mogadishu.

And for Ewan and his co-stars - including Trainspotting’s Ewen Bremner, Pearl Harbor’s Josh Hartnett and The Patriot’s Jason Isaacs - the experience of making the movie on location in the dry heat of southern Morocco was one they will never forget.

He said: "If this had been for real, none of us would have lasted five minutes."

However, Ewan admits that his experience making the film in Africa earlier this summer was nothing compared to what the soldiers were up against for real in 1993.

The Americans, part of a UN force in Somalia struggling to impose peace on a raging civil war, decided to make their move against the militia leaders in Mogadishu - nicknamed Mog by the US armed forces.

The plan was to be in and out of the hostile area in just 39 minutes. But the Americans hadn’t bargained on the militia being able to shoot down two of their helicopters, the Black Hawks. From then on the incident became a rescue mission as the Rangers, fighting alongside the specialist Delta Force, stood by their code, now a slogan for the film: "Leave no man behind."

The result was a 15-hour firefight on the hostile, bombed out streets of Mogadishu, which left 18 Americans dead, 73 injured and which claimed the lives of perhaps as many as 1000 Somalians.

The incident led to the withdrawal of the American forces from Somalia and the virtual end to their "world policeman" role until this year’s intervention by Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist organisation.

Although Ewan’s character is a fictional composite of several soldiers involved, he knew just how important this film would be to the men who had been in Somalia - and to the bereaved families.

This truth was hammered home to him when he spent eight days at the Rangers’ training base at Fort Benning in Georgia.

Ewan said: "At first, there was a part of me which remembered as a kid playing soldiers and I suppose that’s what I thought it would be like.

"But as soon as I had met people who had been there and who had lost their friends there, I got the sense of pride in not just the soldiers who died there but in all those who fought there and in the regiment itself."

After the type of work he had to do on the second Star Wars instalment, the down-to-earth 30-year-old Scot admits he found the gritty truthfulness of Ridley Scott’s movie to be quite refreshing.

He said: "It is more satisfying as an actor when things are around you. Star Wars is mainly done on blue screens with the special effects added later. Here we had actors, a set, special effects we could see. It all seemed more real somehow."

Ewan, whose wife Ève gave birth to their second daughter in November, agreed to work on the film even though his character, Grimes, a regimental office clerk, starts off as a coward and is no more than a supporting role to Josh Hartnett’s Ranger sergeant.

Ewan admitted: "If you are only going to choose great stonking lead roles you are cutting off 80 per cent of the workplace."

There is already talk of Black Hawk Down earning Ewan an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor - perhaps to go alongside another nomination for his lead role in Moulin Rouge.

But McGregor admits that he didn’t read the script for the film when it was sent to him in 1998. It was only a chance meeting with Scott on a TV show that eventually led to the actor reading Mark Bowden’s book about the battle and to his saying yes.

"I was going off to Honduras to go trekking with the BBC," the actor recalled, referring to the Trip Of A Lifetime programme screened in September.

"The day before I left, a brown envelope arrived with Mark’s book inside. There was no letter or explanation.

"I took it on the plane with me and just couldn’t stop turning the pages. I had to keep reminding myself that these were real characters and it really happened.

"I’ve always been rather fascinated by, not so much the war itself, but men in war. How does it work? How can you hold yourself together to perform strategic actions when you are under fire?

"I was fortunate enough to have worked once with a props master who had done two tours of duty in Vietnam and he was very open about talking about that with me.

"A combination of all these things led me, while I was in the rainforest, to get on the satellite phone to tell Ridley I’d do it."

The shoot meant a couple of months working in the heat of poverty-stricken southern Morocco, which stood in for the still war-torn Somalia.

But Ewan is delighted with the way the film has turned out. He said: "I think it is a very important story that we’ve told."

Since September 11, Hollywood has moved away from releasing war films or features with terrorist themes.

But in the case of Black Hawk Down, studio bosses felt Ridley Scott’s movie reflected the national mood and moved its release date in America forward.

But the question remains as to whether it is right to ever make an "entertainment" out of such recent, tragic events - be it Somalia in 1993 or September 11, 2001.

Ewan said: "I don’t think there should be any kind of limit on what you can make a film about. Would I want to be in a film about September 11? Sure, why not, if it was a cracking script I’d be there.

"It shouldn’t be a moral question. We should be able to make films about anything that happens and September 11 happened. It is the same as with this film. It was our task to represent the people who fought and died in Somalia to a level that would make them proud."

Black Hawk Down opens in cinemas across the UK and North America on January 18.

Source: Cinemayhem BHD Forum (typed in by qwepoi)

Thank you Dee for the heads up!

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2002 Golden Globe Awards
For the year ended December 31, 2001
Nominations Press Release

(Edited for brevity)

Working Title Production; Miramax Films
Sand Castle 5/Chicago Films; USA Films
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures
20th Century Fox; 20th Century Fox

PDI/DreamWorks Prods.; DreamWorks Pictures

a. THORA BIRCH Ghost World
c. NICOLE KIDMAN Moulin Rouge
e. RENEE ZELLWEGER Bridget Jones’s Diary

a. GENE HACKMAN The Royal Tenenbaums
b. HUGH JACKMAN Kate & Leopold
c. EWAN MCGREGOR Moulin Rouge
d. JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL Hedwig And The Angry Inch

a. ROBERT ALTMAN Gosford Park
b. RON HOWARD A Beautiful Mind
c. PETER JACKSON The Lord Of The Rings: The
Fellowship Of The Ring
d. BAZ LUHRMANN Moulin Rouge
e. DAVID LYNCH Mulholland Drive
f. STEVEN SPIELBERG A.I. Artificial Intelligence

b. ANGELO BADALAMENTI Mulholland Drive
d. JAMES HORNER A Beautiful Mind
e. HOWARD SHORE The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring
f. JOHN WILLIAMS A.I. Artificial Intelligence
g. CHRISTOPHER YOUNG The Shipping News
h. HANS ZIMMER Pearl Harbor

a. COME WHAT MAY – Moulin Rouge
Music and Lyrics: David Baerwald

b. MAY IT BE – The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Music and Lyrics: Enya
c. THERE YOU’LL BE – Pearl Harbor
Music and Lyrics: Diane Warren
d. UNTIL… – Kate & Leopold
Music and Lyrics: Sting
e. VANILLA SKY – Vanilla Sky
Music and Lyrics: Paul McCartney

Source: Hollywood Foreign Press Association

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Oor Wullie, Your Wullie, A’body’s Wullie

Radio Scotland
1st January, 1.00pm - 1.30pm and 9:30pm - 10pm (UK Time)

It just wouldnae be Hogmanay without a dose of Oor Wullie. A special 65th anniversary celebration with contributions from famous fans, including Ewan McGregor, Midge Ure, Malky McCormick, Craig Brown, Marti Pellow and Lorraine Kelly.

You can listen to the broadcast here on New Year’s Day at 8am - 9:30am and 4:30pm - 5pm (U.S. Eastern time).

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Award nominations for Ewan’ films

With the award season upon us… more nominations and honors are being announced almost every day. Here’s a quick run down of all the latest.

  • Moulin Rouge was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress for Nicole Kidman and Best Director for Baz Luhrmann by the Broadcast Film Critics Association for their annual film awards. Winners will be announced on January 11 and the ceremony broadcast live on E! January 14, 7 pm.
  • Moulin Rouge also garnered nods for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical), Actor (Comedy or Musical) for Ewan, Actress (Comedy or Musical) for Nicole (who also got a nod for her work in The Others), Supporting Actor (Comedy or Musical) for Jim Broadbent (who also got a nod for his work in Iris), Director for Baz, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing, Production Design, Original Score, Original Song (Come What May), Sound, and Visual Effects from the International Press Academy for the sixth annual Golden Satellite Awards. Moulin Rouge lead the field with a total of 14 nominations. The awards ceremony will be held Jan. 19 at the St. Regis Hotel in Century City.
  • Moulin Rouge was named Best Production Design by the San Diego Critics Association and by the Los Angeles Critics Association.
  • Moulin Rouge and Black Hawk Down have made it to many top 10 films of the year lists including Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine and Rolling Stone.

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Ewan on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Tuesday

Ewan will be a guest on this Tuesday’s The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, which airs on Wednesday at 12:35am on CBS.

The show’s official site does not list Ewan as being a guest, but since Ewan is supposed to be in L.A. for the Black Hawk Down premiere, it’s quite possible he will be there and TV Guide Online does list Ewan as being a guest on Tuesday night’s show.

Thank youk klpreheim and nutbar for the heads up!

Update: Ewan was not on the show. We checked TV Guide Online again last night and he was still listed as being on.

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5 noms apiece for ’Black Hawk,’ ’Gosford’, 3 noms for ’Moulin Rouge’ in 1st AFI awards

Dec. 17, 2001

New York -- "Gosford Park," a period mystery piece directed by Robert Altman, and "Black Hawk," director Ridley Scott’s bloody and gritty war film based on the real life story of American soldiers in Somalia set in 1993 each drew five nominations in the first American Film Institute Awards, announced in Los Angeles this morning. Winners in the 19 film and TV categories will be presented Jan. 5 from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Ten films were nominated for AFI movie of the year. Besides Columbia Pictures’ "Black Hawk Down," and USA Films "Gosford Park," other film nominees are Universal/DreamWorks "A Beautiful Mind"; Miramax’s "In the Bedroom"; New Line’s "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"; USA Films’ "The Man Who Wasn’t There"; Newmarket’s "Memento"; Lions Gate’s "Monster’s Ball"; Twentieth Century Fox’s "Moulin Rouge"; Universal Focus’ "Mulholland Drive"; and DreamWorks’ "Shrek." (Jim McConville)

The nominations are as follows, we’ve only listed those featuring Moulin Rouge or Black Hawk Down. Note: no nominations for Ewan, Nicole or Jim Broadbent. To see all nominations go here.

Movie of the Year
A Beautiful Mind
Black Hawk Down
In the Bedroom
The Lord of the Rings
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Monster’s Ball
Moulin Rouge
Mulholland Drive


Slawomir Idziak, BLACK HAWK DOWN

Jill Bilcock, MOULIN ROUGE
Dody Dorn, MEMENTO
Pietro Scalia, BLACK HAWK DOWN

Production Designer
Stephen Altman, GOSFORD PARK

Craig Armstrong, MOULIN ROUGE
Angelo Badalementi, MULHOLLAND DRIVE
Patrick Doyle, GOSFORD PARK

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Moulin Rouge on DVD tomorrow

"This story is about truth, beauty, freedom; but above all things, this story is about love." The National Board of Review chose Moulin Rouge (DVD) as its "Best Picture" of 2001. And, even though the NBR is under some scrutiny of late, it’s hard not to agree with their choice. During its release this summer we said: "This isn’t a musical; it’s an arrangement. And a grand and glorious one at that culminating in a near impossible soufflé of song, dance, and passion. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are perfect (and amazing singers and entertainers to boot). If you know someone who doesn’t love it, stomp on their toes." The DVD will keep you on your toes with features such as "The Making of Moulin Rouge", six extended scenes, four re-cut dance sequences much, much, more.

Source: The Internet Movie Database

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My mother, the film-maker

Brian Pendreigh
Monday, 17th December 2001

  Ewan McGregor’s mother Carol, pictured, who has been granted£ 60,000 to produce a Tartan Shorts film.

EWAN McGregor’s mother is following in her son’s footsteps by entering the world of film production.

Carol McGregor, a 57-year-old former teacher, is short-listed for a £60,000 grant to make one of Scotland’s world-renowned Tartan Shorts.

For the past few years, she has worked as her son’s personal assistant and provided audio descriptions of films for the blind.

She met Marc de Launay at the cast and crew screening of A Small Piece of Paradise, his short drama about a son’s troubled relationship with his father and his passion for football.

Mr De Launay asked her to record an audio description for the film, which screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival, but sent her several other scripts, and she agreed to act as producer on The Promise, a nine-minute epic that begins in the First World War and spans several generations and countries.

The latest batch of Scottish Screen shorts could prove a family affair. Ms McGregor’s brother, Denis Lawson, who appeared in the original Star Wars films and inspired Ewan to become an actor, has written and hopes to direct Solid Geometry, on the short list for Scottish Screen’s other major short film scheme, New Found Land.

Carol McGregor has set up a new company, called McDongall Films, with former Scottish Screen executive Janice Cutting, and The Promise should be its first production.

"We liked the story and Janice and I decided to go ahead and try to get it made into a short film. We applied to Scottish Screen and were delighted to be short-listed," said Ms McGregor. Mr De Launay was inspired by the discovery of old war diaries and undelivered letters in a relative’s loft, to write the story of a Scottish soldier and an Austrian, who are blown up and land in the same crater in No Man’s Land during the First World War.

The Scot dies and the Austrian promises to deliver a letter to his sweetheart, although he is shell-shocked. It remains undelivered until his grandson attempts to track down the recipient over 60 years later.

Mr de Launay described Carol McGregor as a "very astute businesswoman", adding: "She has brought a lot of experience in a business sense. Creatively, she’s very, very good; very helpful as script editor and comes up with a lot of very good ideas."

Ms McGregor is determined not to use her famous family to advance the project: "I’m not doing it on the back of anybody else."

Denis Lawson said: "She hasn’t asked for my advice and I haven’t given her any. She’s very bright and she’s ploughing her own furrow."

Tartan Shorts has been hugely successful in helping the careers of new film-makers, including Peter Mullan and Lynne Ramsay. Peter Capaldi won an Oscar for his short, Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

Already Ms McGregor has her sights set on bigger things and is developing several feature film projects, although she refuses to go into details.

Ewan also has his own production company, Natural Nylon, a partnership with Jude Law and other young British actors, and he was one of the producers on Nora, in which he played James Joyce.

Source: The Scotsman

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Press Release

Thursday December 13, 9:58 pm Eastern Time
SOURCE: Columbia Pictures

ADVISORY/The Premiere of Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott’s "Black Hawk Down," Tuesday, Dec. 18, 7:00 p.m.

WHAT: Premiere of Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott’s "Black Hawk Down"

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 18, 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills

WHO: Attending from the film:

Josh Hartnett, Jeremy Piven, Ewan McGregor, Brendan Sexton III, Tom Sizemore, Johnny Strong, Eric Bana, Brian Van Holt, William Fichtner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Hugh Dancy, Ian Virgo, Ron Eldard, Thomas Hardy, Thomas Guiry, Orlando Bloom, Charlie Hofheimer, Kent Linville, Jason Issacs, Enrique Murciano and Michael Roof.

Filmmakers in attendance will be director Ridley Scott, screenwriter Ken Nolan, Mark Bowden, author of the book upon which the movie is based, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producers Simon West, Mike Stenson, Chad Oman and Branko Lustig, production designer Arthur Max and composer Hans Zimmer.

Other celebrities expected to attend are:

Jerry O’Connell, Jon Voight, Wayne Gretzky, Will Smith, Anthony La Paglia and Jada Pinkett Smith.

From acclaimed director Ridley Scott and renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer, based on actual events, "Black Hawk Down" is the heroic account of a group of elite U.S. soldiers sent into Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993 as part of a U.N. peacekeeping operation. Their mission: to capture several top lieutenants of the Somali warlord, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, as part of a strategy to quell the civil war and famine that is ravaging the country.

Young Rangers and veteran Delta Force soldiers fight side by side against overwhelming odds. For 18 harrowing hours, they remain trapped and wounded in the most hostile district of Mogadishu until a rescue convoy can be mounted to retrieve them. Outnumbered and surrounded, tensions flare, friends are lost, alliances are formed and soldiers learn the true nature of war and heroism.

"Black Hawk Down" is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for intense realistic graphic war violence and language.


Columbia Pictures
Tammy Sandler, 310/244-8099 (Domestic Media)
Jasmin Chavez, 310/244-2190 (International Media)

Source: Seeing Stars

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Official Black Hawk Down site updated

The official Black Hawk Down site has been updated with a screen saver (for PC only, in the multi-media section).

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Ewan on Sundance Channel today

The European Film Awards will be rebroadcast today, December 14th at 2pm (Eastern/Pacific) on the Sundance Channel. Moulin Rouge won the prize for best non-european film and Ewan won an award for European achievement in world cinema for his part in Moulin Rouge.

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Ewan, a desert island, 8 songs & a luxury item!

Ewan will be the guest on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday December 30th at 11.15am UK time.

Desert Island Discs is a British radio classic! Each guest has to choose eight songs that they would take to a desert island with them, plus one luxury item.

The program runs from 11.15 to 12.04 UK time. It should be broadcast online, as are all BBC radio programmes.

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Ewan Misses Rings Premiere To Go Biking With Mum

Dec 11, 2001

(WENN via COMTEX) -- Scottish actor Ewan McGregor missed the world premiere of Lord of the Rings in London on Monday (10DEC01) - to attend a low-key video launch with his mum.

The Star Wars hunk and his proud mother opted, instead, to go to a bash given by TV presenter Suzi Perry at the British capital’s Sports Cafe, to celebrate the release of her superbike video, Access All Areas.

Ewan explained, "I love superbikes and would rather be here than at Lord of the Rings."

The star tried out a big bike for size, before taking full advantage of the free vodka on offer. (KW/WNTST/RGS)

Source: freerealtime.com

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Official Black Hawk Down site updated with pics of Ewan

The official Black Hawk Down site has been updated and there are some LOVELY pictures of Ewan, most particularly the background pic in "the Boys" section.


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Oscar ad for Ewan

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Movie star Ewan McGregor is being touted for an Oscar nomination before his latest film has even been released.

Full-page, colour ads are being run in the Hollywood trade press urging Academy members to put McGregor’s name on the ballot list for best supporting actor for his role in military movie Black Hawk Down.

The film is not being released until December 28 in the US. Movie bosses have slated that release date - just three days before the end of the year - so that the film can be considered as an Oscar contender.

UK audiences won’t get to see Ewan, from Crieff, Perthshire, in action in the film until April.

Source: Daily Record

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New Black Hawk Down trailer online

Yahoo Movies has a new trailer for Ewan’s Black Hawk Down, which features Ewan more prominently:


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Thanks to Amy Firth, Consultant for Firefly Communications, for sending me the following press release:

Celebrities autograph mobile phones for charity auction

Ewan McGregor and Denise Van Outen are among celebrities who have agreed to have their signatures engraved on the new Motorola V.60 mobile phone, to help raise money for Barnardo’s, the UK’s leading children’s charity. To mark the launch of the new Motorola V.60, Motorola has invited celebrities to have their signature engraved on the aluminium-encased mobile phones. The uniquely autographed phones will be auctioned online between the 10th-19th December on QXL.com, giving people the opportunity to bid for the ultimate Christmas present.

Proceeds from the sale of each phone will go to Barnardo’s. Motorola aims to raise upwards of £10,000, through the auction, for this worthy cause.

Bids begin at £50 for each handset when the auction opens on the 10th December at www.qxl.com/motorolav60.

Celebrities who have ’signed’ up for the auction include:

  • Ewan McGregor
  • Denise Van Outen
  • Joseph Fiennes
  • Sadie Frost Zoe Ball

About Barnardo’s: Barnardo’s works with many of Britain’s most vulnerable children, whose lives have been blighted by abuse, poverty, homelessness and disability. By offering direct support through over 300 projects around the UK, Barnardo’s is helping children and their families to overcome disadvantage and have the chance to transform their lives and fulfil their potential. This is why we use the strapline ’Giving children back their future’. To find out more about how you can help call 08457 697967 (local rate), or visit our website at www.barnardos.org.uk.

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Ewan on BBC Radio tonight (Monday Dec. 10th)

Ewan will be interviewed on Steve Lamacq’s show "Cult Cuts" at 11pm UK time today (Monday 10th December); talking about his role in Trainspotting.

Also being interviewed are Richard E. Grant, Tim Burton and Kevin Smith.

It is possible to listen to the interview online at BBC Radio1 (then click on "Listen Live" at the top of the page). It will air at 6pm (U.S. Eastern)

Thank you Rahalia, Joy and Chris for the heads up!

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Ewan McGregor says new film satisfied him more than Star Wars

Story filed: 09:08 Friday 7th December 2001

Ewan McGregor says he found acting in Black Hawk Down more satisfying than Star Wars.

He was speaking at a special screening of the new film in London.

The action drama is about an ill-fated battle in Somalia in 1993, in which 18 American soldiers were killed.

McGregor said there was a huge contrast between the way special effects were done on Black Hawk Down compared to Star Wars.

"It’s infinitely more satisfying when things are there," he said.

"I made this film after Episode 2 and it was nice to have other actors acting and a set. it just looked real somehow.

"It was quite different to do acting-wise because all the special effects were actually on set, compared to putting them on later with computers.

"When you’re supposed to be running down the street with bullets coming towards you, that was pretty much what was happening."

Black Hawk Down co-stars Josh Hartnett and Jason Isaacs, and is out in the UK in January.

Source: Ananova

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Attenshun Moviegoers!


It’s been almost three months since the September 11 attacks on America, which isn’t long enough to make a major feature film. So it’s hard to explain how so many films flying the American flag of military fervour are heading for our cinemas in the next six months. Just one of those things, we guess.

Last night the Empire Online team were at the first London screening of Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down which was attended by Scott himself and a smattering of the film’s stars including Ewan McGregor, Josh Hartnett and Jason Isaacs. The version we saw was still a work in progress - with some CGI still to be added, as well as the official soundtrack - but it received a hearty reaction from the London audience. Most were presumably appreciative of the fact that while deeply patriotic, the film still managed - under Scott’s direction - to shy away from whole-hearted cheesiness.

Source: Empire Online

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Reuters has posted a video interview with Ewan. The link is on the upper-right.

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National Board of Review picks ’Rouge’ as 2001’s best

Dec. 05, 2001

"Moulin Rouge," director Baz Luhrmann’s hellzapoppin’ musical set in turn-of-the-century Paris, has been chosen best film of the year by the National Board of Review. The film also earned Jim Broadbent, who plays a nightclub master of cermonies, kudos as the year’s best supporting actor for his work in both "Moulin Rouge" and "Iris." "Monster’s Ball," a prison-set drama, dominated the acting awards, earning Billy Bob Thornton the best actor nod and Halle Berry the best actress kudo. Best supporting actress went to Cate Blanchett for her work in three films, "The Man Who Cried," "The Shipping News" and "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." Actor-turned-director Todd Field was named best director for the family drama, "In the Bedroom."

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Thanks to Sessan for this!

"Black Hawk Down" was also picked as one of the top ten films of the year.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, December 5, 2001 // 02:21 p.m.


Summer Movie Back on the Big Screen

Hollywood — A strong, and very loyal, fan base…not to mention the upcoming awards season…has brought a summer movie back to the big screen.

"Moulin Rouge" is a unique, dynamic, colorful, song and dance filled virtual assault on your senses. Moviegoers, and movie reviewers, had trouble categorizing this film and Director Baz Luhrman thinks that may have originally kept people away from theaters.

But Luhrman, and the film’s star Ewan McGregor, have now seen the affect "Moulin Rouge" has been having on audiences around the world.. and basically, he now thinks they "get it."

Baz Luhrman: The audience has been able to explain it, the audience has passed it on.

Ewan McGregor: People were just so grateful, one woman had seen it 40 times…40 times….

Luhrman: This has happened around the world…it’s been six months since it opened, its’ starting to go from something we created, in our hands to, it’s gone ahead of us and has a life of its own."

Luhrman: Audiences come up to you.. it’s their film, their experience, it’s made them feel truth, beauty, freedom, love… given them some way into feeling. And goodness knows, in this changed world, if a film can help, we’ve done something a little bit useful.

"Moulin Rouge" makes its return engagement around the Southland on Friday.

Source: ABC7.com

This originally appeared on the local news program in Los Angeles. Thanks to Melinda for passing this along and being the gal Ewan is talking about!

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s "Amélie" wins European Film Award

AP WorldStream - Saturday December 1st, 2001

Berlin (AP) - French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s romantic fantasy "Amélie" won top honors at this year’s European Film Award ceremony Saturday, and Jeunet also carried off the prize for best director.

Starring Mathieu Kassovitz and newcomer Audrey Tautou, "Amélie" - a modern fairy tale about being kind to strangers and loving each other - is expected to be the year’s top-grossing film in its native country. The movie also was a success in neighboring Germany and, in Britain, it reaped the biggest opening ever for a French-language film.

On Saturday, it also picked up the prize for best camera work, which went to Bruno Delbonnel.

The European Film Academy’s best actor award went to Britain’s Ben Kingsley for his role as a thug in director Jonathan Glazer’s "Sexy Beast." France’s Isabelle Huppert won the best actress prize for her part as a music instructor seduced by a student in "The Piano Teacher," from Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke.

Ewan McGregor won an award for European achievement in world cinema for his part alongside Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrmann’s "Moulin Rouge," which won the title of best non-European film.

The academy’s prizes are awarded annually, and this year’s ceremony in Berlin was the 14th. The winner of the top prize last year was Lars von Trier’s "Dancer in the Dark."

Source: Variety

Thank you Sessan for the heads up, Perditum for the article and MarGwan for the picture!

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Monty Python and Ewan McGregor to be honoured at European Film Awards

Story filed: 15:14 Saturday 1st December 2001

Monty Python and Ewan McGregor are to receive special awards at the European Film Awards in Berlin.

The Monty Python gang will receive a prize for lifetime achievement.

McGregor will be honoured for his role Moulin Rouge, which the academy calls a European contribution to world cinema.

Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese are expected to accept the award in the German capital.

In Moulin Rouge, McGregor plays a love-struck poet and songwriter who falls for Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, a courtesan who dreams of becoming a great actress.

Source: Ananova

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TheForce.Net has posted a link to Ewan’s KROQ interview. You may access it directly by clicking here (aiff file, 13MB).

Thank you Darth Mystique for the heads up!

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New look for Ewan News!

After 9 months of the previous version, a sleeker look is now up. There is more room for the reason you come here - news about Ewan… I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks to Claude for feedback along the way as I designed this.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Thursday, November 29, 2001 // 05:45 p.m.


Ewan’s a head turner

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Scots superstar Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman turned heads last night when they shared an intimate drink at a swanky Hollywood hotel.

The two Moulin Rouge stars were taking a break from an American movie magazine awards show at the St Regis Hotel.

Ewan, 30, caused a stir when he walked into the main bar in a dirty T-shirt, trainers and jeans, complete with eyeliner and spiked hair.

Glamorous Nicole, 34, wore a stunning cream-coloured evening dress.

One onlooker said: "They certainly made an odd-looking couple. Not too many people recognised Ewan with his make-up and tatty clothes.

"But they were having a great laugh and didn’t seem to care about all the stares - they obviously enjoyed each other’s company.

"They stayed in the bar for about 20 minutes before going back to the ballroom."

The two will be teaming up a lot more next year when Moulin Rouge goes on a pre-Oscars publicity push.

Ewan wore the street punk’s outfit to promote his new film, Young Adam.

Later, Nicole presented Star Wars Episode 2 star Hayden Christensen with an award before returning to the £5 million California home she won from ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Nicole, who is looking after the couple’s kids Isabella, eight, and Conor, six, has been snapped with a mystery man in Paris.

Source: Daily Record

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Reminder: Ewan is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, on NBC. Check your local listings.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 28, 2001 // 08:29 p.m.


About last night (at the Egyptian Theatre)…

A fan’s account of meeting Ewan

First of all, thanks so much to Alyse and Kim for getting me and my sister the tickets to tonight’s show. If not, I would have never been able to meet (kiss and hug) Ewan, Nicole and Baz. It was unforgettable. I’m on cloud nine right now and I know I’ve already forgotten some of the details. Alyse wrote notes (and even got a smile from Ewan during the Q&A session after the movie) so she’ll post more details.

When I got to the theatre, there were only two people in line ahead of me (I got there 4 1/2 hours before it started because…well…I wanted to be in front and see Ewan). By the time we were able to go into the theatre, the line was already around the building. Standing in line, I was finally able to put faces with screen names from this site (and I was so happy to finally meet all of you!!) Once they let us in, my sister ran all the way to the front of the theatre and started to save seats for the rest of "the group" who followed. I sat "front and center" with the Q&A chairs only 7 steps in front of me (and YES, we did count the steps!).

There was an intro to the film and the emcee informed us that Baz’s wife (who was also part of the production staff) was not able to attend, BUT he did say that both EWAN and NICOLE were definitely going to be there for the Q&A after the movie was over. I have to admit that after seeing this movie 39 times (tonight being my 40th)…I had never sat in the front row…the view was OVERWHELMING!! During the movie, I kept looking over to everyone from the club (who were also sitting in the font row) and it was nice to see all of them having such huge "cheezy smiles" on their faces whenever there was a good "Ewan" part on the screen. During the small lulls in the movie…you know…when Ewan was not on screen…I kept looking over to either my sister or my other "new-found-friends-from-Utah" mouthing…"WE’RE GONNA SEE EWAN!!"

Well, the time came and I, along with all the other fans from Ewanspotting, could not keep the yells, cheers, and screams in anymore. The Moderator introduced Baz first, then Nicole, and last but DEFINITELY not least…EWAN!! There were a lot of questions asked to Ewan, Nicole, and Baz. One of the gals from this site who flew all the way down here from Seattle asked Ewan if she could have a kiss…and he walked over and kissed her on the cheek (I’m sure she will have something to add to this). After that, some of the questions were "long-winded-questions" and others were…well…let’s just say that even during "those" questions…Ewan and Nicole appeared to be making their own humorous comments. (Once, when a question was directed to Ewan, he admitted to "misbehaving" because he wasn’t listening to the question …and then…HE LAUGHED…that INCREDIBLE SEXY LAUGH!!)

The time went quickly and before we knew it…the moderator was thanking everyone for attending. My sister had had her hand up to ask a question during the session but was never called. (She was planning on asking if they would sing a couple lines from "Come What May".) While Ewan and Nicole were starting to be ushered out, she yelled out to Ewan and got his attention. He came walking back towards my sister and me when she asked him if he would give me a hug and told him that I had now seen MR 40 times. He gave one of his signature smiles and congratulated me while giving me a huge hug …and then he kissed me on the cheek…I couldn’t believe it…I was just in awe…and then realizing that I had EWAN in my space, I reached out and hugged him again…tightly…!! It was "surreal"!!

Meanwhile, Nicole was looking over at my sister and she proceeded to tell her of my GRAND accomplishment. She was telling my sister that she was so happy to hear this and then proceeded to pass through the people hovering around to also give me a hug and congratulate me. I couldn’t believe this was happening…it all seemed like I was just watching this happen in front of me to someone else. My sister was trying to get my attention as I saw Baz also making his way towards me, noticing the small commotion. My sister didn’t miss a beat…she also started to tell Baz about the "40 times". He seemed surprised as he came up to me, shook my hand, and congratulated me for "holding the world record for MR viewings"!!

The next thing I remember, my sister was shaking my arm telling me everything that had just happened to me in the last moments. I could not believe it!! Even now, a couple hours later…I am still in shock!!

Honestly, there are probably more specifics, but right now…I am still in a daze and can’t remember everything! Maybe in the next few days I’ll get back to my normal self. Thanks again to Alyse and Kim (from San Diego) who made this evening possible and have made my dreams come true!


Thank you Melinda for the report!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 // 01:21 p.m.


Moulin Rouge stars attend special Hollywood screening

Story filed: 08:46 Tuesday 27th November 2001

The stars of Moulin Rouge have attended a special screening of the movie in Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were joined by director Baz Luhrmann at the event at the Egyptian Theatre.

The three participated in a question and answer session following the screening.

Source: Ananova

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 // 07:38 a.m.


Nora on Film Four in the UK

Film Four will broadcast the UK television premiere of Nora on December 12th, 2001. Don’t miss it!

Thank you kudrauk for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, November 26, 2001 // 04:19 p.m.


Ewan on KTLA this morning

Transcript of Ewan appearing on the KTLA morning news, a local station that airs in Los Angeles

Anchorwoman:We’ve got the answer, you see…if you’re going to have an orgy business, you have to let people just donate…I mean, I think Ewan McGregor just gave us the perfect solution to this conflict.

Sam Rubin : Ewan McGregor is here, and we’re going to talk about all these other things, but he’s actually reset the agenda, which we’re grateful for… OK, so you want to talk about…you have sex house in London…?

Ewan: I run a sex house in London, and I don’t charge people any money to come in…but I do ask people to leave a deposit on the way out.

[heard off camera: "Money, of course." followed by some "ooohs."]

Ewan: We have a…we have a collection pail on the way out. Basically, they come in, they str--you know, nudity is essential, and I have a table with about 40…not beds, but bells on it. And people seem to like to come in, have sex, ring bells, and so long as they leave something in the bucket on the way out, we’re all happy! And it’s my human right [thumps his fist on the table] to have a house like that. And I think that’s only right.

SR: You’ve encapsulated the whole show, and thankfully. Uh…we’ve started this show with something rarely seen, but that our guest, who apparently knows about everything, knows something about. Word about a major musical…

At which point, there’s a short report on a stage musical version of Harry Potter. Then, they go into this thing with Sharon Tay, the anchorwoman for their early morning show. She’s basically…doing this weird singing/dance thing with Harry Potter glasses. They cut back to Sam, who’s laughing and telling them to show Ewan’s reaction. Ewan’s somewhat unenthusiastic about it but eventually joins in by directing her.

Ewan: Give me one more, darling. This time, pull it in…that’s it…

ST does the little "I’m a wizard!" thing.

Ewan: Oh, that’s it. I liked that move.

Then, after much laughter, Sam moves on to the next story about George Clooney trying to take out an ad in Variety to get Matt Damon People’s Sexiest Man designation.

This is followed then by SR and some pronunciation confusion over Ewan’s name.

Ewan: Ee-Wan, Eugene…Anything like that…

SR: …Bob…When Tom McGregor…

Ewan: Frank’s always a favorite of mine.

SR: …sings the classic "Your Song" in Moulin Rouge, that may be one of the best moments of modern movie musicals. So you’re here to talk about that, but first…Ok, do people always ask you about Star Wars, like what’s next…do you have to talk about it?

Ewan: Yeah, yeah. People do, yeah.

SR: And what is… IS there a degree of restriction? I mean do they say you cannot…

Ewan: Yeah, I mean, I can’t discuss the plot or the characters. I can tell you we shot the second one…and we had a great time.

SR: But is that difficult…Because I imagine that…those that are fanatical about it are so into it…they must be like…c’mon c’mon…

Ewan: Yeah, they’re frightening yes…

SR: And I don’t…do you know all this backstory about stuff…not about you but like like…

Ewan: Do I know my own backstory?

SR: No, no, but like…do you know about who’s the Jedi Master and all that…

Ewan: Yeah yeah. I’m not particularly up on all that kind of…side things…

SR: Yeah, me neither.

Ewan: No.

SR: And did you feel…I don’t…I’m not in the movie…do you feel obligated to learn or…?

Ewan: No. I mean, my-my goal in doing Star Wars was to try and recreate Alec Guiness’ performance, if you like, as a younger man. So, that was my challenge…to play Obi-Wan Kenobi as Alec might’ve been when he was a younger guy, you know. So that made it very interesting, using his vocal patterns and…Um…but ultimately, you have to make the part your own…so…you know….I did what I could do.

SR: And you’ve got the…will you do more? Or is that enough for you?

Ewan: I’ve shot the second…we’ve finished shooting the second one, and they’re now doing all the computer work on that. And I think that’s coming out next May. And um…we’re shooting the third one in 2003.

SR: Wow you’re all ready to go for that… Moulin Rouge uh…is…Baz Luhrmann, who people who work with him speak of with such great affection…How…, I mean, this is a movie…of this ilk… A big budget, very ambitious musical, I mean, when was the last one? I can’t even think of it… uh…

Ewan: Evita…I think was the last one…

SR: Evita, right. So what made you decide you want to be a part of this?

Ewan: Well, I’ve always loved music, I’ve always sung all my life. And you don’t really get the opportunity to do musicals on screen anymore, and certainly not with someone like Baz. So, he came over to London and I was doing a play at the time, which he came to see. And I’d auditioned for him for Romeo + Juliet. And what’s lovely about him is that he really makes it his business to find out who around and what they’re doing, you know, in all the different countries. So he goes to these huge tours meeting actors. And he’d worked with me for R+J for about, I would guess 2 hours, or something. So um…although I wasn’t cast in the film, I did have a great experience working with him because he’s an incredible director. And then, he remembered that and met me while I was doing this play, and then I sang for him one day…and…He told me the story… There was no script at that point. So he just um…kind of enthused me about it. He’s an incredibly…visual, inspirational guy. So he enthused me into it, really.

SR: It is a very lavish production with a wonderful sound. Here’s a look at Moulin Rouge.

[Come What May video clip]

Followed by a bit more of that weird "I’m a wizard!" thing with Sharon Tay.

Ewan: Oh, there she is…The work she’s put into it is really going on the screen…

[cuts back to the Ewan who has a strange expression on his face]

SR: We should tell you that Moulin Rouge is coming back to theaters. You can see it on the big screen…

Ewan: Oh, it’s very important that if you did see it before, that you go back to see it again. And if you haven’t seen it, it’s very important that you go to see it now. Thank you.

SR: You know what, do you…you can try being TV newscaster…this is our protein bar tease.

Ewan leans foward and looks straight into the camera

Ewan: The time is up. Next: Do protein bars have any health benefits? What’s written on the package may not be what’s going on in your stomach. We’ll be back… [Ewan gets a very puzzled expression on his face and goes back, sounding mystified] What’s going on in your stomach number two…??[off camera, SR is starting to laugh and is trying to say that it means "Back in two minutes."] That’s a bit rude, isn’t it? Wait a minute…

And then they cut away for commercial…

Thank you joy the lemur for the info!

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CSS adds Winslett and McGregor to client list

Published: November 22 2001 13:11 | Last Updated: November 22 2001 14:12
By Matthew Garrahan in London

CSS Stellar, the Aim-listed sports management and talent representation agency, on Thursday announced the purchase of The Peters Frazer and Dunlop Group, an entertainment agency that manages the careers of stars like Kate Winslett and Ewan McGregor.

Other PFD clients include a number of theatrical luminaries, such as Alan Bennett, and writers, like such as Nick Hornby. CSS will pay as much as £22m ($31.1m) for the business, which was founded in 1924.

CSS already represents media personalities, such as Anne Robinson and Michael Parkinson and has a considerable interest in sport, with clients like Sir Steven Redgrave, Britain’s record-breaking Olympian, on the company’s books.

However, John Webber, CSS chairman, said the group was keen to expand into entertainment representation. "We have spent a considerable amount of time seeking the right acquisition in a fragmented sector," he said.

"The acquisition will grow substantially the entertainment business within the group and provide an excellent platform from which to expand and create further opportunities."

PFD generated pre-tax profits of £1.2m on turnover of £6.6m in the 12 months to March 31.

CSS was formed by ex-employees of International Management Group, the world’s largest sports representation agency. Julian Jakobi, chief executive, used to manage the business affairs of Ayrton Senna, the late Formula One champion.

The company floated on Aim last year and became one of a number of agencies to expand in anticipation of growth in the media and sports personal representation sector.

Sports agencies, such as Sport, Entertainment and Media, which represents the boxer, Lennox Lewis, and First Artist, which manages the affairs of a number of top footballers, have all come to market since CSS Stellar.

Source: Financial Times

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, November 22, 2001 // 08:34 p.m.


Black Hawk Down has UK release brought forward

Story filed: 11:47 Wednesday 21st November 2001

Ewan McGregor’s new film has had its UK release date brought forward by three months.

Black Hawk Down was due to be released in April.

It will now appear on UK cinema screens on January 18.

The film is directed by Ridley Scott.

It also stars Josh Hartnett, Tom Sizemore and Jason Isaacs.

The film is an action-drama about the ill-fated 1993 battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, during which 18 US Army Rangers were killed.

Source: Ananova

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 21, 2001 // 07:32 a.m.


Dubs on Tour

Check out the UK Moulin Rouge website for pictures and video clips of the Moulin Rouge promotional tour with Dubs the director’s assistant:


Check out the other premieres while you’re there!

Thank you Athenia for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 // 09:26 p.m.


The rumors regarding Ewan maybe appearing in "The Play What I Wrote", a current London stage production that features different celebrity guests each night, turned out to be correct.

Morecambe, Wise and McGregor

Ewan makes surprise West End appearance

Ewan McGregor became the latest big name to take part in The Play What I Wrote, the West End homage to Morecambe and Wise, last night. After taking the abuse customarily meted out to the guest star, McGregor donned a fetching wig and breeches to take part in the French Revolution-themed play-within-a-play alongside the show’s stars, Hamish McColl and Sean Foley. The play, which is showing at Wyndham’s Theatre and is directed by Kenneth Branagh, features a different surprise guest each night. Among the others who have appeared are Richard Wilson and Ralph Fiennes.

Source: PeopleNews.com

Thanks to AtheniaP for posting this news on the board.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 // 04:51 p.m.


New Episode II Trailer available for download

The official Star Wars site has released a new trailer for Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. It’s filled with spoilers about the story so if you wish to remain unspoiled, don’t see it and close your eyes and ears if you go see Harry Potter as it is part of the trailers you will likely see there.

You may download it from the official site here.

You may also download the previous trailers from the official site or by going to Movie-List.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 16, 2001 // 09:27 p.m.


Moulin Rouge picked up 5 awards at the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards: Best Sound, Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Production Design and Best Cinmatography. Congratulations to all the deserving winners honored.

Update regarding the Moulin Rouge screening to held in Los Angeles November 26. According to the Egyptian Theatre’s website the 7:30 PM screening is SOLD OUT to the public. Members of the Cinematheque may still fax credit card orders to the box office while supply lasts. If you didn’t get a ticket for the Q+A screening, you can get yourself on the waiting list. They have also added a second screening at 10:45 that will contain an intro by Baz. To purchase tickets for that, you need to fax in your order or go in person to buy them. Fax: (323) 467-0163

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, November 16, 2001 // 10:39 a.m.


Ewan on Jay Leno

Ewan will be on Jay Leno on Wednesday, November 28th!

Source: The Late Night TV Page

Thank you Chris for the heads up!!!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 16, 2001 // 07:51 a.m.


Ewan’s stripped for the top in X-rated movie

Friday, November 16, 2001

Hollywood heart-throb Ewan McGregor yesterday told how he can’t wait to strip off for the most X-rated movie he has ever made.

The Moulin Rouge star said he was looking forward to "graphic sex" scenes in Young Adam.

The film, to be shot in Glasgow in March, tells of a loner who becomes embroiled in a murder mystery while travelling on a barge.

It is the first flick Ewan has done in Scotland for five years.

Production has been held up partly because a number of investors were put off by the nature of the movie.

The actor, from Crieff, Perthshire, has bared all in a number of previous films.

But he told Elaine C Smith, in an appearance on her BBC chatshow to go out on November 23, this would be the most eye-opening movie he had ever made.

The 30-year-old said: "Graphic sex scenes are not popular. But I will change.

"The film is just a lot of sex on a barge in the 50s. Nice. I’ve never been shy about this sort of thing."

Source: Daily Record

Thank you xcbug for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 16, 2001 // 07:46 a.m.


Ewan McGregor Presented TCM Classic Shorts Prizes at Regus London Film Festival

Ewan McGregor presented the £10,000 TCM/London Film Festival CLASSIC SHORTS awards for the best short film of 2001 at the NFT (National Film Theatre) last night, Tuesday November 13th 2001.

First Prize of £5000 went to Manchester made About A Girl,  directed by Brian Percival and starring newcomer Ashley Thewlis in a performance that Ewan McGregor described as "very hard hitting and brilliant".  Anthony Minghella, who won nine Oscars for The English Patient called it "a very accomplished performance" and "very effective", while Stephen Woolley, whose credits include Oscar winner The Crying Game, was impressed by its "witty, charming script and truly shocking punchline".

In second place was the shocking and true Falklands story The Last Post from Brighton based brothers Dominic and Lee Santana, and third was Skin Deep (directed by Yousaf Ali Khan) which tells the harrowing and topical story of a young mixed race man who can pass as white in his run down, all white neighbourhood until he is forced to confront the conflict of his identity. 

Ridley Scott and Ewan McGregor were just two of the big names on the judging panel of TCM’s (Turner Classic Movies) short film competition Classic Shorts 2001, an annual event held in conjunction with the 45th Regus London Film Festival.

Classic Shorts was open to all UK made shorts completed in 2001 and offers the shortlisted nominations screenings on TCM and at the 45th Regus London Film Festival.  With £10,000 prize money and top industry judges, it is the most valuable prize of its kind in Europe.

The competition is highly regarded and this year’s judging panel reads like a Who’s Who of the British Film Industry:

  Mark Herman
John Madden
Ewan McGregor
Ismail Merchant
Anthony Minghella
Ridley Scott
Stephen Woolley
Brassed Off, Little Voice
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Shakespeare in Love
Trainspotting, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge
Room with a View, The Golden Bowl
The English Patient, The Talented Mr Ripley    
Gladiator, Hannibal, Thelma & Louise, Alien
Interview with the Vampire, The Crying Game

The competition received 237 entries and the shortlisted films were: THE LAST POST, WHO LIVES, ABOUT A GIRL, WATCHMEN, HERO, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, SKIN DEEP and IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME.

These are some of the comments on the winning film:
EWAN McGREGOR: Very hard hitting, excellent editing and a brilliant performance.
ANTHONY MINGHELLA: Very accomplished performance. Pungent. Good use of sound. Stayed with me. Very effective.
STEPHEN WOOLLEY: Assured direction. Witty, charming script and a truly shocking punchline.
ISMAIL MERCHANT: Original, well acted and directed.

About a Girl: Janey de Nordwall - 020 7379 6600
The Last Post - Dominic and Lee Santana - 01273 603463
Skin Deep: Yousaf Ali Khan/Andy Porter - 0207 284 1695

TCM (Turner Classic Movies) draws from an extensive library of movies ranging from the 1920s to 1990s showcasing movies you should have seen, always wanted to see and want to see again and again. It is available throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East in five regional versions in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Danish and Dutch. TCM is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited, an AOL Time Warner Company.

For more information please contact: NICK HART (nick.hart@turner.com) on 020 7693 1228 or SARAH GIBB (sarah.gibb@turner.com) 020 7693 1117.

Thank you Nick Hart

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Coming Attractions has a description of the new theatrical trailer for Episode II.

Click on the link to the site if you want to read all about it. Warning: Spoilers.

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 // 05:35 p.m.


Meet Ewan McGregor, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

Monday, November 26 – 7:30 PM

Director Baz Luhrmann’s phantasmagorical musical MOULIN ROUGE (2001, 20th Century Fox, 126 min.) has been hailed as one of the most visually inventive and wildly kinetic films in recent memory for its mixture of turn-of-the-century Parisian nightlife, late 20th century pop music (beautifully performed in the film by star-crossed lovers Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and astonishingly ornate production and costume design, courtesy of Catherine Martin (Luhrmann’s offscreen wife). Please join us for a special screening of MOULIN ROUGE—followed by a Q & A with director/co-writer Baz Luhrmann, actor Ewan McGregor and production/costume designer Catherine Martin!

Source: The Egyptian Theater

Thank you Josie for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 // 07:19 a.m.


Velvet Goldmine in Boston on Nov. 17th

For all those in the Boston area, the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline is having a Glam Rock Weekend next weekend.

Velvet Goldmine will be shown on Saturday night at midnight. For more information, visit www.coolidge.org.

Thank you Judy for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, November 9, 2001 // 05:21 p.m.


Ewan McGregor to judge film competition

Story filed: 14:19 Wednesday 19th September 2001

Ridley Scott and Ewan McGregor are among the judges of this year’s TCM Classic Shorts competition.

The competition is part of the 45th London Film Festival.

Other judges on the panel include Mark Herman, the director of Little Voice, John Madden who directed Shakespeare In Love, and Anthony Mingella.

The winner of the competition will receive £10,000 and have their film shown on satellite channel TCM and at the festival.

The announcement of the winner will be made at a celebrity prize-giving ceremony on November 13.

Source: Ananova

Thank you Athenia for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, November 8, 2001 // 09:41 p.m.


Exclusive: It’s A Girl!


While we don’t normally go in for Hello-style news - we can make an exception for Ewan McGregor. It seems congratulations are in order for Ewan and his wife Ève who have a new addition to their family. Eve gave birth to a baby girl a week and a half ago, and Empire Online can exclusively reveal the wee ’un’s name - Esther Rose. All together now - aaaah!

Source: Empire Online

Congratulations, Ève and Ewan!!!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 // 07:29 a.m.


Ewan is one of a slew of celebrities (Jude Law and Sadie Frost are among the large list) expected to attend the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie in London this Sunday, Nov. 4 at Odeon Leicester Square. The world premiere will be webcast live worldwide on www.warnerbros.co.uk and in the United States on www.harrypotter.com.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, November 2, 2001 // 05:28 p.m.


The nominations have been announced for the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards. Moulin Rouge is up for 10 awards: Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Supporting Actor (Richard Roxburgh), Best Actress (Nicole Kidman), Best Actor (Ewan), Best Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Film. The awards ceremony is being held November 16 with a live telecast on the Seven Network at 8:30pm.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Thursday, November 1, 2001 // 01:53 p.m.


Black Hawk Down moves into Oscar consideration

Story filed: 09:19 Wednesday 31st October 2001

Black Hawk Down has had its US release date brought forward.

Ridley Scott’s film will now be eligible for next year’s Oscars.

Black Hawk Down stars Ewan McGregor, Josh Hartnett and Jason Isaacs.

It is an action-drama about the ill-fated 1993 battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, during which 18 US Army Rangers were killed.

Black Hawk Down was originally due to be released in the US on March 1, but will now have a limited release in Los Angeles and New York on December 28. That makes it eligible for nomination for the Oscars in March.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott showed the film to executives at the film studio two weeks ago and they made the decision to release it early.

The film is due to be released in the UK next year.

Source: Ananova

The Black Hawk Down official site lists its (wide) release date as January 18th, 2002.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 // 10:29 p.m.


The official Black Hawk Down site has been updated with some cool Flash animation (Flash 5 plugin required) that features 3 pictures of Ewan.

Thanks to Joy the Lemur for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, October 27, 2001 // 08:34 a.m.


Ewan and co. spotted in London

Wed, Oct 24, 01 11:49:25 AM EDT

An insider Krayt chimes in:

George Lucas and Ewan McGregor were spotted in London and Ealing yesterday. A friend of mine has been in touch with JAK and has confirmed that they are back in their offices in Elstree Studios, Borehamwood. They’ve mentioned that filming will begin on Monday for 3 days (wrapping Wednesday).

This looks to be the final round of pick-up shots that were slated for filming earlier in the year.

Source: TheForce.Net

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Fox to Re-Release `Moulin Rouge’ on November 21st; As Film Opens to Huge European B.O., Film To Return to the Big Screen for Awards Consideration

Updated: Mon, Oct 22 7:59 PM EDT

Los Angeles (Entertainment Wire) - Twentieth Century Fox will re-release Moulin Rouge on Wednesday, November 21 in special engagements in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, it was announced today by Bruce Snyder, Fox’s president of domestic distribution.

Moulin Rouge recently has enjoyed worldwide box-office success - including number-one openings in France and the U.K. As awards season kicks into high gear, Moulin Rouge has already received several honors, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Ewan McGregor) and Best Actress (Nicole Kidman) awards from The Hollywood Film Festival; the MTV Awards’ Best Video of the Year ("Lady Marmalade") and Best Video From a Film; the World Soundtrack Awards’ Best Original Song ("Come What May"), Best Discovery of the Year (composer Craig Armstrong) and Best Adaptation of Pre-Existing Music in Film; and the American Choreography Awards’ Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film (John O’Connell).

Commented Bruce Snyder: "It has been thrilling to witness the excitement that Moulin Rouge has received from so many different areas of our culture. The film’s success has transcended box-office numbers; people seem to still be clamoring for it in ways that none of us at Fox could have predicted. We’re pleased to bring Moulin Rouge back to theaters, where people can re-experience the magic of Baz Luhrmann’s incredible world on the big screen - or if they haven’t yet seen it, to discover what everyone is talking about."

Moulin Rouge, from visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, is a celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, but above all things, love - set in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Paris nightclub, circa 1900. Director Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet) brings together gorgeous period design and modern-era pop tunes to create a unique comic/tragic motion picture experience. Nicole Kidman portrays Satine, the Sparkling Diamond, star of the Moulin Rouge and the city’s most famous courtesan. Satine is caught between the love of a young writer and another man’s obsession. Ewan McGregor is the writer, Christian, who finds himself plunged into this decadent world where anything goes - except falling in love.

Luhrmann captures his euphorically high-style vision of a tragic-comical, glamorous underworld through a very contemporary lens. The result recreates for today’s audiences, the heady, decadent thrills that enthralled patrons of the Moulin Rouge a century ago.

Twentieth Century Fox is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a unit of Fox Entertainment Group.

Source: Excite News

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Daddy role is a stroll for Ewan

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Ewan McGregor was taking the impending arrival of a new baby daughter in his stride yesterday.

The Moulin Rouge star and his wife Ève looked calm as they strolled in London’s Hampstead - even though their second child is due within days.

Devoted dad Ewan said he was "overjoyed" last month when tests revealed the baby will be a little sister for their daughter Clara, five.

He seemed less excited at leading a poll of great Scots - well ahead of penicillin discoverer Alexander Fleming. Images of the top 100 will make a frieze in Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery.

Source: Daily Record

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Murder On The High Seas


A balmy Carribbean shoot may be just what the doctor ordered after the gruelling mortar fire of Black Hawk Down. And, luckily, that’s exactly what’s on the cards as Ewan McGregor makes plans to join Heath Ledger in ocean-bound thriller Nautica.

McGregor and the Knight’s Tale star have begun negotiations for two of three main roles in the film, set on a yacht en-route to the Bahamas. Directed by Ted Demme (Blow), the film tells of a murder, the events surrounding which are subsequently re-told three times, from the different perspectives of each of the passengers on board.

Nautica has been described as a throwback to such thrillers as Body Heat and Dead Calm. Shooting will begin next year.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter.

Source: Empire Online

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, October 15, 2001 // 12:30 p.m.


Moulin Rouge has been doing wonderful business around the world, recently retaking the number 1 box office spot in the UK. The film has made $53.7 million internationally, not including the US. And has not yet been released in Germany, Spain or Japan.

And Nicole and Ewan’s duet of ’Come What May’ entered at the UK music charts at No. 27.

Lastly, just wanted to do a listing of all the mags that Ewan has been spotted in recently (please note, this is not a complete list and some of these issues are probably not available on newstands anymore):

  • Empire (Oct.)
  • Entertainment Weekly (Oct. 5)
  • Hot Dog (Oct. + Nov.)
  • Total Film (Oct.)
  • US Premiere (Oct.)
  • Film Review (Oct)
  • Star Wars Insider
  • Austrailian InStyle (Oct. + Sept.)
  • UK Company Magazine (Oct.)
  • UK Esquire (Sept.)
  • The Face (Aug.)
  • Radio Times (Oct. 6)
  • Daily Mail Night & Day (Sept. 29)
  • Caledonia (Aug.)

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McGregor may open Star Wars show

Wednesday, 10 October, 2001, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK

A Scottish council is in negotiations with Hollywood star Ewan McGregor to open an exhibition of memorabilia from the Star Wars films.

Edinburgh City Council said on Wednesday it hoped the Crieff-born actor would attend the launch of the exhibition in March next year.

This would coincide with the expected release date of the new film - Attack of the Clones - in which McGregor resumes his role as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Around 200 original objects from the first four films will be on show when The Art of Star Wars exhibition comes north for its only Scottish date at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre.

At the media launch for the exhibition, the council’s recreation director Herbert Coutts said: "We are having discussions with a number of celebrities.

"We must be careful about actually reporting before any agreements are concluded but there is a celebrity we are hoping to contact, a particular Scottish-born movie star we are having discussions with."

Mr Coutts later admitted that he was referring to Mr McGregor who appeared in the last Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace.

He added: "We are making contact, we are only just starting to talk about that and it would be unwise to say that anything is definite."

The council’s executive member for leisure and culture said that he hoped the event would be as popular with Scots as a Star Trek exhibition held six years ago.

’Unique opportunity’

Steve Cardownie said: "This is a unique opportunity for Scottish fans to enter the world of Star Wars."

The Art of Star Wars has already proved to be a huge hit south of the Border.

The exhibition attracted 150,000 visitors during its run last year at the Barbican Centre in London, making it the biggest show the arts centre has ever staged.

It will run in Edinburgh between 23 March and 8 September following its current run in Helsinki, Finland.

Among the hundreds of exhibits are conceptual drawings of the two central characters R2-D2 and C-3PO, costumes for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader along with a selection of Queen Amidala’s gowns from the last film.

The exhibition will also include sound and visual effects, original models of fighter aircraft and Star Wars games for visitors.

Anthony Daniels, the actor who has played C-3PO in all of the Star Wars movies, is expected to attend the Edinburgh leg of the exhibition.

It will also be supported by Glasgow-based Trisha Biggar, who designed of all the costumes for the recent films.

Source: BBC News

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, October 11, 2001 // 08:04 a.m.


You can read about all the details of the charity screening of Moulin Rouge and auction that happened last night in London at Empire Online. Pictures from the event are to be posted later on today according to Empire Online. The event raised about £7,500 for the Children’s Hospice of Scotland (Rachel House is part of this organization).

Thanks to Catherine for the notice about this.

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On last night’s TV

Europe Intelligence Wire
Source: The Express, October 08, 2001
Edited by Charlotte Civil Laura Kibby

Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor swapped his light sabre for a machete when he joined Ray Meers in the jungle for some survival training.

In the first of a new series, Trips Money Can’t Buy With Ewan McGregor (BBC1), the destination was the Mosquito Coast of Honduras.

Despite fast becoming Hollywood’s most popular Scot, McGregor showed he can still get his hands dirty. Mind you, like most of us, he was not averse to grumbling about it when the going got tough.

His trip was portrayed as a threeday trek into the jungle to look at ancient archaeological sites, but it was really just an excuse to let him indulge in some Boys’ Own-style adventures. Once he had managed to sling his hammock between trees without getting bitten by a snake, the survival training began in earnest.

Meers was intent on showing the enthusiastic actor every way to find water in an emergency. He could dig a hole in the trunk of a banana tree, hack a hole in the side of a piece of cane and, most innovative of all, give a quick chop to a vine and then suck the water that dripped out.

All very valuable stuff, I’m sure, but I was forced to wonder whether it was really necessary in a rainforest. After all, the torrential downpour did not seem to let up throughout McGregor’s trip. Why not just put out a bucket?

One got the impression McGregor had just left a glitzy film set and, at times, his amazement at the savage world he was plunged into seemed to overwhelm him. However, his jokes even managed to get the stony-faced Meers to crack a smile once or twice.

The best was when McGregor was winding tree bark into string and quipped: "You just can’t get bark like you used to." A member of the film crew shouted back with: "It doesn’t grow on trees, you know."

Indeed, one of the most refreshing aspect of the programme was the presence of the crew in front of the camera. Their antics, including soundman Andy’s accidental dousing in the river, brought a camaraderie to the expedition that seemed to be lacking in the teacher-pupil relationship between the gregarious McGregor and the selfcontained Meers.

Source: Variety (subscription required)

Thank you Perditum for the heads up!

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Black Hawk Down teaser poster

Coming Attractions has unveiled the poster!

Thank you xcbug for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, October 10, 2001 // 07:35 a.m.


Ewan’s Polar Bear documentary will be aired on Animal Planet TV in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Australia on World Animal Day 2001 which is this coming Sunday, October 7. It does not seem they will be airing this in the United States. Check local listings for the various times they will be airing this. Animal Planet in the US appears to only be airing Brad Pitt’s documentary on Grizzly Bears for World Animal Day.

If you would to ask Animal Planet why they are not airing Ewan’s documentary, you can email them at viewer_relations@discovery.com.

Thanks to Nonglak for passing this info along.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, October 5, 2001 // 02:33 p.m.


Londoner’s Diary: Auction Fright

Europe Intelligence Wire
Source: Evening Standard, October 03, 2001, Page 12

Ewan McGregor is feeling shy and is appealing to Diary readers to take his place as auctioneer at a charity auction.

The Scottish actor has arranged a special screening of his latest film, Moulin Rouge in the Everyman Theatre in Hampstead on 9 October, and has also donated signed memorabilia from both Moulin Rouge and Star Wars for the auction, in aid of the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland which McGregor has supported since his daughter Clara was taken ill with meningitis.

But although McGregor was single-handedly brave enough to battle Darth Vader, equipped only with a light-sabre, he is rather more timid about taking up the gavel at the Everyman. ’I don’t want to do it myself,’ says Ewan plaintively, ’does anyone know any good auctioneers?’

If only Jeffrey Archer hadn’t been such a naughty boy…

Source: Variety

Thank you Perditum for the heads up!

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The official Black Hawk Down site is up:


It doesn’t contain much right now (a link to the trailer and a way to register for "upcoming events, promotions & sweepstakes") but they will add more material to it soon, I hope! (suggestion: we want to see pictures of Ewan!)

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, October 3, 2001 // 12:38 p.m.


The official Black Hawk Down trailer is available for download in Quicktime format from www.apple.com/trailers/columbia/black_hawk_down

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Amazon.com has finally listed details for the Moulin Rouge DVD (where you can also find a larger image of the cover). You can pre-order it today. It’s release date is December 18 and it will be a two disc set:

Edition Details:

  • Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
  • Theatrical trailer(s)

Disc One:

  • Production commentary by Baz Luhrman, Catherine Martin and Don McAlpine
  • Writing commentary by Baz Luhrman and Craig Pearce
  • 8 behind the scenes branches

Disc Two:

  • The Making of Moulin Rouge HBO Special
  • 5 "Star" featurettes
  • Earlier drafts of screenplay
  • 6 extended scenes & 4 re-cut dance sequences
  • Interview with John "Cha Cha" O’Connell and Caroline O’Conner
  • Dance pre-shoots
  • 3 multi-angle dance sequences
  • 2 music vides, live MTV performance, design and marketing gallery, and over 10 easter eggs
  • Widescreen anamorphic format

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Hunt is on for Scots of the century

Frank O’Donnell and Claire Gardner

The panoply of great Scots featured in William Hole’s gilded frieze will be joined - albeit digitally - by 20th century luminaries such as Oor Wullie, Billy Connolly, Dolly the Sheep and Alexander Fleming.

A MAJOR campaign has been launched to find the Greatest Scots of the 20th Century.

Over the next four months, the public will have the chance to vote both on-line and via hundreds of post boxes set up in libraries, for the Scot who has made the greatest contribution over the past 100 years.

The winners of the vote will be announced next April and will feature in a modern, digital update of the stunning 19th century Frieze of Scots by William Hole, which dominates the entrance hall to the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

Several leading Scots have already agreed to support the poll, by joining a special selection committee which will scrutinise the votes when the polls close in January.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, enterprise minister Wendy Alexander, entrepreneur Michelle Mone, Scotland football coach Craig Brown and Channel 4’s Stuart Cosgrove are among those judging the event.

The poll has been set up by the Edinburgh-based Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network (SCRAN) - the world’s largest on-line library of cultural artefacts - who have teamed up with ICL, the leading IT solutions company.

Bruce Royan, chief executive of SCRAN, said about 100 categories had been created, including lists of famous Scottish actors, singers and inventors. But he said people could put up suggestions of their own.

"One schoolgirl voted for her gran, which was rather sweet," he said.

As well as having the opportunity to log votes via the internet, ballot boxes have been put in libraries and secondary schools. "This is to ensure that a cross-section of people vote," said Mr Royan.

"Once the final names have been decided on, we will make a digital frieze to sit alongside the one from the National Portrait Gallery. When it’s finished, it will be an important piece of public art," he added.

So far, more than 1000 votes have been cast, with a current top five of Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, Alexander Fleming, John Logie Baird and Jock Stein.

Other more obscure votes have included Dolly the Sheep, Oor Wullie, Henrik Larsson, the Krankies, Britney Spears and the "man who invented Irn-Bru".

The final 100 Scottish heroes and icons will be immortalised on-line.

Mr Royan explained that the idea stemmed from a project to create a digital interactive copy of the famous people who featured in the original Frieze of Scots in the National Portrait Gallery.

It was suggested that, as the last entry was 1890, it would be interesting to see whom people would vote for in the 20th century.

Scott McGlinchey, the director of ICL Scotland, said that potentially hundreds of thousands of people could vote.

"People all over the world can have their say," he said. "Which means that potentially it could be the biggest on-line voting system in the whole of Europe."

However, he admitted that they had no way of making sure that each person voted only once.

"We say it’s only one vote for every man, woman or child, but there is really no way of checking that," he said.

"If people want to vote more than once, well good luck to them. At least it shows that they’re interested."

Mr McGlinchey, who voted for Alexander Fleming, said he thought famous actors, such as Sean Connery or Billy Connolly, would be popular choices.

He added: "Scotland has a wonderful national heritage. Not only does SCRAN’s Scots of the Century project celebrate the great Scots who have put the country on the worldwide map over the years, it also embraces modern technology."

Counting and collating these votes, a massive undertaking, will be carried out during February and March 2002, and the final 100 names will be announced at the end of April 2002.

People can cast votes for the Greatest Scot of the 20th Century at the following address: http://greatscots.scran.com

Source: The Scotsman

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Italian Moulin Rouge press conference

Cinematografo has a 53-minute streaming video of a press conference with Ewan, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin. Ewan looks incredible:

Zumapress has several delicious pictures of Ewan which were taken last Monday in Rome.

Sadly they do not sell their pictures to the public. However, we can always hope that a few magazines will print them for our viewing enjoyment.

Thank you Tracy, Josie and Amanda for the heads up!

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Ewan’s jungle documentary

Ewan and Ray Mears

At the beginning of this year, Ewan went on a 10-day trek with survival expert Ray Mears in the South American jungle. Mears taught Ewan what’s edible, how to use a machete and how to avoid things that bite in the night.

The resulting documentary, Trips Money Can’t Buy will air on Thursday October 11th at 8pm on BBC1 in the U.K.

There’s no word yet if this will air on BBC America or BBC Canada. Neither cable network has aired Ewan’s polar bear documentary, The Bear Facts, which aired on BBC Choice last July.

Thank you Josie for the heads up and Shirley Ann for the great pics!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, September 24, 2001 // 12:52 p.m.


Ewan McGregor says he almost lost the will to live during a 10-day expedition to Honduras

The actor was accompanied by survival expert Ray Mears for the televised adventure which involved lugging rafts over tree trunks, chopping firewood and pitching hammocks.

The pair were looking for remains of a lost civilisation, known only as the Prehistoric People of the Mosquito Coast with Dr Chris Begley, from the University of Kentucky but it almost proved too much for McGregor.

He said: "I just about lost the will to live. You’ve got to watch every step in the jungle - there are deadly snakes, poisonous spiders and it’s very easy to get lost.

"It’s been quite an extraordinary experience for me, quite an amazing place to be. Really beautiful, beautiful forest, but very hard to be in."

Ray Mears was impressed by McGregor’s spirit and determination on the expedition.

He said: "Ewan was great to have around. He’s such a fast learner and was always entertaining company on what was a very difficult trip - I was very impressed."

The one-off documentary Trips Money Can’t Buy With Ewan McGregor is on BBC1 on Thursday October 11 at 8pm.

Source: Ananova

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Win tickets to see Ewan McGregor

The Everyman Cinema in London has persuaded local boy Ewan McGregor to head up a charity screening of Moulin Rouge and we’ve got two tickets to give away to the screening on 9 October which will be followed by an audience Q&A session with Ewan. There will also be an auction of exclusive signed memorabilia from the cast of Moulin and Star Wars. All the proceeds from both the screening and the auction will go to the charity of Ewan’s choice - The Children’s Hospice Association Scotland.

How do I win? Details of how to enter the competition will be sent out on Monday 1 October to everyone who subscribes to our newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber (it’s free, by the way) then click here to register.

If you don’t fancy your chances with the competition, you can reserve seats (there is a strictly limited seat allocation) by emailing the Everyman here. Seats in the stalls cost £15, the gallery is £25. You can also book tickets by calling the box office on 020 7431 1777.

For full details of this and other events, check out the Everyman homepage here.

Source: Empire Online

Thank you Josie and Chris for the heads up!

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Ewan McGregor to judge film competition

Story filed: 14:19 Wednesday 19th September 2001

Ridley Scott and Ewan McGregor are among the judges of this year’s TCM Classic Shorts competition.

The competition is part of the 45th London Film Festival.

Other judges on the panel include Mark Herman, the director of Little Voice, John Madden who directed Shakespeare In Love, and Anthony Mingella.

The winner of the competition will receive £10,000 and have their film shown on satellite channel TCM and at the festival.

The announcement of the winner will be made at a celebrity prize-giving ceremony on November 13.

Source: Ananova

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, September 19, 2001 // 09:53 a.m.


UK Actors’ union opts for strike

Tuesday, 18 September, 2001, 13:34 GMT 14:34

McGregor is currently starring in Moulin Rouge The UK film industry could be brought to a standstill after actors’ union Equity instructed its members to refuse work on all UK feature films from December.

The union has been negotiating with film studios over rights for bonus payments for more than a year.

Julie Walters and Ewan McGregor are among the household names who have pledged their support to the campaign.

The decision, taken on Tuesday, affects more than 36,000 actors in the UK.

If the strike goes ahead, it could affect production on high-profile films such as the latest James Bond movie.

However, the union is currently in separate negotiation with Warner Bros over a sequel to the first Harry Potter film.

A spokesman for Equity told BBC News Online: "Equity council has issued an instruction to all Equity members to refuse contracts for work on all UK feature films from the 1 December onwards."


Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, pledging his support, said he was "tired of making producers and distributors rich while I and my fellow actors are exploited".

A host of other actors including Simon Callow, Ricky Tomlinson and Caroline Quentin have also added their support.

The spokesman added: "The last thing we want to do is damage UK feature film production and the last thing we want to do is damage UK actors’ ability to get work on feature films."

Equity is pushing to renegotiate a contract with the Producers’ Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT) over rights for bonus payments.

At the moment British actors receive one flat fee in advance when their films are shown on television, or sold on video or DVD.

But they get nothing extra for further screenings of their work, unlike their American counterparts.

Equity wants financial rewards to be linked to the success of individual films.

Toward the end of August PACT offered to introduce a system of payments linked to a film’s use.

But Equity is not happy that performers would actually see any extra money in the near future and rejected the offer triggering a final consultation process leading to a possible strike.

Equity acknowledged that PACT has moved someway to meeting the union’s demands and is hopeful of continued negotiations.

Source: BBC Online

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, September 18, 2001 // 01:03 p.m.


Actors meet agents over strike threat

Monday, 10 September, 2001, 17:10 GMT 18:10 UK

The final countdown to a possible strike by UK actors over pay and conditions is to get under way on Tuesday.

The actors union Equity is to meet with its members’ agents to get them on their side in an escalating dispute over rights for bonus payments.

Many household names - including Ewan McGregor - have pledged their support to the campaign, which threatens to bring the UK film industry to a standstill.

"I am tired of making producers and distributors rich while I and my fellow actors are exploited," the Star Wars and Moulin Rouge actor said in a message to Equity offering his support for the campaign.

A host of other actors including Simon Callow, Ricky Tomlinson and Caroline Quentin also added their support.

Equity is pushing to renegotiate a contract with the Producers’ Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT) over rights for bonus payments.

In the UK, actors are paid a flat advance for future broadcasts of films, video and DVD sales and other uses.

They get nothing extra, no matter how successful a film is.

Toward the end of August PACT offered to introduce a system of payments linked to a film’s use.

But Equity is not happy that performers would actually see any extra money in the near future and rejected the offer triggering a final consultation process leading to a possible strike.

This begins on Tuesday with a meeting with actors’ agents.

Equity spokesman Martin Brown said: "It’s very important that the agents are behind our dispute and its crucial that they understand the issues here."

Then, on Sunday, every member of Equity is invited to an open meeting in London to discuss the issues.

The following Tuesday Equity’s elected council will meet and decide whether to issue the instruction to its members to strike.

Source: BBC Online

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

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Sing when you’re winning

With Moulin Rouge, Ewan McGregor proves that he’s more than just a cheeky actor. He can sing too. Here he talks to WOW! about musicals, motorbikes and making Elton John hip again.

The Ewan McGregor interview

The first thing that strikes you about Ewan McGregor is just how much a man of the people he is. In London to talk about his latest film, Baz Luhrmann’s kaleidoscopic musical Moulin Rouge, McGregor is clearly more excited about the fact that later on today, he’ll be riding a motorbike at very, very high speeds.

“It’s my passion,” he smiles, “and always will be. Until the day I break every bone in my body. I managed to convince the producers of Moulin Rouge to insure me on my bike, so I think now that I’ve got my foot in the door now for future shoots. I’ll be able to bike my way around every film shoot. Magic.” Just to prove his love of motorbiking, McGregor produces a man-size leather baby-grow, donated to him for today’s photo shoot. It looks pretty naff, of course, but chances are, when McGregor puts it on… well, it’s going to look pretty naff still. For all his success and fame, Ewan McGregor is – apart from his trademark rogueish grin - somewhat ordinary. Put him in a line-up alongside Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Hartnett, Jim Cavievel and his mate Jude Law, and you’d soon spot that one of these film stars is not like the other. Not that Ewan McGregor doesn’t have his female followers too; you can never underestimate the power of a cheeky grin coupled with a Scottish accent.

“I was just talking about the Scottish accent to someone in Cannes the other day,” comments McGregor, “and it’s definitely true; there’s something very appealing, in a naughty kind of way, about the Scottish accent. It’s hard to define what it is; maybe it’s the hard man image – the kind of Celtic Asterix thing – or maybe it’s the fact that Scotland – like Ireland – has been oppressed for so long, people feel an instant sympathy. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m not exactly complaining either. It’s helped me in many a situation, and with many a lady.”

Not that McGregor would ever use his accent for anything other than his work these days. Happily married to French production designer Ève (the two having met on the set of Kavanagh QC in 1994), with five-year old daughter Clara in tow, McGregor keeps all his flirtations firmly for the camera. Even if the tabloids said otherwise when it came to his Moulin Rouge co-star, Nicole Kidman.

“Yeah, you’re always going to be susceptible to that kind of arse really,” offers McGregor. “Complete nonsense, of course. Nicole was still very much with Tom whilst we were making the film, and you don’t tend to mess around with the wife of someone like that. We became good friends, of course, as you would when you’re making a film where you’ve got to sing your heart out to one another, so when they did split up, I felt for her enormously. She was very brave to face the press in Cannes, given what she’d just been through.”

It was at Cannes that Moulin Rouge received its world premiere (receiving, perhaps inevitably, both ecstatic and indifferent reviews), but McGregor had already sat down to watch the movie with director Baz and co-star, Richard Roxburgh, in a London screening room. A man who makes an average of four movies a year (with 30 to his credit so far), McGregor was nonetheless on the edge of his seat when the on-screen curtains finally rolled back for Moulin Rouge.

“I don’t tend to get all that excited about seeing my own films, no,” smiles McGregor. “I often feel I’ve moved on to something else, and it’s no longer mine, but with Moulin Rouge, I felt we’d aimed very high, and I was nervous as hell as to whether we’d reached our goals. And for the first fifteen minutes or so, as you’re hit with all these colours and characters and wild camera angles, you’re pretty much punch drunk in your seat. But then the love story kicks in – really from the scene where Nicole and I first meet – and I was gripped. I was jumping up and down, biting my nails, screaming, wondering what was going to happen to these people. Even though I’d actually been through it all before…”

And the fact that the film opens telling us of the death of Satine, the beautiful, trapped singer who’s the star attraction at Moulin Rouge, the infamous 1890s Paris nightclub where pretty much anything goes. For a price. Into this decadent wonderland walks poet and aspiring songwriter Christian (McGregor), a dreamer who quickly falls in love with the dream that Satine is peddling. All he has to offer her is his undying love, but for the club’s owner, Zidler (Jim Broadbent), that’s not enough, and so Satine is promised to the sweaty-palmed and filthy rich Duke of Worcester (Roxburgh).

“And the great thing was that the Duke, or should I say Richard, said to me after the screening, ‘I feel like I’ve just come fourteen times’. We were both completely swept up in it. When I watched it for the second time, in Cannes, I became much more aware of myself in it. But I think that’s just an actor’s thing. I became more and more aware of how I might be playing a scene, and if I looked knackered, things like that. I wear reading glasses, so I took them off and put them in my pocket so I couldn’t see it so clearly. And I enjoyed it much more then, because I stopped looking at me.”

Not that Ewan had a gay old time in Cannes. The critics were snooty, the tabloids were chasing Nicole, and Moulin Rouge didn’t quite reach the heights he and his fellow artists had been expecting.

“It pissed me off that at the press conference at Cannes, the journalists were only interested in Nicole’s separation,” he states flatly. “The French press are very minty – and I can say this because I’m married to a French girl – and they over-intellectualise every single nuance. Asking things like, ‘How were you hoping to effect the world with this movie?’, and I’m just like, ‘Fuck off’. So there was a lot of that, and a lot of the Tom and Nicole questions, which I felt was unfortunate. I felt very much for Nicole, but she dealt with it like a trooper. I was disappointed after that, I must say. It didn’t get the kind of reception that I thought it would, but people told me that Cannes is like that. They’re all too cool to actually jump up and down about anything.”

That said, this Carry On For Swinging Eggheads is unlikely to enchant Joe Sixpack completely either, given that it’s such a rush…

“You’re probably right,” muses McGregor. “I couldn’t see this playing as a film for all the family. But that’s what makes it so special really. At a time when everyone’s trying very, very hard to reach a big audience – and it’s true of independents as it is of the big studios – to have a film that doesn’t compromise, that doesn’t try to be liked but demands to be loved, well, that’s something to be applauded right there.”

Another aspect of Moulin Rouge that deserves to be applauded was Luhrmann’s brainwave of taking popular lyrics of this generation – such as Like A Virgin, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Diamond Dogs – and having them reshaped and remodelled for the Moulin Rouge cabaret. This is a movie that, thanks to McGregor’s surprisingly confident rendition of Your Song, just might make Elton John hip again. The results may not always be glorious - though seeing an army of top-hat-&-tails chanting, “Here we are now/Entertain Us/I feel stupid/And contagious” is pretty hard to beat – but Moulin Rouge definitely deserves to be seen. Which isn’t something you could say about every Ewan McGregor movie.

Making his debut appearance in Dennis Potter’s 1993 musical drama Lipstick On Your Collar, McGregor came to notice with Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, his career going into overdrive two years later with Trainspotting, the Hippest Movie of 1996 (to give it its full title). Within a year, McGregor was proving that he was equally at home in art house (The Pillow Book) and costume drama (Emma) as he was in kitchen sink realism (Brassed Off) and shite (Nightwatch). A quick glance at his more recent output shows that the years haven’t changed this young Scottish tyke. Alongside Moulin Rouge (art house with a budget), there’s Nora (earnest costume drama about our Jimmy and his mott), Black Hawk Down (true-life war drama) and Eye Of The Beholder (more shite).

“I don’t really have any gameplan when it comes to choosing the films I make,” nods McGregor when I mention his, eh, eclectic CV. “Often, you’re reacting to something you’ve just done, in that, if you’ve just been running around in a corset and a wig for six months, the idea of playing a killer loose in New York or whatever has a healing quality about it. I’d accept the fact that not everything I’ve done has worked, but I think that’s pretty much true of everyone who’s an artist of any sort. The ones who don’t make mistakes are the legends, and I don’t think I’ll ever fit into that tight little box.”

Still, the University of Ulster have just made McGregor him a Doctor Of Letters, for his services to drama and film. University vice-chancellor, professor Gerry McKenna, said at the ceremony, “Ewan is among the most outstanding actors of his generation. He is also admired and respected by those who wish to follow in his footsteps”. And so on, and so forth.

“It was pretty moving, actually,” smiles McGregor. “I brought my dad, Jim, along, and we were both there, in our kilts, and I could see that something like this, being in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, with all these students cheering, that probably meant more to my dad than if I’d picked up an Oscar. He felt this was more real, something more tangible.”

Talking of dads, time for a little thumbnail history. Born Ewan Gordon McGregor on March 31st, 1971 in the little Scottish village of Crieff, Perthshire, dad Jim was a PE teacher and mum Carol, a special needs teacher. Older brother Colin (“much more dynamic than me”) is now an RAF pilot, whilst uncle Denis Lawson – star of Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero – was the inspiration behind Ewan’s choice of career. Denis recently directed his nephew in Little Malcolm And The Struggle Against The Eunuchs, at the Hampstead Theatre Club.

“I think having a solid family is a wonderful thing to have when you get into my line of work,” McGregor offers. “It’s so easy to get a little bit crazy, to believe your own hype, to get carried away with the showbiz glamour of it all, and having mum and dad, and Colin, and Denis, helps a lot. Of course, the most grounding of them all is having your own little family, and with Ève and Clara, I have found a much more – how should I put it? – let’s say, stable way of living.”

And come October, Ewan’s own little family will be that little bit bigger, with a second child on the way. Our time is nearly up though, so I decide to shoot out a few short, sharp questions.

You co-produced and starred (as James Joyce) in last year’s Nora; were you disappointed that it didn’t set box-offices alight?

“I don’t think it was that kind of movie really. It’s a fascinating story, and Susan Lynch did an incredible job playing Nora, but we all knew going into it that Nora wasn’t the kind of film that was going to pack ‘em in at the local multiplex. It worked though, which is the main thing. Films like that tend to stick around.”

Straight after the Moulin Rouge shoot in Sydney, you walked onto the set of Star Wars Episode 2, to pick up your light sabre as Obi-Wan Kenobi once again. Can you tell us even just a little bit about that?

“I can tell you it was hot when we shot outdoors, that I don’t die, and – what else? – oh yeah, it looks really, really cool. Actually, I can’t really tell you anything, otherwise George Lucas would have me shot. Right here, on the spot. The man’s so wealthy, he has roving assassins following everyone who works on his films, just to make sure they don’t reveal any details.”

Were you happy with Episode 1?

“I thought it was great fun. I think some people wanted The Matrix, others wanted Blade Runner, but if you go back and look at the original Star Wars movies, they’re just raving matinees. They’re Flash Gordon, they’re Indiana Jones; they’re just action adventure dressed up in hi-tech gear. But I can understand the kind of devotion these films get. Only trouble is, if you tried to carry all those expectations on your back when you’re making another chapter, you’d go crazy.”

Future plans?

“Increase my workload to ten films a year, and then take over the world. Once I’ve had a spin on my bike, of course.”

Paul Byrne
©WOW! 2001

Source: Wow!

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Ewan snubbed … he’s too famous

James Hall

Critical success: Ewan McGregor, main, was forced to find alternative finance for his latest film, Young Adam, which will also star Tilda Swinton

Ewan McGregor, Britain’s most successful young actor, has launched a savage attack on the nation’s film funding bodies, saying they are refusing to back him because of his Hollywood stardom.

McGregor, whose current movie Moulin Rouge has taken more than £40m worldwide, says UK funding boards turned down requests for help on his latest Scottish project because of his celebrity status.

The actor, who beat a host of stars to win the lead in the Star Wars prequels, said the boards’ anti-success attitude was making it increasingly difficult to produce money-making films in Britain.

McGregor spoke out after several film funding bodies turned down requests for financial assistance on Young Adam - a film adapted from the novel by Scot Alexander Trocchi, which was due to start filming in Glasgow last week.

McGregor appealed personally to the boards after a major backer pulled out on the eve of production, but says he was refused at all turns.

"We went everywhere we could think of in Britain to try and get the money we needed to make the film - Filmfour, the British Film Commission, everywhere, but they wouldn’t give me any money because I’m well known," McGregor said. "What we are supposed to do is make a film with no stars in it, which makes me despair.

"I have always tried to stay in Britain and make British movies. I’m a British actor, my career is based on my British work and I am not being funded in Britain because I am successful."

McGregor added that this kind of refusal would only encourage more home-grown talent to defect to Hollywood. "A lot of actors, actresses and directors become famous in Britain and go straight to America: I never wanted to do that," he said. "I am not American and want to make British films, but it seems to be getting harder and harder.

"All we needed for Young Adam was some more cash. It has been refinanced with money that is probably not from Britain."

Shooting on the film, in which McGregor will play the lead opposite Tilda Swinton, will commence next spring after a foreign backer stepped in.

The movie tells the tale of a loner who gets work travelling on a barge between Glasgow and Edinburgh, when he finds the body of a woman in the canal.

The attack by McGregor, the nation’s most bankable male star after Sir Sean Connery, will heap further pressure on film funding bodies, which have been accused of wasting millions of pounds on projects that will never be commercially successful.

Evidence from the European Union Lumiere project to track actual ticket sales revealed this summer that one film, Life of Stuff, had sold only 304 tickets at the UK box office despite having been awarded a lottery grant of £1m. Of five Scottish film productions which shared more than £3m in lottery cash in recent years, by this summer only one - The Winter Guest, starring Emma Thompson - had earned enough at the box office to pay back part of its grant.

In January the Film Council, set up by the government to oversee financing of British films, came under fire for "wasting" nearly £100m of lottery money. Only one of 11 films it had funded, An Ideal Husband, starring Rupert Everett and Minnie Driver, recouped the investment.

However, amongst the ‘failures’ were critical successes such as Ratcatcher, There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble and Hideous Kinky, and the major players in the film funding world last night rejected McGregor’s claims.

The council said the actor - who is a partner in his own production company, Natural Nylon - had simply not provided enough reassurance about the viability of Young Adam. The council said that McGregor had approached it and not the British Film Commission and that while it was true the body had rejected his immediate call for cash, this had nothing to do with his star status.

"He came to the Film Council and asked for money, but there were concerns over the budget for the film," said a spokesman. "We asked if they could redress that and said we would certainly consider it, but we never heard from them again.

"We would never turn productions down purely on the basis of who was starring in the film."

Filmfour could not be contacted for comment and Scottish Screen said it would have tried to help if it had been asked.

Kevin Cowle, locations operations manager with Scottish Screen, said: "I don’t think it is the case at all that we would reject Ewan McGregor. I think there’s a fear he might be too expensive. People have a great deal of admiration for what he is saying. It is everybody’s hope that we can keep home-grown stars here.

"He’s an international star - the star of Star Wars - and people think it’s not worth asking him because his agent would just turn it down. If that’s not the case, then great. If we can embrace people like him and make it worth their while staying, that would be great. We are trying to put money into projects that are likely to make money. We are in favour of getting big names."


The Winter Guest, starring Emma Thompson and her mother Phyllida Law, is one of the only grant-aided films in recent years to have made enough money to start paying back the lottery funds it received. By March it had already started repaying the £1m it had been awarded.

Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher won widespread critical acclaim but has, according to the last available figures, not yet made enough at the box office to repay its grant. The movie, set in Glasgow during the 1978/79 bin-collectors’ strike, was awarded more than £600,000 of its £2m production costs from lottery funds.

An Ideal Husband, with two bankable stars in Rupert Everett and Minnie Driver, is one of the most successful lottery-funded films of recent times. Its makers Pathe were awarded £1m, and the film quickly recouped that at the box office, with multi-million pound takings both here and in America.

Source: Scotland on Sunday

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If anyone managed to sit through last night’s MTV Video Music Awards (man 3 1/2 hours long!!), you would have seen the video for ’Lady Marmalade’ pick up a surprise win for Best Video of the Year as well as Best Video from a Film (the film being ’Moulin Rouge’ of course!).

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, September 7, 2001 // 10:34 a.m.


Read a first hand account of the Scotland premiere of Moulin Rouge that was held last night in Glasgow thanks to Pauline:

Ewan arrived and signed autographs outside and talked to the press etc about 10 mins before the film started. I didn’t see him enter the cinema as we were already at our seats. The interviews have been on the news today though and he said he wants to have a Scottish premiere for each of his films from now on. He said he didn’t have the status to get them organised before now but he set his mum onto it and she arranged everything for last night!

At about 8:00pm Elaine C. Smith (she’s a famous Scottish comedian) came down to introduce the movie and talked a little bit about the audio descriptive charity Ewan’s mum runs, which she is co-chair of, and how gorgeous Ewan is, she wouldn’t stop going on about that actually. :) Ewan’s mum was in the audience as well. A spokesperson from CHAS then came down and publicly thanked Ewan for all he has done and talked about how once a year he visits the children’s hospice, and although he enters as the "big celebrity" the children treat him like an uncle or big brother and that they now plan to build another hospice in Scotland.

Then Ewan himself came down, he looked a little embarassed at all the applause and cheering for him, and said "bloody hell." He was really down to earth and seems a very nice guy. He said how proud he was to be involved with the charity and it was very easy for him to give his time to it as he has a healthy little girl and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a child that is terminally ill. He also said the movie was "a cracker" and he enjoyed the nine month shoot with both Nicole and Baz. He then thanked everyone for coming and went back up to his seat, he stayed for the whole showing of the film.

Thanks again to Pauline for this account.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Thursday, September 6, 2001 // 11:20 a.m.


Ewan will miss the train on drug film sequel

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

FILM star Ewan McGregor has poured cold water on any chance of a Trainspotting reunion.

Last week, director Danny Boyle said he would ring Ewan - who played Renton in the drugs film - about the follow-up, Porno, now being penned by Irvine Welsh.

But yesterday, Ewan told the Record that he had not spoken to Danny or producer Andrew Macdonald since Trainspotting finished.

Asked whether he might do the film, Ewan said: "I would imagine no, because I haven’t heard from them."

Crieff-born Ewan had hoped to be in the frame for the lead in Boyle’s film The Beach - but the director snubbed him to give the role to Leonardo Di Caprio.

Ewan added: "It’s all very well saying we’re making a remake of Trainspotting with all the crew and the cast that were in the first one.

"But surely you should ask the cast first. But I would love to work in Scotland again. I miss working there."

Speaking before the London royal premiere of his big new movie, Moulin Rouge, Ewan explained that he should have been working on a short film Young Adam in Glasgow this week - but a financier pulled out.

He said he was frustrated because the British Film Commission said they’d have funded it if there were no stars in it.

He said: "I really despair. I’ve tried to stay in Britain and my career is based on my British work - but I’m not being funded in Britain because I’m successful."

Ewan revealed to the Record that his wife Eve is expecting a baby girl.

He said their five-year-old daughter Clara will really need her dad after the new arrival and he won’t let filming work interfere with that.

Ewan will be in Glasgow on Wednesday for the Scottish premiere of Moulin Rouge to raise funds for Rachel House children’s hospice in Kinross.

Source: Daily Record

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Showgirls greet Prince at Moulin Rouge premiere

A troupe of high-kicking, feather-plumed showgirls have greeted Prince Charles at the premiere of Moulin Rouge.

The cancan dancers from the Paris club Moulin Rouge lined up for Charles as he arrived in Leicester Square.

Scantily clad in shimmering red sequinned costumes, the 16 girls greeted the Prince with smiles and curtseys.

The prince asked them: "Are you going to do the cancan on stage?"

"We sure are," one of the girl’s replied, to which the Prince responded: "Hooray!"

As the Prince went up to meet the stars of the film, including Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, the Moulin Rouge girls disappeared backstage to prepare for their performance on the cinema’s stage.

After their royal performance one of the dancers, Jean Buckley, 27, from Dublin, said the Prince had enjoyed the cancan show at the Odeon.

"He was very charming and said we were very brave to be wearing what we were wearing," she said.

The cancan troupe consisting of 16 girls from around the world, including five from the UK and one from Ireland.

Outside the theatre, the Prince was introduced to the film’s stars, who also include Jim Broadbent and Kylie Minogue.

Story filed: 21:35 Monday 3rd September 2001

Source: Ananova

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Nicole Kidman brings ’Moulin Rouge’ to London

September 03, 2001 08:59 AM ET

London (Reuters) - She kicked up a storm at Cannes and sent salivating paparazzi into a frenzy in Venice -- now Nicole Kidman is bringing her "Moulin Rouge" road show to London for its glittering British premiere tonight.

Organizers of the Royal Gala Premiere promise a line of Can-Can dancers and other French surprises at the Leicester Square event on Monday, where elegant Australian Kidman and her Scottish co-star, Ewan McGregor, will be the star attractions.

Prince Charles will add a royal touch to the French-themed evening, which is in aid of the Prince’s Trust.

The film’s Australian director Baz Luhrmann -- who scored celluloid successes with "Strictly Ballroom" (1992) and "Romeo + Juliet" (1996) -- and other cast members Jim Broadbent, John Leguizamo and Richard Roxburgh are also expected to attend.

The $50 million, much-touted musical opened the Cannes film festival in May and has since won rave reviews for its elaborate sets, fantastic costumes and a story with dialogue culled from songs by Elton John, The Beatles, U2 and Madonna.

Though some perplexed critics have found it all a bit too camp, the film has already pulled big audiences in North America.

"Moulin Rouge" is set in a red light district of Paris in the late 19th century and features Kidman as a leg-swinging dancer in the famed club.

The flame-haired star, whose high-profile divorce from actor Tom Cruise became final only weeks ago, underwent rigorous choreographic training for the demanding role.

She turned heads and sent flash bulbs popping at the Venice Film Festival, where she was promoting yet another project, "The Others," in which she starred and her former husband produced.

The Evening Standard reported that Kidman, no stranger to London’s West End theater productions, would star in upcoming projects at both the National Theater and the Donmar Warehouse.

The paper said she would appear in two productions at the Donmar and star in one for the National next year.

"Moulin Rouge" opens in theaters across Britain on Friday.

Source: Reuters

Thank you Yvonne for the heads up!

Update: There’s a video clip of the event available at BBC Online. You need Real Video to view it.

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UK Gala première for Moulin Rouge

Monday, 3 September, 2001, 19:26 GMT 20:26

Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman face the camerasFilm stars Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor have met thousands of fans outside the London première of their movie Moulin Rouge.

The Australian star, who was recently divorced from Tom Cruise, and McGregor spent 10 minutes signing autographs for fans waiting outside the Leicester Square Odeon.

The Prince of Wales is also due to attend the royal charity performance of the musical film.

Prince Charles will be greeted by a troupe of 15 high-stepping dancers from the Parisian nightclub which inspired director Baz Luhrmann’s movie.

Kidman told reporters she was stunned by the reception from her fans.

"It was much more fun out there than in here - someone even gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers," she said.

Asked about her life since her divorce, she said: "I’ve come out stronger. I’m lucky, I have got lots of family."

The film’s other stars Kylie Minogue and Jim Broadbent will also join the prince for the UK première.

VIP guests at the screening included actor Richard E. Grant, singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Big Brother 2 (UK) winner Brian Dowling.

The film, which has been a popular hit in the US and elsewhere despite a lukewarm critical reception at the Cannes Film Festival, will open in the UK on Friday.

’Seriously sad’

The film Moulin Rouge, which incorporates contemporary pop hits into a late 19th Century Parisian narrative, is the third part of Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain trilogy - which includes Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

A song from the film soundtrack, Lady Marmalade, has been an international chart hit.

Kidman said: "It was so much fun. It was one of those films you make that you are seriously sad to finish. When will I ever get to do a musical again?"

A spokeswoman for the Moulin Rouge nightclub said: "The girls are very excited about performing for Prince Charles - it is a great honour for them.

"They wanted to put on a brief show outside in Leicester Square first, to show the public what they can do."

Monday’s brief show by the Moulin Rouge dancers will not be their first performance for British royalty.

In 1981 they danced for the Queen, and in 1988 for the Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips.

The dancers will also perform on stage before the film and again later at the film’s after-show party at a nightclub near Tower Bridge.

The Moulin Rouge troupe numbers 15 and includes women from Britain, the US, New Zealand, Australia and France.

Source: BBC News
Photo from: Ananova

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Tonight is the royal premiere of the high-kicking Moulin Rouge. The film’s star, Nicole Kidman, will be turning up to the Leicester Square event, along with the Prince of Wales and Ewan McGregor.

Source: The Times


Dancing girls for Charles The Prince of Wales is stepping out with a troupe of leggy can-can girls for the royal charity performance of Nicole Kidman’s new movie, Moulin Rouge. Charles will be joined by a team of dancers from the famous Parisian nightspot which gives its name to the movie. Among the celebrities joining him will be Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Kylie Minogue and Jim Broadbent. But before Charles meets the movie line-up, he will first be greeted by a line of high-kicking dancing girls outside the black-tie event. Fanny Robasse, a spokeswoman for the Moulin Rouge, said is was going to be spectacular,"It will be incredible, but we just hope it doesn’t rain. We are keeping our fingers crossed." "The girls are very excited about performing for Prince Charles. It is a great honour for them."

Source: ITN

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Film star’s kiss seals perfect day for Nicky

by Mike Tremlett

Ewan McGregor presents Nicky Roncoroni with her trophy at Blair Castle yesterday.
Film actor Ewan McGregor stole the heart of a young equestrian star yesterday – and made it a big day for a charity very close to his own heart.

The Crieff-born star of Trainspotting and Star Wars spent the afternoon at Scotland’s biggest equestrian event representing Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) – chosen by organisers as their main charitable beneficiary. He rewarded 23-year-old Nicky Roncoroni, formerly of Forres but now based in Gloucestershire, with a kiss when he handed her the trophy for best Scottish rider at the Bowmore Blair International Horse Trials at Blair Castle, Perthshire.

Nicky finished seventh in a high-quality international field.

The star’s presence rounded off a memorable day for Nicky, a former member of the Great Britain young riders’ team who won a bronze at the 1998 European three-day event championships and a team silver a year later. She had her best finish to date on her six-year-old bay gelding Glen Corran. Nicky said: "I’m a big Ewan McGregor fan and it was thrilling to meet him and collect my trophy from him. He was very down-to-earth and very pleasant. I didn’t expect the kiss and I won’t be washing my cheek for at least a month now."

Looking relaxed as he mixed with record crowds topping 45,000 over the trials’ four days, McGregor autographed a jacket to be auctioned by CHAS.

The charity is working hard to raise £10million to build a second hospice for child cancer victims on a six-acre site at Balloch, near Loch Lomond.

CHAS, which receives just £125,000 a year in Government support, operates Scotland’s only hospice for child cancer victims near Kinross where it spends £1.6million a year to provide twilight care for terminally-ill children. While McGregor preferred not to talk about his charity work, the charity’s chief executive, Agnes Malone, was full of praise for his dedication.

She said: "We could not buy the publicity which Ewan’s involvement provides and we’re very grateful to him for the way he is always gives so freely of his time to help us."

Ms Malone revealed McGregor had first offered to help after learning of the charity’s work when it was the main beneficiary of proceeds raised at the gala ball where he collected his Scottish celebrity of the year award just over a year ago.

Source: This is North Scotland

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Kiss and Tell

by Garth Pearce

Being a father is hard enough, but being a father when you are not home very much is really hard. At this moment, there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than sitting at home with Ève and Clara.

EWAN McGregor’s blue eyes don’t waver. "I never know how this stuff really starts," he says, calmly. "The only kissing we did was in front of the cameras, but that never seems enough for some people. It is a no. An absolute no."

McGregor likes to live on the razor’s edge of life. Ask him to do something he hasn’t tried before, he will give it a go. Clothes on, clothes off. Tailored toff or dead common layabout. Singer, dancer or Star Wars hero. He’s done the lot and talks quite openly about it. But the only question which seems to haunt him now is on Nicole Kidman: Did he or didn’t he?

It was their smouldering on-screen chemistry in the new musical Moulin Rouge that sparked rumours of an off-set affair. These were fuelled by Tom Cruise’s sudden haste to dump his wife, Kidman, for no apparent reason. And Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s denial to an American film magazine was the equivalent of putting out a fire with petrol: "It just didn’t happen - but it was very close," he said. "I mean, they are two gorgeous-looking people."

Even McGregor’s French wife Ève, 35, with whom he has a five-year-old daughter, Clara, was drawn into the sideshow. While at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was promoting Moulin Rouge, she received a text message from a friend, saying: "I have read all the press. I am so sorry." She did not break sweat: "I thought it was funny," she says. "I mean, am I going to start worrying that Ewan has had an affair with Nicole Kidman? Hello?"

For McGregor, 30, it is something he’s had to live with for years. He’s been in sex scenes stretching back to Kelly Macdonald in his breakthrough film, Trainspotting, five years ago, and he’s used to rumours. But, typically, he does not dodge issues with a few cryptic remarks. When we talk, he’s full on.

Had he, for example, ever been aroused or tempted to make love to a co-star?

"No," he says. "But I was aroused once when I did a love scene in the BBC film, Scarlet and Black. It was with Alice Krige. There was a scene in which I had to lie on top of her and they were pulling back the sheet. They wanted to see my naked bum and her naked thigh, so we could not wear any underwear. Because of gravity and things, I got an erection - which was very embarrassing."

There was no such incident with 34-year-old Kidman, but all the same, he tells it straight: "She is one of those actresses I was either very nervous about meeting, or excited, and I don’t really know which," he recalls. "She is hugely famous and there was an element of me thinking: ‘F****** hell - it really is her. In the flesh.’

"Yet, when we got to know each other, she told me that her fear was that she would be singing in rehearsals and I would think: ‘Why the f*** did they cast you?’ I never thought that, because I was so screwed up myself in getting things right.

"So you can go round and round with such things. What I do remember, after the initial nerves, was that we were soon rolling and frolicking around in rehearsals, with the love medley, the seduction scene and all that stuff. She’s great fun. It was like having an older sister relationship, where I’d forgotten who she was because we were getting on.

"I would belch or swear or tell a rude joke and she would go ‘Ewan!’, as if she was slightly embarrassed by me. So that was how it was, which was hugely amusing for me because I used to play up to it a lot. You know, try to shock Miss Kidman."

On Tom Cruise, he’s equally blunt: "I met him a few times, but did not get to know him," he says. "He was working with my friend, Dougray Scott, when he was doing Mission: Impossible 2. They were very close, I think, but I just wonder to what extent you get to know Tom. There is something so famous about him, I don’t know whether I could get over it."

Was he shocked at the sudden marriage split? "I hadn’t thought about it, to be completely honest," he says. "I was upset for Nicole, because I suppose it is a terrible thing to happen. But I did not get to know them as a couple. I did not see them together, so I don’t know how it was."

And had he spoken about it since? "I asked her if she was all right and she said ‘fine’," he reports. "It was unfortunate for her that she had to start talking about Moulin Rouge so close to something that would have been hugely upsetting for her. But she is an incredibly strong woman. That was evident through the shoot. If she was injured, she would just carry on. She wanted to do all the high stuff on the trapeze and she’s a tough cookie."

They both needed to be tough for the musical, set in gaudy and glamorous Paris in 1899, but filmed entirely in a studio in Sydney, Australia for five exhausting months. Kidman plays Satine, star of the Moulin Rouge and the city’s most famous courtesan. McGregor plays a writer, Christian, who is plunged into a decadent world where anything goes. He foolishly falls in love. Can he handle the consequences?

The film’s story is based on the Orphean myth of a young poet-musician who descended to the underworld in search of real love. According to the myth, this will either destroy him or he will face it and return, having grown from the experience. With such a background story, the film produced emphatic reaction in Cannes. After a crazed and disjointed opening 20 minutes, it kicks in to a rollercoaster ride of song, colour, music and conflict. Like director Luhrmann’s previous masterpieces, Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, it captivates an audience.

For McGregor, the film is probably a greater triumph than for Kidman. He sings so well that many had assumed he was merely miming and someone else’s voice had been added. It had not, proving yet again why he is one of a handful of British stars who in the last 10 years have been able to sell themselves to America on a range of films like Shallow Grave, A Life Less Ordinary, Velvet Goldmine and Little Voice, even though they failed to ignite the box office.

But whereas American 20-something actors often go overboard with the pressures of instant fame - Robert Downey Jr, Christian Slater, Charlie Sheen, for example - McGregor seems to have remained… well, exactly the same as he always was.

He has become acutely aware of the trappings of fame - and the traps. "I spent years just denying that fame was an issue, because it is cool not to notice," he says. "I was fooling myself in to thinking that everything is the same as it always was. It is not.

"It is just so difficult to talk about, without sounding like a complete w***er. You can moan about it and people think: ‘What the f*** has he got to moan about?’ It is a strange situation, because in one sense it is what you strive for and then, when it’s there, it can be quite difficult to deal with.

"I no longer meet people for the first time and feel that I am meeting them, afresh. You meet people with a judgment. They already have ideas about who I am and what I’m like and stuff. The only way I deal with it is that if I get on with them I do, and if I don’t, I don’t. Otherwise, you can drive yourself nuts."

It is clear that McGregor is anything but nuts. Beneath the laddish banter, regular-guy smiles and mates-over-a-pint attitude, there’s a touch of the poet about him. He weaves his descriptions well, amid the directness and honesty. He’s also at ease in the luxurious setting of a five-star London hotel, arranged by the film company for our meeting. He may be casually dressed in dark blue shirt and trousers, but he has had years of being surrounded by such deep sofas and polished mahogany - even in his own stylish London home.

"There are not very many people to keep me in check," he says. "I got married, became a father, bought a house and became successful all at the same time, really. Being a father is hard enough, but being a father when you are not home very much is really hard. It has taken some getting used to. I have never felt better about being a dad than I do now. At this moment, there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be than sitting at home with Ève and Clara."

His latest film is Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, out next year. It meant four months filming in Morocco, on and off. "I just wanted to be home," he says. "Every time, it got worse and worse to leave. Ève is pregnant (they are expecting another baby next month) and home life could not be better. I met another actor at the airport, who had been out there for three months. He told me: ‘I have just spoken to my girlfriend and she is sitting with a bowl of cornflakes, watching Friends. I have never felt so lonely in my life.’ I knew exactly what he meant. I just wanted to be back, sitting on the sofa with Ève."

They met on the set of the television series, Kavanagh QC. Was it love at first sight?

"It was for me," he says. "I was living the life of Reilly at the time - the bachelor who was up to no good around town. I then saw her across the crowded film set and I thought: ‘God almighty.’

"My wife is fiercely beautiful and French and hugely in charge. She looked like a woman who wasn’t going to take any s**t from anybody. So I went after her, hammer and tongs, and I remember thinking ‘this won’t be like anything else. This won’t be like any other relationship.’ And I was right. It hasn’t been. I did not make the wrong decision."

In his typical style, McGregor does not side-step the fact that he had become more of a jack-the-lad than was probably good for him. "I was full of myself at the time, which was not a good thing," he reflects. "But, with Ève, she knows me better than anyone. If I get upset about something that is written or something that has happened at work, she is just very straight with me. People on a film set will be careful about the way they say things to me. She does not have to worry about that, so I get it straight from her. Sometimes it hurts. But it is, usually, just what you need to hear."

Moulin Rouge opens in the UK on Friday

Source: Scotland on Sunday

Thank you kudrauk for the heads up!

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Scottish actor Ewan McGregor enjoys ice cream at the Lonoch Highland Gathering and Games in Strathdon, Scotland, August 25, 2001. The Gathering is in its 160th year and includes a variety of traditional events such as piping, hammer throwing and Scottish dancing.

Source: Canoe.ca’s picture of the day

Thank you Lizulya for the heads up!

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A startling rumor has broken out, regarding our favorite series, Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice. Scholastic plans on pulling the plug on Jude Watson’s wonderful stories after only 18 installments!

On August 21, 2001, TheForce.net posted this article:

"This is Darth Duster from StarWars Union. I’ve contacted the German publisher of the Jedi Apprentice books and they told me that JA #18 will be the last book in that series. They think that there will be a sequel-series and my guess is, that it will be about the new duo Obi-Wan/Anakin. That’s all the information I could get."

If you would like to help save this wonderful series of books, we need to make the appropriate persons acknowledge the popularity of the series, and that putting a stop to it would be a mistake.

As a fan and a part of the online community, you can do a lot. Please visit the Save Jedi Apprentice! site, sign the petition and see what else you can do to help save the Jedi Apprentice series.

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Lucky fan Karma got to meet Ewan on Sunday at the Crieff Highland Games, where Ewan was Chieftain. Here is her account and some of her pictures:

I was up at about 6am on Sunday, unable to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, it was raining out. The Games opened at 10:30am. I made sure Chris (my husband) was up and ready to go and we walked to Market Park about 10 minutes from the hotel. I went down to the game field where there were some people milling around the middle, measuring different things and getting the events started. Did I mention almost everyone was in a kilt? It was a feast for the eyes, I tell you.

Anyway, I’m standing by the fence trying to see through the rain, and I am struck cold by the fact that….Ewan is standing about 20 feet from where we are! Just like that, out in the middle of the grass. And of course the first thing I notice is the kilt. And the very handsome oilskin jacket he’s wearing for the rain. No hat, and I can tell that his hair is longer than in the BHD pictures we’ve been seeing, but shorter than in TPM.

Now I’m jonesin’, because I don’t know what I should do next. I can’t run out onto the field…and the little Chieftain’s tent they’ve set up is in the middle of the grandstands, for which we don’t have a ticket. So I just stand there as the events start up. The crowd at this point is sparse, the rain I’m sure kept many people home.

The announcer starts to talk about the events, and it’s Ewan’s dad! That was pretty cool, I wasn’t expecting that. Ewan talked with the competitors between the events, stopping to take pictures with them or talking with the reporters present. I notice that a small crowd has gathered by part of the fence across the field. I believe that was where I should be, so I nudge Chris in that direction. Wouldn’t you know it, as I start walking over, Ewan starts walking over to that area too. Now I’m whipping the camera out of my bag and making sure not to fall flat on my face in the mud and I slip down the hill to the fence where Ewan is shaking hands with some people in the crowd. He looks as if he was just taking a short break and was about to re-join those in the middle of the field when I say…

"Mr. McGregor!"

As soon as I said that I turned white, and the whole little speech I had prepared in my mind was lost. I didn’t even remember my name! I’d wanted to say a lot of things! Ewan turned around and walked back to the fence where I was standing with my hand out. He shook it and said, "Hello!" with a big smile, and I am now struck mute because I am looking right into his eyes which are *so* blue, and noticing his skin which is *so* flawless, and that his hair is sticking up in little spikes in the front, and it seems he is larger than life and even more handsome in person. In this most intrepid moment, I said….


and Chris said from behind me…

"She says we came all the way from Florida and…"

I interrupt him, knowing that Ewan doesn’t have all day, and because I am utterly embarrassed say "CanItakea picturewithyou?". This actually came out as, "Can you take your picture with you?" but I didn’t know this until later, when Chris had a fine old time recapping the incident.

"Sure." he says, and puts his hand on my shoulder and I am smiling at the camera with the biggest sh*t-eating grin of my whole life.

As we are posing, the pipe competition is on in the background, and Ewan is *singing along* softly to the music and I just about melted into a puddle right there in the dirt.

"Thank you so much." I managed to get out, and shook his hand again. Ewan kind of nodded in our direction and smiled again before walking back to the events. Now, the smile on my face is starting to hurt!

We went back to our original spot and watched the hammer throw and the shotput, but moved again for the caber event. Since it had been raining, the cabers were extremely slippery and the competitors weren’t able to get it over…one fell backwards and sent Ewan and his dad scrambling out of the way!

At 2PM they opened the grandstands to let people with no tickets for the seats buy some. We went in, glad to be out of the rain. Ewan had disappeared for a bit, probably for lunch. It was around now I noticed a young girl in a red coat standing by the Chieftain’s tent, which was Clara. She was holding onto her grandma’s hand. Then I spotted Eve, who looked about as radiant as one can. I’d only seen a few pictures of her, and she is even more pretty in person. Ewan then appeared and picked Clara up, kissing her on the cheek and giving her a hug. It was so sweet!

About 2:30pm they had the "Salute to the Chieftain", where Ewan was introduced and he game a short speech, thanking everyone for coming and that he was thrilled to have been asked to be Chieftain. He also reminisced about when he was younger, and he and his brother Colin would help set up the park for the games, but only managed to get in everybody’s way.

During the salute, Eve was with Ewan on the stage, and I noticed (happily) that they never let go of each other. *sigh*

At this point, the Games officials were letting in small groups of people to meet Ewan in the Chieftain’s tent. I got up and mingled in with the line, and kind of shuffled through with everyone else. He was signing autographs and posing for pictures and he seemed a little overwhelmed, but not annoyed. Y’know when you see celebrities on TV getting mobbed by people? It was nothing like this, but he was surrounded by fans. When it was my turn I asked if he’d sign my action figure (that’d I’d dragged all the way from the USA). It was one of the newer ones, the Cold Weather Gear Obi-Wan. He looked at it for a little while, reading the box, and I figured he’d never seen it before and I go, "That really is you" and he says "But I don’t wear any of this!" He signed the figure and Chris’ Games programme (that had Ewan on the cover)

That was the extent of that conversation, because after he handed the programme back to Chris one of the Games officials tugged on his arm to return to the field.

Ewan was in charge of handing out all the awards for the various events, and I think he had the most fun handing out the kid’s prizes. It appeared to me that he spent more time talking to them that the adults. Morrison’s Academy had a relay team that won a prize and when they were announced, Ewan clapped his hands over his head.

Finally, I’d gathered enough courage and tried to speak with Ewan once more, when he returned for more autographs. The rain had picked up, which is why the line was kind of thin. Chris wanted his picture taken with him so we got back in line once more. Chris greets him, and Ewan says hello, then he looks at me and I am AGAIN struck mute because I’m staring at the man. I take his picture and then in a last attempt redeem myself, I try to congratulate him on his new baby (which local papers report being a boy) and what comes out is, "I just wanted to say…congra…congra… congratulations on..your, um…your, um..new, little,….um…" and I’m trying to signal "baby" with my hands. Ewan, I think, got the gist of the conversation and says, "Oh, thanks very much! Thank you." And then I notice Ève is standing next to him and she says "Thank you!" in a very quiet voice and shook my hand.

I know this encounter wasn’t as intimate as some others have been, but seeing how well I did here would hint that a real conversation would have been a disaster waiting to happen, since I couldn’t get anything I’d wanted to ask out! Even though I am a little frustrated with myself about my less-than-dazzling performance, I know I’ll always remember what I felt when I was looking into his eyes….maybe somebody else who’s met him can confirm this, but Ewan really looks people in the eye. He just didn’t glance at his fans, he studied them. And it seemed he was very happy to be home and at the Games.

Thank you Karma for the story and the fantastic photos!

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The battle of the sexiest

The Sunday Herald has an interesting article comparing Ewan with Sean Connery. Check it out!

Thank you Jett Jaxson for the heads up!

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McGregor’s gathering

Monday, August 20, 2001

Star Ewan swears home is where his heart is as he kicks off Highland Games

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor returned home yesterday - and said he was glad to be back where he first learned to swear.

Ewan made it a clan gathering as he brought his whole extended family along to see him in his latest role as Chieftain of Crieff Highland Games.

And the Star Wars actor revealed that being back in Perthshire let him indulge in one of his favourite pastimes - swearing like an Imperial stormtrooper.

He said: "There is some really good crack when I come back here. This is where I learned to swear.

"I like to swear a lot. There’s a fantastic character here who I won’t name, but he used words the likes of which you’ve never heard.

"I still see him here and I’ve never forgotten those words I picked up as a wee boy. I’ve been using them ever since."

Ewan, 30, has just finished making the latest instalment of the Star Wars saga in which he plays the young Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and is currently appearing on screen in Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman.

But he left the glitz and glamour of an international movie career behind him yesterday to lead the games in his home town.

Kilted Ewan was accompanied by his pregnant French wife Ève and their five-year-old daughter Clara, who is due to be presented with a baby brother (?! every other source says it’s going to be a girl, including an interview with Ève!) sometime in October.

Ève, 35, laughed off speculation that her husband was romantically linked with Kidman after the pair flirted for the cameras at the premiere of Moulin Rouge. She even received text messages offering sympathy following the supposed collapse of her marriage.

But any lingering doubts were dispelled yesterday as the McGregors watched the games together with a 5000-strong crowd.

The whole family braved the showers under an enormous green umbrella - and even Ève’s father Jacques was roped in to paint the track lines for the field events.

London-based Ewan said it was a joy to have an extended holiday back in Scotland and the Crieff Highland Games - which his father Jim helps to organise - was the highlight of his year.

He recalled: "It always was a big day in the town. It’s a bit like Christmas, but it’s better because it involves all the people of Crieff.

"It’s lovely to be back and I never imagined I would be asked one day to be the chieftain. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.

"My brother Colin and I used to spend a week getting in my dad’s way when he was trying to set the games up."

Ewan revealed that he and his father, brother and uncle had just enjoyed a week-long male bonding session touring the Scottish Highlands by motorbike.

He said: "It was a fantastic experience touring the West Coast on some of the most wonderful roads in the world - in the rain.

"There’s nothing better than seeing Scotland on a bike and I managed to stay firmly upright this time, which was nice."

Keen biker Ewan escaped unhurt after falling off a powerful 1100cc bike on a touring holiday with his dad two years ago.

But the closest scrape for the chieftan yesterday was when he had to run out of the way of a stray caber as he watched the heavy events in the field.

Ewan, who won praise for his singing role in Moulin Rouge, resisted the temptation to pick up a microphone for the local crowd.

But he did reveal that the band he formed with other members of his family had already played a Royal command performance.

Ewan said: "I am a side-drummer and there are so many drummers on my dad’s side that we formed a pipe band of our own.

"Our biggest claim to fame was that we played for Prince Rainier in Monaco. It was hilarious. We did it for a children’s charity and had a blast."

Ewan recently shot past Manchester United footballer David Beckham when he was named as Britain’s sharpest man.

Yesterday, sporting the family tartan and a wax jacket to combat the rain, a relaxed Ewan happily signed autographs and posed with the games competitors.

However, he declined the opportunity to show off his sporting prowess, saying: "I would probably have the hammer in the crowd.

"I couldn’t even lift the caber, never mind attempting to toss it. The ’heavies’ make it look easy."

Ewan recalled how he and a childhood friend once crawled under a perimeter fence to get into the games. But just as the mischievous pair thought they had successfully sneaked in, they were caught red-handed by a steward and dragged off to see Ewan’s dad.

Ewan said: "We were a bit naughty in those days and there was a lad called Ewan MacLean who once persuaded me to sneak in under the fence.

"I remember being pulled out by the leg by a large swearing hairy man and we were in a bit of bother before he realised who we were."

Ewan added: "It is fantastic to be back and surrounded by all my old friends at what is a real family occasion for me.

"My father-in-law even helped out on the white-line machine for the running races as we set up."

Ewan shot to fame as Renton in Trainspotting and recently returned from Morocco where he filmed Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, a true-life story about America’s involvement in war-torn Somalia.

Yesterday, his mum Carol said she was very proud to see him carry out his duties as chieftain.

She added: "It is lovely to have him at home and for all the family to be here as well is nice."

Source: The Daily Record

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Ewan’s The Bear Facts will air on Norway’s TvNorge on Sunday, August 19th. Check your local television listings for the actual time.

Thanks to Viruzz via TheForce.net and xcbug for the heads up!

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The German newspaper Die Welt reports that Ewan will be at the Berlin premiere of Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately, the article does not appear on their website.

Thank you to Ellen and Marion for the heads up!

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Reluctant hero

Ewan McGregor doesn't know why he wanted to be an actor. It wasn't a conscious decision. But if you're a success, he says, there is nothing better to be. So why, after a decade in box-office hits such as Trainspotting, Little Voice, Star Wars and, next, Moulin Rouge, is he planning a small-budget production in his native Scotland? Interview by Sally Vincent

Saturday August 18, 2001
The Guardian

Ewan McGregor made his entrance from the third-floor toilet of the Dorchester hotel into the libidinously lilac-carpeted lounge with all the exuberant panache of a man who has just refreshed himself up both nostrils. This presumption, I have to say, is based on my deep regard for his creation of Renton, the dear little junkie who dove down the lavatory after a dollop of something uplifting in Trainspotting. It takes a while to appreciate that his energy and his extraordinary willingness to be cross-examined are fuelled by nothing more stimulating than Marlboro filter tips and middle-class manners.

Article continues
You'd never know that he'd spent the morning cheerfully telling all-comers that, no, he hadn't noticed anything amiss in the relationship between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and, yes, he and Nicole got on awfully well and thoroughly enjoyed making Moulin Rouge together. Nor would you suspect that somewhere between the top of his toffee-coloured, stubbled head and the soles of his bovver boots sat a young man having something less than a fascinating time. For me, he has his biographical details neatly tied up like party favours: where and when he was born, what his mum and dad did for their living, which school he went to, and so on and so forth. Then on to the idyllic childhood during which nothing of a negative nature occurred to account for his obsessionally workaholic nature nor the gratifying degree of success he has had with his chosen profession. And as for the smoking, well, no, it hasn't yet impaired his singing voice; and, besides, he has this friend who knows a bloke in Richmond or some fine place who talks to you and maybe hypnotises you a bit and you stop, just like that.

No problem. Had anyone else vaunted such an obvious con, you'd curl your lip, but McGregor, according to the readers of New Woman magazine, is the seventh most fanciable man in the world (a world, no less, that now places Sean Connery at No23); such charisma does not invite scepticism. It's as though the image of the highly desirable male person has described a demographic semicircle, from ageing savoir-faire to the open-eyed innocence and perfect symmetry of Picasso's Eternal Boy, a portrait for which McGregor might easily have sat. And I mean now, at the age of 30. He is, to borrow his own vernacular, IT. Better yet, after all the years of denuding his rubbery, boy's body and showing us his genuine willy, he is sweetly unaware of this fact. After all, he was only acting.

He has no idea why he became an actor. If he thinks about it, he concludes that it's just a great thing to be, particularly when it's all going well… But it wasn't as though he made a conscious decision. As far back as he can remember, he just knew, like he'd been born that way. Not that he actually put it into words until he was about nine, and then he was only showing off. He had an older brother - older by two years, which is a huge gap when you're little - who was always ahead of him. He was the first to read and the first to tell the time, first to go out and play with his mates and not get called in. Then, when they went to school, he came top at everything and got to be school captain and play in the rugby team and have girls crawling all over him. It wasn't that wee Ewan didn't have a good time as well, didn't run wild when the fancy took him, but there was something thwarting about the comparison that, as it built up, he found he didn't want to hack.

Then there was always his Uncle Denis. He was an actor: Ewan's mother's brother, three years younger than her, he lived in London and he'd come up to Crieff in Perthshire to visit. And he was like nothing they had in Crieff. He'd come barefoot with a Viva Zapata moustache and flares the colour of this carpet - like mauve - and beads around his neck and one of those amazing sheepskin waistcoats. "A very, very sexy guy," Ewan says now, though of course he didn't think like that when he was two.

He once saw him doing one of those old Armchair Theatres they had on the telly, where he was strapped to a crucifix and brainwashed in a swimming pool. Ewan screamed all night long because he thought they'd drowned his beautiful uncle. "He was just so different," he says. "So easy. Just easy. Free. Money didn't matter, you know. Not like anyone else."

By the time Ewan was old enough to suspend belief, at least up to a point, he found that he liked old black-and-white movies more than the bespoke stuff they put out for children on television. It Happened One Night was his favourite. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. He wanted to be Gable. To this day he wants to be the man in the movie, assuming the movie is halfway good. But he doesn't know what it means or what it meant when he eventually asked his Uncle Denis about his chances of becoming an actor - except that he wanted to be like him. Or be him.

There's something else, too. Whenever they took him to the theatre to see pantomimes or shows or whatever, he'd fall in love with one of the actresses. He'd find himself focusing on a particular girl, one of the dancers or the leading lady, or the principal boy, and it would make him really, really unhappy. Theatre, for him, was always associated with that kind of longing and sex and melancholy. It was irresistible.

His own contribution to the thespian world came before he realised what he was doing. He could only have been four when they put him in David And Goliath at the church hall - he couldn't read and someone had to say his lines aloud to him over and over again so he could memorise them. Then, a year later, he was cast as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, because he was the only kid in the class who could enunciate Sher-iff-of-Nott-ing-ham. Of course, he could have been Robin Hood, but somehow the nasty man appealed more and, besides, he got to wear a sheepskin waistcoat. Then he retired for a spell. Since he was going to be an actor, he reasoned, there was no point in doing anything about it until he was acting for real. He spurned school plays. He spurned school.

Being a schoolboy was just something he had to endure until the curtains parted and revealed his true genius. As it happened, schoolboying wasn't an inappropriate apprenticeship. All you have to do, apparently, is tear-arse about while shouting at the top of your voice. You belonged to a sort of clique of like-minded fellows and you'd mess around in the playground chasing each other, fighting and bawling original insults at each other in the hope of endearing yourself to the girls. This was known as being cool. As you got older - 11, 12, 13 - you added posturing and posing to your activities, and obeyed certain tribal courtship rituals.

So far as Ewan was concerned, this involved the helpless and hopeless pursuit of Nicola Mackintosh, who always wore white shirts and whose long, long, auburn hair shone in the sun. In the presence of Nicola Mackintosh, Ewan redoubled his running and shouting until she agreed to do laps of the playground with him, holding hands. That's what you had to do: hold hands and walk round and round and round the school while your mates harangued you from the sidelines while wishing they were you. So that was it, the significant highspot of a life in Crieff.

School itself was seriously disaffecting. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with it, rather that Ewan could never quite understand what it was for. To this day, he shudders at the thought of examinations. You'd all have to file into the big gymnasium and sit on these green canvas chairs that made your bum sweat and they'd only give you one sheet of paper so your pen felt all skittery on it and you'd want more paper just so your pen could feel comfier. And then people would walk up and down the rows of desks with their hands behind their backs and you could hear them thinking, "You don't know anything, you're going to fail."

He'd sit there on his damp bum and despond and give up and leave. Knowing the date of the Irish potato famine was not going to help him in Shaftesbury Avenue. He was bored. He was good at art and music, but in a school that he perceived to be producing "fodder for economic reasons" - businessmen, pillars of capitalism, conscripts for commerce - he felt somewhat surplus to requirements. He still feels ratty about the day they told him he couldn't take art and music, as if those were cop-out activities, optional pastimes, not the real thing. He had to drop art, which was a pisser because he might well have got better at it. He worked hard at English; in fact, he rather fancied himself as a writer. When he knew there'd be an essay to write in an English exam, he'd give it a bit of thought the night before, so as to launch into a subject with a great opening line. It didn't matter that the topic would remain unknown to him until the moment of truth. He would choose the one most suitable for the inclusion of his purple prose. For instance, how's this? "The sand shone in the sun like the golden platter of eastern promise." He thought that one up all by himself. He didn't know what it meant, but it was fantastic, no? So he began his essay, A Day At The Seaside, thus, and when it came back, some bastard had scrawled red underlinings all over it and a bloody great question mark. "What does this mean?" Who cares, is still Ewan's answer. It sounded great.

If he came over all rebellious at this stage, he was unaware of it. Perhaps it is merely the nature of the beast - the same sanguine, unpremeditated acceptance of the present tense that has him now chatting about his adolescent idiosyncrasies instead of vaunting his latest movie release. He doesn't actually vaunt anything. Except once, when, with utter sincerity, he insists on saying that when, aged 14, he got a job as a washer-upper in a restaurant in order to save up for a car, the chefs respected him. Not only that, but when anybody new came into the kitchen, they relied on him to show them where everything was. There is nothing ingenuous about this, only a proper pride in an uncomplicated exchange between boy and adults, a pleasing recognition of an honest deal well struck. He was, he says, needed.

Meanwhile, he drummed in a pipe band and took up country dancing like a good little Celt. This last was popularly considered to be a bit on the poofy side, but he didn't give a toss. He loved it. Just thinking about it makes him laugh. The year Making Your Mind Up won the Eurovision Song Contest was a thrill because he discovered you can do the Gay Gordons to it. Country dancing and the top tune. He splits his sides.

When he gave up art for music, they gave him the pick of the school orchestra's instruments. Sadly, his big brother had already taken the trumpet and there weren't a lot of big, shiny, blowing things left. Except a french horn. When he fingered it, they told him it was hellish difficult to play and nudged him towards the violins, but the voice inside his head said he'd "fuckin' play it". And he did: he got to grade seven, which he reckons is pretty good.

Once, most memorably, he played Mozart's Fourth Horn Concerto at a school concert. It was, he says, a bit like acting. You're scared shitless, you can't even imagine you can do it. You stand there in total despair until the last possible second, then you go on and, well, you just do it.

He was mooching through fifth form when things came to a head. His brother left school and he viewed the prospect of another two years in servitude with the irritable stoicism a 16-year-old accepts as his own normality. He spent a lot of time reporting to the headmaster on charges of "attitude problems" and rather less time wondering what the hell they were. Talking back, he presumed, copping out, nothing too seriously anarchic. His mother, however, earnestly believed that he was undergoing some kind of personality change. She didn't make a song and dance about it; she just casually remarked that, if he felt like it, she and his dad would agree to him leaving school.

The thought knocked him sideways. First, because his parents were both teachers and he didn't think anyone could be that broadminded; and then because the thought of never going to school again made him want to faint with ecstasy. It was the first real life decision he ever made, he says. After which, not to put too fine a point on it, life was real and life was vivid.

He'd been writing to the local repertory theatre for years, asking for a backstage job. They'd write back and say, "No, you're too young, and you have to be trained to be a stage manager." He even got his mother to write, but they said the same things to her. Now that he was free and clear of scholarly commitments, they'd have said the same things again, except they were doing A Passage To India and found themselves a tad short of crowd scene material. All his schoolboy experience came in handy for his first professional audition, since he was required to run about shouting. So that was his first big break. He ran about shouting, and got called darling - as in "Could you run about shouting more upstage, darling" and "Darling, backstage with the running and shouting". He was in. After that, he just hung about, helping put up sets and doing what he was told. They gave him a few walk-ons - he was a journalist in Pravda once - but mostly he learned what there was to learn just by standing in the wings watching actors at work. "The whole discipline of it . . ." he says rather vaguely.

He got up their noses, though. He thinks he might have been a touch over-keen. It was just that he let everyone know what he thought about himself. How he planned to take singing lessons to broaden his horizons, how he would never compromise or lower his standards or do something crappy like take a part in a soap opera. He was going to be it. A Success.

There must have been a fair amount of schadenfreude among the theatrical elite of Perthshire when the little dynamo failed to get into Rada and was obliged to settle for the less prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama and a council flat in Hackney. Still more when he cocked up his graduation performance when his nerves got the better of him. But the die was already cast - inspirationally, as it happens - with the part of the office nerd who thinks he's Elvis in Dennis Potter's Lipstick On Your Collar. There was never to be a hiatus for Ewan McGregor, no quivering in a bedsit between training and gainful employment. He didn't hang about. He remembers feeling success come over him as though it were something tangible and eternal. With Lipstick money in his pocket, he moved from the Hackney estate and into a one-bedroom flat in Primrose Hill. He remembers that the day he moved in he went out and walked by himself up to the top of Primrose Hill, and stood at the top feeling It. "You know," he says, "like something was really going on. Like it was going to work and I had something people wanted."

McGregor has never been out of work. If there was a Guinness Book Of Records entry for the actor with the most gigantic workload over a 10-year period, he really would be It. He has made films at the unseemly rate of three or four a year, which means his feet literally do not touch the ground. He finished Little Voice at nine o'clock in the evening and was on his way to the set of Rogue Trader at six the next morning. From time to time, he issued statements hither and yon, like a dodgy politician pleading for more time with his family. But he hasn't let up. His wife and child accompany him from location to location, and he hasn't been home to Scotland since Trainspotting.

Seduction by Hollywood - chance would have been a fine thing - was never one of the sell-outs he scorned at Perth rep. He was not to know that the American industry would mark him out as the leader of what they are pleased to call the Britpack. He wondered about the whole Star Wars bit, but, hell, he had pictures of the Master of the Universe all over his duvet cover when he was a kid and he rather fancied his chances in a laser contest.

"It was," he says now, "the most Hollywoody thing I've ever done," and one of his legs performs a little tapping act all on its own, like a crap chat show confessor about to go into an aggressive stand-off. If I haven't sat through a Star Wars movie, he advises me not to bother. Nor, he adds, are they a bundle of laughs to make.

"There is a terrible plague of American scripts," he says, slinging the juddering leg over the other one, ankle to thigh. "They're tragic. They over-explain everything, as though for two-year-olds. And the bad guy comes in from the left wearing a black hat and dark glasses. No, it's tragic. Only the bad guys smoke. You see someone reach for a cigarette and you know, hey, that's the bad guy. The usual format. They're beginning to bore me to death, the usual formats."

He selects his roles on the basis of whether or not the script "gets him in the guts", which artistic methodology he is the first to admit is open to error. There have been some bummers along the way. He's not saying what they were for reasons of diplomacy, but laughs quite merrily when I take my own guesses at what they might be. "I hated A Life Less Ordinary. And that glam-rock twaddle, what's its name, Velvet Goldmine?" He thinks I'm quite a hoot.

The real point is that his gut-reactive approach to his craft has served his ubiquity in the most honourable, actorly way. There is something of the young Alec Guinness in him: he has become one of those rare actors who internalise their roles so completely that you don't recognise them from one picture to the next. There was no vestige of Ewan McGregor nodding an acquaintance with James Joyce in Nora, or winking at you through the fraudulent garden designer of The Serpent's Kiss. His Renton was so indelible for me, for instance, I thought the boyfriend in Little Voice was someone else. Which, of course, it was. He swallows whole because he has the appetite to do so.

In the course of his decade of hyperactivity, he has made various valiant little stabs at balancing himself out. Making the odd low-budget, art-housey, respectable little film with his own production company, persuading his Uncle Denis - now the director Denis Lawson - to direct him in a play at the Hampstead Playhouse. This last was particularly well received, a success by his own standards, but he found it increasingly difficult to grasp that success and fame tend to be synonymous with each other, and that fame is something you have to be an arse to go and look for.

Fame is weird, he says. It doesn't really mean anything. What starts out as something quite sweet and gratifying turns into a monster. "People can be so bloody rude," he says. "Like you've been in their sitting room or they've paid to see you, and now they sort of own you. The whole autograph thing is like that. It's nothing to do with you, is it, it's about them. So they can show other people they've met you. Like you owe them that."

It's no fun, either, if you're a chap who likes a drink, to be obliged to leave a bar late at night because some oaf wants to fight you. Why are they so hostile? What has he done?

The other night he was in Soho House, a suitable watering hole for thirsty celebrities, and there was the usual dissatisfied customer at the next table, all beady-eyed with loathing and shouting his opinion to the gallery. "He called me a cunt four times before I looked at him. He said, 'Look at him with that stupid fucking beard, I've never known anyone make so much money just being a cunt', and I thought, 'Well, that's about enough of that', so I just looked at him. Then we had the 'What are you staring at me for?', and I said, 'Well you've just called me a cunt four times, so what do you expect me to do?' And then he's leaping over the table throwing punches and, yeah, so that kind of thing's boring." He picks an imaginary speck from his trouser leg and says, "You make big movies, that's what you get."

He doesn't want any more big films. It's too isolating. He's just finished two, no three, biggies. And it's lonely at the top. "These long things," he says, "go on and on, and the actors get shunted away on their own while the crew throw parties and don't invite us, like you're being ostracised all the time. The bigger you get, the more you're paid, the more it isolates you. Then you get to be one of those Hollywoody actors who don't want to do certain things because it might be bad for their image. They won't smoke or do a nude scene or say a mean word in case it lowers their ante. And I think, you know, fuck off."

What he wants now is something small and claustrophobic. No, hang on, what he wants right now is to get on his motorbike and burn rubber around the Highlands of Scotland with his brother and his dad. And he wants to learn to play the banjo really, really well, and to teach his little daughter to play the harmonica. And to have a bit of a think.

Then he's going to stay in Scotland. He's found this Alexander Trocchi story about people on the barges between Glasgow and Edinburgh in the 1950s. It's sparse in dialogue and dark and erotic - and, yes, small and intense. Tilda Swinton's up for it. "It's gonna be great," he says. "Get down to some real acting. I really need some of that."

Source: The Guardian

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Saturday, August 18, 2001 // 10:24 a.m.


Plucky effort

August 15th, 2001

The University of Ulster is to help Scottish heart-throb Ewan McGregor in his quest to find a banjo tutor.

Ewan, who recently received a honorary degree from the University, was given a banjo as a gift from his wife Ève.

And the University’s Institute of Ulster Scots Studies has been drafted in to assist the star in his search for a bluegrass plucker to help the actor perfect his twang.

The Institute was asked by the lovely Ewan because of its links to the University of Tennessee.

Ewan already plays the guitar but is hoping to add a new string to his bow with the banjo lessons.

And his musical talent doesn’t end there - he also played in a family pipe band for Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Source: The Belfast Telegraph

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, August 17, 2001 // 08:42 a.m.


Ewan has won a UK Esquire readers poll! He has been named Britain’s "sharpest" man. According to Annanova, "McGregor is branded as the UK’s answer to US king of cool Johnny Depp by Esquire". Check out a future issue of Esquire where I’m sure they will feature the poll winners.

Thanks to Darth Mystique from the board for the heads up.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, August 15, 2001 // 09:09 a.m.


Ewan and Nicole to Can Can the Night Away

Ewan McGregor had better wear his underpants at the French premiere of Moulin Rouge - because he’ll be up on stage doing the Can Can. Ewan and co-star Nicole Kidman will be reunited to Can Can the night away at the glitzy event in September. The glitzy event is to be held in the home of the saucy French dance - The Moulin Rouge Club itself. A host of top celebs are expected to attend the windmill-fronted nightspot to see the pair sing songs from the movie and have a knees up. Club spokeswoman Fanny Rabasse reveals, "We are hosting the French premiere and it’s going to have something that none of the other premieres have - Nicole and Ewan performing on the stage of the real club. Of course Nicole has had lots of practice doing the can can in the movie so she will look very at home on stage. And if Ewan’s wearing his kilt I am very hopeful that he will have a go too - as long as he’s wearing his underwear. The club has featured stunning women performing the cheeky dance since 1889, and has already been the subject of several films.

Source: Internet Movie Database

Thanks to Nimue from the board for the heads up about this.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, August 15, 2001 // 09:04 a.m.


Ewan will be attending the UK premiere of Moulin Rouge in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Odeon Cinema Renfield Street on September 5. The premiere is being held in honour of the Children’s Hospice Association (which Ewan is a strong supporter of). Tickets are only £15 to attend the film and for an additional £35 you can attend the post-premiere party. The telephone number for the theatre is 08705050007.

Thanks to Pauline for passing this info along.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Sunday, August 12, 2001 // 08:47 p.m.


Screen icons turn rock stars at Edinburgh launch

The Edinburgh Film Festival kicks off this weekend by beaming images of its most famous sons onto the castle rocks in the centre of the city

Friday August 10, 2001

The Edinburgh Film Festival is set to make rock stars out of its most famous movie faces this weekend.

Some of Scotland’s most recognisable figures, including Sir Sean Connery (who is the festival’s patron), Ewan McGregor and Billy Connolly, will be projected onto the castle rocks in the centre of the city. The event wil launch this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. Images from some of the films to be screened will also be beamed onto the rocks on Saturday to highlight the event.

FilmFour, who are sponsoring the Festival came up with the idea and managed to find one of only eight projectors in the world capable of beaming the image onto the rocks. ’We believe the public will enjoy seeing icons of film including the likes of Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor lighting up the city,’ said a FilmFour spokesman. ’The images bring the film festival to the heart of the city and create an occasion that everyone who enjoys film can take pleasure in.’

The images will be projected from 10pm to 11pm and the projections will be repeated on August 18 and 25.

Source: Guardian Unlimited Film

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, August 10, 2001 // 06:03 p.m.


The LA Times recently had some tidbits about the Hollywood Film Festival Awards:

Nicole Kidman didn’t wear her high heels as she was escorted to the Hollywood Film Festival by Ewan McGregor on Monday night at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. "I’m with Ewan tonight," Kidman said, holding on to her slightly shorter "Moulin Rouge" co-star. Is he getting tired of hanging out with the Australian star yet? "No. You kiddin’?" McGregor said, laughing.

Don’t forget to check the archives for news you may have missed!

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, August 10, 2001 // 02:19 p.m.


Empire Online has a brief article on Ewan’s new maturity. Check it out: The Garden of Ewan. Thanks Catherine.

Ewan is also on the cover of the August British Elle with Nicole Kidman. It’s the same photo shoot as their Entertainment Weekly cover. There are some gorgeous photos and a lovely article.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Friday, August 10, 2001 // 02:10 p.m.


Looks like I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this title…

McGregor Blasts ’Star Wars 2’ Title

The second ’Star Wars’ film will be called… ’Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones’. Stop laughing, we’re serious.

The official ’Star Wars’ website says that the title refers back "to the sense of pure fun, imagination and excitement that characterized the classic movie serials and pulp space fantasy adventures that inspired the ’Star Wars’ saga".

That’s not impressed Ewan McGregor, though. Upon hearing the news at the Hollywood Film Festival, the Scottish actor - who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the series - called it "a terrible, terrible title". McGregor admitted that he had only found out about the film’s name from journalists, saying that "nobody tells me anything relating to the ’Star Wars’ films".

If that’s truly the case, Ewan may care to read the following, which is the storyline for ’Attack Of The Clones’. Here’s what the official site says the plot will be…

Ten years after the events of ’The Phantom Menace’, not only has the galaxy undergone significant change, but so have our familiar heroes Obi-Wan Kenobi (McGregor), Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) as they are thrown together again for the first time since the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo.

Anakin has grown into the accomplished Jedi apprentice of Obi-Wan, who himself has transitioned from student to teacher. The two Jedi are assigned to protect Padmé, whose life is threatened by a faction of political separatists. As relationships form and powerful forces collide, these heroes face choices that will impact not only their own fates but the destiny of the Republic.

’Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones’ will be released worldwide in May 2002. To see McGregor’s reaction in full, just click here.

Source: popcorn.co.uk

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Tuesday, August 7, 2001 // 10:34 a.m.


Photos from last night’s Hollywood Festival awards online

Source: Yahoo News

There are also a lot of photos (more than displayed here) at Ezuma.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, August 6, 2001 // 9:58 a.m.


In case you missed it, there is a full page pic of the ol’ Ewan at Cannes in the Reece Witherspoon issue of American Premiere.

Posted by bridgeny productions on Thursday, August 2, 2001 // 12:09 a.m.


Everyman’s Historic Licensing Victory

After intense local negotiations over the course of the last year the management of Everyman Media turned up at Camden Town Hall with a small army of supporters in front of the Licensing and sub Control committee, for the final hearing in their battle to win a Public Entertainment Licence for the lower ground floor of the famous Hampstead venue.

Squeezing into the small and hot meeting room on their behalf were the actor Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve, together with the personal assistant of Anthony Minghella who read out a prepared statement on behalf of the Director. ’True, this is slightly unusual for a standard hearing but the depth of support for the Everyman is notorious and Ewan and Anthony were both most disturbed when they learned that we would almost certainly close if we lost the hearing - especially Ewan because Eve runs our Kids Club!!’ quotes EM Managing Director Daniel Broch.

Now the management look forward to the next chapter in the story of the business that refuses to lie down and die, by developing the venue into a bespoke multimedia centre with a mixture of Cinema, live events & music and bar & restaurant - already included in the recent Evening Standard survey as one of the 50 hippest joints in the world the Everyman seems to be moving from strength to strength in its renaissance.

Further details available from Richard Nyman - 020 7435 1600 RichardN@everymancinema.com

Source: Everyman Cinema

Thank you Josie for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Wednesday, August 1, 2001 // 06:00 p.m.


Moulin Rouge sweeps the board at Hollywood awards

Story filed: 09:06 Monday 30th July 2001

Moulin Rouge has taken the top honours at the Hollywood Film Festival awards.

It won Best Film as well as Best Actress for Nicole Kidman and Best Actor for Ewan McGregor.

Moulin Rouge beat off challenges from Bridget Jones’s Diary, Pearl Harbor, Shrek, Memento and Blow to win the best film category.

Film fans across America voted in the annual awards for the first time.

Moulin Rouge is released in the UK on September 7.

Source: Ananova

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, July 30, 2001 // 08:00 a.m.


Ewan to visit Horse Trials

July 2001

Perthshire’s very own superstar, Ewan McGregor, is to visit the Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair, which runs from Thursday, August 23rd to Sunday August 26th, 2001.

Ewan, who stars in Star Wars II and Trainspotting will be attending the horse trials on one of the days, in spite of his very busy filming schedule. His presence is sure to swell the number of people visiting the event and will be a great chance for local people to meet one of Scotland’s most famous characters.

His parts range from Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars to the drugs-ravaged Renton in Trainspotting and from Nick Leeson in Rogue Trader to his latest singing role in the film musical, Moulin Rouge. There is no doubt that Ewan is a highly acclaimed and versatile actor, much in demand by producers and directors, but his roots remain firmly in Perthshire.

The star is a great supporter of the Children’s Hospice Association (CHAS), which is the chosen charity for this years Bowmore Blair Castle event. He shows tremendous interest in the work done by CHAS and visits Rachel House Children’s Hospice in Kinross whenever he can.

Ewan hails originally from Crieff, and although based in London now, is delighted to return to his home County and lend his support to both the international horse trials and CHAS.

This is the 13th year of the Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials, which has gone from strength to strength since the addition of a Country Fair.

Always a popular event with competitors, it now regularly attracts over 20,000 spectators over the four days, who enjoy equally the top class sport and entertainment on offer.

A tented village with over 150 shops has been expanded in the last few years with the addition of a Craft Fair and Festival of Food, where visitors can "try before they buy" delicious Scottish produce.

Further information from: The Horse Trials Office, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, PH18 5 TH. Tel: 01796 481543 or Fax: 01796 481455.

Source: Blair Horse Trials

Thank you mrlzbth for the heads up!

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Signed Obi-Beanie on auction for charity

Ewan, who was Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode I and also became famous in the film Trainspotting has signed both a photo and Obi Wan Bean Bag. . He was filming in Australia at the time this was signed and the beanie was taken out to him on location. It comes with a 7x5 black and white picture which has also been signed by Ewan. A must for all Star Wars Fans!

The auction is for a charity called CHhugs. They’re a group of people, brought together by our love of Beanies, who want to bring some additional pleasure and comfort to terminally ill children and their families. They’re 190 members strong, spread throughout the UK - and growing.

Visit their site: http://www.chhugs.co.uk/

Ewan’s beanie is here.

Thank you Shirley Ann for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, July 26, 2001 // 12:36 p.m.


Catch a slim, Trainspotting-esque looking Ewan (track suit and all!) in the new The Face magazine (The Planet of the Apes issue). And if that didn’t convince you, *sigh*, there’s a picture of ol’ Ewan in his knickers.

Posted by bridgeny productions on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 // 02:41 a.m.


Check out Ewan in Australia’s Who Weekly (The Down Under version of American sister People Magazine) as one of the Sexiest People of 2001. Page 68.

Posted by bridgeny productions on Wednesday, July 11, 2001 // 05:00 a.m.


Just a reminder, Ewan’s The Bear Facts airs tonight at 10pm on BBC Choice. There’s a description of the documentary on the BBC website and you can watch a short clip!

Thank you Darth Mystique for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Friday, July 6, 2001 // 08:47 a.m.


From Empire Online:

Ewan’s Blue Screen Blues


Speaking to Empire magazine this month, Ewan McGregor says that it was difficult for him to return to the onerous duties of blue-screen acting after the lush sets of Moulin Rouge. ’It was hard,’ Ewan admits. ’To go [from Moulin Rouge] onto something that’s created after the event was tough.’

’But it was a much better script in this one. I did some pick-ups a couple of weeks ago and that was a laugh. But I’ve not seen anything yet - it takes two years or something after we finish shooting to make it happen.’

Posted by bridgeny productions on Friday, July 6, 2001 // 01:36 a.m.


Live life with Passion, McGregor Tells Students

"Live life with passion". That was the message of top Scots film star Ewan McGregor yesterday when he received an honorary degree at the Waterfront Hall.

The Moulin Rouge star received the degree of Doctor of Letter (DLitt).

In his acceptance speech, the new Dr McGregor told cheering students. "I’ve always been driven with a passion, I’ve always striven toward being the best I could be. I still am.

" There are successes and failures in all our lives.

" But failures always teach you something. When things seem to be going bad, you can be sure you’re learning something that will stand you in good stead for the future.

"I am often asked what I would have done if I was not an actor. That was not an option. I was always going to do it and do it to this level of success and I wish that for everyone of you also", he told the assembled graduates.

Conferring the award Professor Peter Roebuck said: "In less than a decade Ewan McGregor has launched his career, consolidated and diversified it, won an international reputation and produced some work of iconic status.

"We would urge his fellow graduands today, like Ewan McGregor, to set no bounds on their aspirations and to aim for excellence. And if, like them, his best work still lies ahead of him, there is indeed a great deal for us all to look forward to."

Born in Crieff, Perthshire, Ewan left school at 16 and studied drama for a year in the Fife College of Further and Higher Education, Kirkcaldy and obtained early experience as a stage hand with the Perth Repertory Company.

He was rejected by RADA but gained entry to London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama – the only Scot to do so that year.

Just before graduation in 1992 he got his first big break playing the Elvis-obsessed Private Mick Hopper in Dennis Potters’ six-part television series Lipstick on your Collar. Since then he has become a soaring star appearing in the critically acclaimed films, Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Recently he starred with Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, one of the great cinematic successes of this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

He is soon to start shooting a new film Young Adam in Glasgow with first time director David McKenzie.

Source: University of Ulster

Thank you Darth Mystique for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, July 5, 2001 // 06:07 p.m.


More about Ewan’s honorary degree:

Honorary degree for Star Wars actor

Thursday, 5 July, 2001, 14:12 GMT 15:12 UK

Leading film star Ewan McGregor has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Ulster.

The 29-year-old star of Trainspotting and Star Wars was made a Doctor of Letters at a summer graduation ceremony in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on Thursday.

Both Ewan and his father Jim wore their traditional tartan kilts.

The Scottish actor said: "I only achieved ’O’ levels and I then left to work in the theatre at 16.

" I always knew what I wanted to do - I wanted to be an actor - and as soon as I was able to get out and learn about that, I did."

He said he was delighted at the honorary degree.

James Joyce

" It is a great honour. I can’t quite believe it, being Doctor McGregor. "It’s fantastic."

Ewan McGregor produced and performed in a film on the life of Nora Barnacle, wife of Irish author James Joyce.

He has also played a drug addict in Trainspotting and a space age warrior in Star Wars.

Fans of the Star Wars films are eagerly awaiting the next movie, which Ewan has already filmed, but which will not be released until May.

As he posed with other graduates, he acknowledged the huge popularity of his role as Obi- Wan Kenobi.

So even though he has no discernable link with Belfast, the actor has been honoured by the university for his services to drama and film.

He said that from now on, all his friends will be forced to call him Doctor McGregor.

Source: BBC News

Thank you Tracy for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, July 5, 2001 // 5:34 p.m.


Ewan McGregor gets honorary degree

Ewan McGregor has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Ulster.

The Trainspotting and Star Wars star was made a Doctor of Letters at a graduation ceremony in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

The actor said he was delighted at the honorary degree.

" It is a great honour. I can’t quite believe it, being Dr McGregor," he said.

" It’s fantastic. All my friends will have to call me doctor from now on."

He said getting the degree was a big step on from his formal education.

" I only achieved O levels and left to work in the theatre at 16. It’s what I wanted to do."

Story filed: 14:31 Thursday 5th July 2001

Source: Ananova

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, July 5, 2001 // 12:10 p.m.


Ewan McGregor hits pop charts

Story filed: 11:51 Thursday 5th July 2001

Ewan McGregor has launched his pop career in Australia.

The Scottish actor’s duet with Nicole Kidman has entered the singles chart at number 10.

The track, called Come What May, was only just behind U2’s new song Elevation.

It is taken from the movie Moulin Rouge.

Order the Moulin Rouge soundtrack for only £8.99, including delivery, with Ananova.

Source: Ananova

Thank you Chris for the heads up!

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Thursday, July 5, 2001 // 12:09 p.m.


Ewan is definitely not starring in "East of Harlem" which earlier had been mentioned as a possiblility. Reuters reports that Irish actor Paddy Considine has been cast in the role director Jim Sheridan had pursued Ewan for. Kate Winslet had been the first choice for the lead female role but is also not starring this film that begins shooting later this month.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, July 4, 2001 // 12:18 a.m.


Ewan attended the annual Serpentine Summer Party that is a fundraiser for the art gallery in London with Eve. There’s a tiny picture of them over at telegraph.co.uk.

Posted by ewanspotting.com on Wednesday, July 4, 2001 // 12:13 a.m.


Moulin Rouge on video release date

According to Upcomingmovies.com, the video for Moulin Rouge will be released on November 6th, 2001.

Posted by Best of Ewan McGregor on Monday, July 2, 2001 // 09:20 a.m.


Ewan to make a public appearance as a singer, not a singing actor? From The Guardian (or Peoplenews):

Ewan McGregor is set to take to the stage at a Scottish open-air rock concert. The Trainspotting star, who can be heard singing in the forthcoming Moulin Rouge, will apparently join the likes of Travis, Eminem, Iggy Pop and Marilyn Manson in his first public appearance as a singer. Concert spokeswoman Fiona Hutchinson said: "We are in talks with Ewan McGregor to have him play the festival and it looks very likely it will happen. He has a great singing voice and the idea of performing in front of a home crowd is very exciting for him. He has even got a band together."

Posted by bridgeny productions on Sunday, July 1, 2001 // 07:29 a.m.



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